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Wanting to place an ad?

Did you click on an add where you would like to advertise? Simple. From just $50 you can have your ad bringing in business and publicity, in next to no time.
Contact us now and tell us what you need, we'll be happy to help!

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Mathaba Ads Network serves over 5 million ads per month worldwide via our quality publishers network, growing by the day. We can target advertising to specific market segment verticals or geographical locations of viewers so that your ads are seen by your intended target audience.

The size of your company is not an issue. We advertise for small companies as well as large ones. You can buy anything from thousands of ad impressions to millions, depending on your budget, and targeted to your desired audiences.

From decision-makers at corporations ranging from Boeing to Nokia, to government departments and international organisations such as the World Bank, other news agencies and publications, as well as a large audience from academic institutions, Mathaba is also well placed for advertising to a general high-end audience if you wish to rent ad space on our own pages or at specific topics or sections.

Mathaba does not only serve your ads. We help you optimize you ads as well as your landing pages. It's the full service, backed by experience:

  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Ad optimization
  • Campaign advice
  • Site or landing page optimization
  • Targeted ads or publicity campaigns
  • Transparent statistics
  • Ads shown on quality sites only
  • Contact us today!

If you need to reach a specific market sector let us know your needs. We are now able to tailor campaigns to reach the special audience(s) you require.

With hundreds of thousands of ad views across these networks each day, we can deliver your message across the web, as well as to mobile phones (WAP and PDA). You can decide how many times your ads should be shown, how often, and set many kinds of restrictions for all ad styles including peel away. Please contact us today for a highly competitive quote.

As an independent advertising agency, MAN can bring you an income if you have a high quality and popular web site, with more than 300,000 page views per month. We consider publishers with lower page views if you publish quality content in approved categories. Sites are reviewed by our editors according to our own in-house criteria which includes not only quality traffic, design, and content, but other factors as determined by our current source and target markets.

Sites are paid on a CPM basis before the end of the following month whenever the account balance exceeds $50 Euro. Please contact us today for further information or to apply for consideration of your site for serving our ads.

After 3 months of uninterrupted service, publishers meeting further criteria such as number of ad impressions per month, quality above the fold ad positioning and absence of low quality ads served from other networks, may join our Premium Publishers network. Premium Publishers receive additional benefits, advice and assistance in maximising revenue.

Contact us with the URL of your website, as well as your contact details if you'd like to start serving quality advertising today.

Please see here for our Publicity Services.

Mathaba operates a very strict ethical advertising policy. Unlike major and famous competitors, we do not believe that fooling the advertisers, cheating the web users, or serving ads that are inappropriate for publishers are acceptable ways to earn money.

Advertisers obtain higher quality traffic, more genuine click-throughs and better display to acquisition rates by having their ads shown on our network, as we do not allow their ads to compete against low quality ads from less scrupulous advertisers. Reputations are kept intact by appearing on quality web sites with quality advertising.

Publishers maintain high users' quality of experience by not showing ads that detract from the quality of their site content and standards, in return for money against clicks or ad impressions whilst visitors are less likely to return. By displaying MAN ads, you show your audience that you take them seriously and will not lower your standards.

Displaying MAN advertising shows your audience that they can trust the products, services, message and companies advertised on your site, as we do not accept funds for or from any misleading, suspect or inappropriate advertising, companies, products, or services.

MAN has current priority source and target market locations, if you with to advertise a business, product, service or message, or if you are a content publisher on the Internet, contact us and we'll let you know if you are within our current source or target horizontals or verticals.


Just email email with MAN in the subject line.


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