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spacerMathaba Author: Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
UK Comment: Evicting the bailiffs2014-07-23Mathaba
Evicting the bailiffs
Readers: 31056 Comments: 0
A fightback has started against banks repossessing people's houses in the UK. Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher reports from Nottingham.
Libya Africa Culture Education: The Libyan Jamahiriya Calendar2012-10-01Mathaba
The Libyan Jamahiriya Calendar
Readers: 24008 Comments: 0
The Libyan Jamahiriya follows a new calendar both Islamic (lunar) as well as solar
FUKUSA Comment Islam: Freedom of speech divided2012-09-20Mathaba
Freedom of speech divided
Readers: 8395 Comments: 2
Freedom of speech and censorship have become emotive and politically loaded terms, and the debate raging about what should and should not be published betrays the underlying mindset of the British establishment and media.
Libya Africa Asia Islam Comment: Moonsighting revisited2012-08-18Mathaba
Moonsighting revisited
Readers: 18921 Comments: 0
A new Islam is being promoted where Saudi Arabia, satellite television and the internet make the sun and the moon dispensable altogether.
Syria Comment: With friends like that who needs enemies2012-07-28Mathaba
With friends like that who needs enemies
Readers: 8086 Comments: 0
`Friends of Syria`, another coalition of the willing and coerced, is going to devour Syria in the name of friendship. Are Russia and China going to wake up?
Europe Religion Comment: German state extremism2012-07-23Mathaba
German state extremism
Readers: 6897 Comments: 0
A German regional court has outlawed religious circumcision for children and doctors nationwide have been instructed not to perform the operation anymore, an example of how to fight a religion by using the law.
Malaysia Asia Media Law Comment: Questions for Malaysia: Where is the Focus on Police Accountability?2012-07-11Mathaba
Questions for Malaysia: Where is the Focus on Police Accountability?
Readers: 12019 Comments: 0
Two days after the shooting of two protesters who were brandishing swords near the Prime Minister`s office, it appears still no one is asking questions of the police who shot the man dead and wounded the woman, by shooting live rounds
 Malaysia Media Comment: Khalil Afandi Hamid: Malaysian Media vs Truth & Facts2012-07-11Mathaba
Khalil Afandi Hamid: Malaysian Media vs Truth & Facts
Readers: 17952 Comments: 0
Not surprisingly the Malaysian media is resorting to speculation, obfuscation and even attempts to go the easy route to assure all that the `sword weilding` protester shot dead by Police who have yet to face any investigation into their conduct before, during and after the incident, is a `deviant`, `mentally ill` or `sectarian`
Libya Syria Europe Asia Media Comment: Syria: With friends like that who needs enemies?2012-07-07Mathaba
Syria: With friends like that who needs enemies?
Readers: 12115 Comments: 0
Mathaba News Analyst Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher asks pertinent questions of China and Russia and their failure to challenge western propaganda
Libya Africa FUKUSA Europe Australia Media Analysis Comment: Mathaba Radio 1st Broadcast Discusses Libya Elections & Current Affairs2012-06-06Mathaba
Mathaba Radio 1st Broadcast Discusses Libya Elections & Current Affairs
Readers: 15630 Comments: 0
On-line radio show makes debut with three Mathaba Analysts discussing the situation
Libya Africa FUKUSA Europe Human Rights Democracy Analysis: Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture and Death in Libya2012-06-02Mathaba
Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture and Death in Libya
Readers: 12810 Comments: 0
Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman takes a further look at the situation ahead of an online Radio Mathaba broadcast
Asia Europe FUKUSA Australia Economy Comment: The Fallacy of Growth2012-05-28Mathaba
The Fallacy of Growth
Readers: 10441 Comments: 0
Neither austerity nor growth are the solution to the crisis of the Euro precipitated by Greece.
FUKUSA Europe Asia Iran Africa Libya Isratine Comment: The Damascus Dimension2012-03-04Mathaba
The Damascus Dimension
Readers: 16942 Comments: 0
For a variety of reasons, not least prophetic narrative, Syria is the more likely candidate than Iran for open hostilities to break out between the United States and the newly emerging Chino-Russian alliance.
Libya Africa FUKUSA Europe Analysis Video: Is Morocco on the brink of another protest after disputed election results?2011-12-16Mathaba
Is Morocco on the brink of another protest after disputed election results?
Readers: 12393 Comments: 0
Mathaba's Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher with Ali Bahaljoub, publisher of North South Publications, and a U.S.-based Moroccan
Europe FUKUSA Religion Islam Comment: Europe's stunning arrogance2011-12-02Mathaba
Europe's stunning arrogance
Readers: 16158 Comments: 0
The European attempt to legislate pre-stunning for Islamic slaughter is another attempt by the European super-state to force Muslim compliance to its secular supremacy.
Science Comment: Monkey Science2011-10-17Source
Monkey Science
Readers: 14152 Comments: 0
When wacky scientists try to prove the superior intelligence of computers over humans they end up making monkeys out of themselves, says Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
Libya Africa FUKUSA Europe Analysis: Libyan commander demands apology over MI6 and CIA plot2011-09-06Mathaba
Libyan commander demands apology over MI6 and CIA plot
Readers: 13123 Comments: 0
Episode led to capture and torture of Abdul Hakim Belhaj and confirms yet again Britain (so-called UK)'s knowledge of rendition. Photo: Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the new security commander in Tripoli, said he was 'surprised that the British got involved' in what was a very painful period in his life.
FUKUSA Terrorism Economy Comment: The occident is coming apart2011-08-08Mathaba
The occident is coming apart
Readers: 11136 Comments: 0
The decline of the West is accelerating, but remains a missed opportunity for global Islam.
Law FUKUSA Comment: Magistrates Courts: if you plead not guilty you will be! 2011-07-08Mathaba
Magistrates Courts: if you plead not guilty you will be!
Readers: 14027 Comments: 0
Sahib Mustaqim Bleher looks at the blight of motorists who are dragged before British magistrates courts for speeding offences.
Travel: Fifty Ways to Loose Your Luggage2011-05-24Mathaba
Fifty Ways to Loose Your Luggage
Readers: 17136 Comments: 0
Inspired by Paul Simon's famous "Fifty Ways to leave your lover" this song takes a jibe at the harassment endured by today's travellers on low-cost airlines.
War Terrorism UK USA Asia Libya Comment: Did Obama kill Osama?2011-05-02Mathaba
Did Obama kill Osama?
Readers: 24226 Comments: 0
Osama bin Laden having finally been written out of the script of the "War on Terror" soap opera, new leading al-Qaeda actors will no doubt soon be created. Photo: Clumsy PhotoShop effort
USA UK Economy Australia Europe Asia Comment: Portugal Bankrupt: Same Folly Again2011-04-08Mathaba
Portugal Bankrupt: Same Folly Again
Readers: 11039 Comments: 0
Why should governments have to pay on the money lent to them by the banks, when the banks can only create those credits on the basis of the nation's creditworthiness, putting up no assets of their own?
UK Africa Libya War Comment: There is always money for war2011-03-20Mathaba
There is always money for war
Readers: 10336 Comments: 0
The "national interest" by which Britain justifies its intervention in Libya, is the interest of corporations and banks, and whilst the British people have to tighten their belts, there is always money for war, says Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher.
UK Comment: Cameron`s failure on multiculturalism2011-02-07Mathaba
Cameron`s failure on multiculturalism
Readers: 14340 Comments: 0
In his recent speech on multiculturalism and `Islamist` extremism British prime minister David Cameron displayed his total ignorance on the subject, demonstrating that perhaps he might be the one most in need of the citizenship lessons he advocates.
Isratine Comment: Arabian Perestroika - #Egypt Beware2011-01-31Mathaba
Arabian Perestroika - #Egypt Beware
Readers: 10116 Comments: 0
As some of the brutal US-backed governments in the Middle East fall, a word of caution by Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher about what the future may hold for them.
UK Comment Racism Law: Policing in Britain - the slippery slope towards tyranny2010-10-10Mathaba
Policing in Britain - the slippery slope towards tyranny
Readers: 18598 Comments: 0
With checks and balances missing and the courts always believing the version of police officers, abuse of police powers has become endemic in Britain. (Photo: Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher)
USA UK Religion Islam Comment: Provocation? Let them burn the Qur`an!2010-09-09Mathaba
Provocation? Let them burn the Qur`an!
Readers: 14102 Comments: 2
Falling for provocation plays into the hands of those who, whilst publicly coming to the defence of Islam, privately cherish the show-down.
UK US War Comment Australia Asia: Rules of engagement - fighting the non-war2010-08-03Mathaba
Rules of engagement - fighting the non-war
Readers: 8050 Comments: 0
In his inability to make progress with the promised `exit strategy` from Iraq, Obama has resorted to mere rhetoric for the time being.
Isratine Books Comment: Finkelstein on Gaza2010-05-17Mathaba
Finkelstein on Gaza
Readers: 11869 Comments: 0
In his new book "This time we went too far" Norman Finkelstein argues that Israel's Gaza invasion has finally tipped the balance and lost Israel's international support.
UK Democracy Comment: Hang parliament!2010-05-06Mathaba
Hang parliament!
Readers: 10080 Comments: 0
Neither of the parties potentially forming the new UK government after today will have a popular mandate argues Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher.
UK USA War Culture Education Comment: War and Empire - The American Way of Life2010-03-29Mathaba
War and Empire - The American Way of Life
Readers: 21241 Comments: 0
Americans delude themselves when they insist that they are a peace-loving people who will go to any extreme to avoid violence. Mathaba Analyst Dr Sahib Bleher reviews an important book that shows that War is the American way of life.
UK Islam Comment: Driving Islam underground 2010-02-10Mathaba
Driving Islam underground
Readers: 10366 Comments: 0
Criminalising Muslims in the UK increasingly pushes Islamic activities below the radar.
USA Terrorism Comment: More was hidden than a bomb in some underpants2010-01-29Mathaba
More was hidden than a bomb in some underpants
Readers: 12279 Comments: 0
The `Flying Imam` takes a further look at the `Undie-Bomber` and the latest admissions by the U.S.
UK USA Comment: The Age of Paranoia2010-01-27Mathaba
The Age of Paranoia
Readers: 9379 Comments: 0
You don`t have to go out looking for terrorists to find danger, argues Sahib Mustaqim Bleher.
UK USA Asia Europe Australia Travel Comment: Keeping the terror threat alive2009-12-30Mathaba
Keeping the terror threat alive
Readers: 14288 Comments: 0
The politics of fear keeps being pursued by Western powers in line with Orwell`s truism that it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist. Yet, they ultimately only reap failure. Photo: New body scanner already at Manchester Airport
Comment Europe Travel Human Rights Corp: Spain - Franco is back 2009-11-18Mathaba
Spain - Franco is back
Readers: 13687 Comments: 3
With the recession deepening, Spain is returning to its fascist past of a police state as experienced by foreign travellers at Spanish airports.
UK USA 911 Europe Asia Comment: Terrorising the laws of physics2009-09-08Mathaba
Terrorising the laws of physics
Readers: 13749 Comments: 0
The official propaganda on 9/11 and the British liquid bomb plot turns reality onto its head by challenging the laws of physics.
UK Religion Comment: Ramadan Confusion2009-08-22Mathaba
Ramadan Confusion
Readers: 15908 Comments: 0
Fortunately, most Muslims started Ramadan together this year. But a proliferation of unreliable timetables means that even neighbours may now begin and break their fast at different times. Unity is still a long way off.
UK Comment: When a terrorist is not a terrorist2009-08-08Mathaba
When a terrorist is not a terrorist
Readers: 10090 Comments: 1
When it comes to terrorism, British injustice remains consistent.
UK Iran Democracy Comment: Iran: Lessons in Democracy2009-06-24Mathaba
Iran: Lessons in Democracy
Readers: 9962 Comments: 1
Western government and media may not like the fact that the Iranian president is more popular amongst his people than they are amongst theirs, but they should not have allowed their resentment to turn into a huge political blunder.
Africa Travel: Morocco is more than Marrakech2009-06-09Mathaba
Morocco is more than Marrakech
Readers: 15438 Comments: 0
Photo: The old Medina of Fes is the oldest still inhabited medieval town in the world and now a UNESCO world heritage site
UK Europe Book Review History Culture Comment: Europe speaks Arabic2009-06-09Mathaba
Europe speaks Arabic
Readers: 19884 Comments: 1
Entitled `Europe speaks Arabic` this book about the indelible mark Arabic left on European languages deserves wider circulation.
UK Religion Comment: Does God do Politics?2009-05-06Mathaba
Does God do Politics?
Readers: 10362 Comments: 0
The role of politics in Islam will be debated between a Muslim, Christian and secularist on May 21 in London.
UK PrivSec Comment: Police policy of criminalising dissent2009-04-29Mathaba
Police policy of criminalising dissent
Readers: 8969 Comments: 0
Managing protest in today`s subtle police state is about ensuring by all means, fair or foul, that it remains invisible.
UK Islam Religion Comment: Scottish Islam - does it exist?2009-04-13Mathaba
Scottish Islam - does it exist?
Readers: 10271 Comments: 0
Dr. Bleher says `the experience felt very foreign and, except for the compulsory nature of attendance at Friday prayers, a complete waste of time.`
 Indonesia Malaysia: Indonesia, Malaysia push sub-regional cooperation2009-03-19Jakarta Post
Indonesia, Malaysia push sub-regional cooperation
Readers: 9113 Comments: 0
Indonesia and Malaysia are pushing private sector and regional administrations to initiate sub-regional development cooperation.
UK Religion Science Comment: Challenging Darwinism: Interview with Harun Yahya2009-03-11Mathaba
Challenging Darwinism: Interview with Harun Yahya
Readers: 22465 Comments: 0
On the 150th anniversary of Darwin`s `On the origin of species` Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher conducts an exclusive interview with the leading antagonist of evolutionists and author of `The Atlas of Creation`, Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar).
Isratine USA Europe Comment: Lessons learned from Gaza2009-01-20Mathaba
Lessons learned from Gaza
Readers: 8798 Comments: 0
The Israeli Defence Force is NOT invincible. Having changed the rules of engagement might still come to haunt both Israel and her Western allies.
Isratine USA Iraq Religion Comment: The shoe bombers2009-01-02Mathaba
The shoe bombers
Readers: 8479 Comments: 0
Since last year in Lebanon the Israeli army had to settle for defeat, they went for a weaker enemy this time and sent their Christmas message into Gaza.
UK Economy Religion Islam Comment: Islamic Party calls for Boycott of Lloyds TSB2008-11-19Mathaba
Islamic Party calls for Boycott of Lloyds TSB
Readers: 11079 Comments: 0
There are enough Muslim account holders, given the financial crisis, to turn Lloyds into the next casualty of the banking sector after their inappropriate attack against the Palestinian charity Interpal.
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