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Finding Your Way Around

With hundreds of news items daily, only a small fraction of these appear on the front page. We have also some 100,000 items available to members. So please take a few minutes to read some tips here about how to find your way around...

You can choose the Mathaba index that suits you! Depending on your interests, there are 10 different Mathaba sites to choose from, and they refresh every 20 minutes:

Note that on the top left green menu of whichever site you prefer as your home, you can easily jump from one to another and have access to all of the many sub indexes:
if you prefer African News, or news about Asia, or any of the other specific topic, you can find those indexes easily on that top left menu, and make any of those your home if you like things more focused.

So, please explore Mathaba, just go first of all to the section that interests you most, then start exploring things from there.

Subscribers get access to 100,000's articles and uncluttered pages with fast switching between indexes, as well as all archives.

Useful Start Page

Are our fans know, we have a special start page which has only the bare essentials on it, but to which you can privately add your only frequently used links and favorite sites! Take a look at it, and support us by setting it as your start page: http:www.//mathaba.net/home.shtml

Stay informed !

Sign up to our Email news alerts briefing and stay abreast of news that matters: click here to sign up.

Spread the word!

Mathaba T-shirts are a great way to do so, while also giving a little financial aid to our operations. Use our Signature in your Emails! Have a blog? Add headlines to your site with our Blog Tools, have a look at http://flyingimam.com for an example of a blog using our headlines on the side bar. Check out many other ways to stay informed.

Cool Browser Toolbar

Now, you can download and install within seconds (no need for a reboot), our cool Mathaba Toolbar. Try it out! You can remove or add whatever you want, including easy access to search, wiping your browser history, email notification and checking, RSS headlines, alert messages from mathaba, your local weather forecast and FREE access to Mathaba Silver (worth $36 a year). Check it out at http://mathaba.ourtoolbar.com/

Mathaba Gold or Silver?

Mathaba Gold members can now surf in privacy and security and also have continued operation of Mathaba in the event of future government censorships, even when most other sites on the Internet would no longer be reachable. Combined with all the other Mathaba Gold advantages, you have to admit less than $10 a month is nothing for this service. Or go for Silver if you don't mind advertising and still wish to support us. Just compare the benefits or sign up here: http://mathaba.net/subscribe/individual.htm

Mathaba Mobile

We're one of the few news agencies available for reading on mobiles and PDAs.


Mathaba should work fine in all major browsers. We recommend our own Mathaba Browser. If you find display issues or bugs, please kindly report them: more information here. For other types of problems or to contact us, please see our contact page.


Please see our FAQ or ask questions here: Questions (FAQ).

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