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Shahzad Tanweer had no Pakistan Connection

Posted: 2005-08-06
From: Kurt Nimmo
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Shahzad Tanweer and Mohammed Sidique Khan, the alleged suicide bombers of July 7, didn’t visit a madrassa, or Islamic religious school, in Pakistan, according to Pakistan’s education minister Javed Ashraf Qazi.

It made the front page of newspapers in Pakistan but didn’t merit a mention in Britain or the United States: Shahzad Tanweer and Mohammed Sidique Khan, the alleged suicide bombers of July 7, didn’t visit a madrassa, or Islamic religious school, in Pakistan, according to Pakistan’s education minister Javed Ashraf Qazi. Moreover, contrary to sensationalistic news reports in the wake of the attacks, the Pakistanis insist no madrassas provide “military training to students.” As the BBC notes, citing a Pakistani newspaper, “there are today around 1.7m students” enrolled in madrassas. “The reasons for the huge growth in the number of madrassas dates back to 1979, when the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan led to large amounts of money flowing into Pakistan from the West and countries in the Gulf. Much of this money was directed towards madrassas, and was used by anti-Soviet Mujahideen groups to provide religious and military training for thousands of young fighters prepared to fight the Russians.”

The CIA spent over $3 billion to finance Islamic groups and individuals, including the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. In other words, the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI, and also Saudi Arabian intelligence (the Istakhbarat), created what is now called “Islamic terrorism.”

“Between 1982 and 1992, some 35,000 Muslim radicals from 43 Islamic countries in the Middle East, North and East Africa, Central Asia and the Far East would pass their baptism under fire with the Afghan mujahideen,” explains Phil Gasper. “Tens of thousands more foreign Muslim radicals came to study in the hundreds of new madrassas [religious schools] that [General Zia-ul-Haq’s] military government began to fund in Pakistan and along the Afghan border. Eventually more than 100,000 Muslim radicals were to have direct contact with Pakistan and Afghanistan and be influenced by the jihad [against the USSR].” In America, this history is either unknown or conveniently forgotten and Islamic terrorism is ascribed a cultural and religious character flaw, as per the Straussian neocon game plan.

As Larry Chin writes, there are “deep connections between the Saudi royal family, the Bush family, the highest echelons of the Washington-Wall Street elite, Osama bin Laden, terrorism, intelligence agencies, oil, narcotrafficking, arms trafficking, criminal finance (BCCI), etc.” and all of it is “amply documented history,” not that we will read about it in the “liberal” New York Times or hear about it on Fox News, where self-righteous and ignorant talking heads deliver diatribes on the “evil ideology” of Islam without bothering to mention the complicity (which continues) of their own government or factions within. Again, the neocon Machiavellian game plan inches forward.

Finally, according to Shahzad Tanweer’s family, the supposed suicide bomber was “proud to be British” and “had everything to live for,” according to the New Zealand Herald. “He was intelligent. He went to university. His plan was to go into sports,” said Shahzad’s uncle, Bashir Ahmad. And yet we are told Tanweer was a crazed suicide bomber, a characterization that does not make sense to his family. Initially, we were told Tanweer and the other alleged bombers were brainwashed in a Pakistani madrassa, but this now turns out to be nonsense.

Shahzad Tanweer wasn’t a suicide bomber. He was a patsy set-up in a collaborative effort engineered by a British-American and possibly Israeli intelligence elements with a shared interest in perpetuating murder and chaos and blaming it on a shadowy network of terrorists, thus portraying Islam as a renegade and recalcitrant religion, outside the pale of civilized nations and peoples.

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