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Symptoms Of Kidney Problems You Should Know

Posted: 2006-03-10
From: 2Health.Net
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By Olinda Rola

Symptoms of kidney problems generally develop over a period of years. As you know, the kidneys perform many vital functions that help maintain overall health. But if the blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, the kidneys will not clean the blood properly and symptoms of kidney problems will develop. With impaired kidney function, the body retains more water and salt than it should, leading to weight gain.

Early kidney disease has no kidney problem symptoms, however, it can become kidney failure with little or no warning if left undetected. Kidney disease results from damage to the nephrons which are tiny structures inside the kidneys that filter blood.

Here are common symptoms of kidney problems:

Swelling around the face, eyes, feet and ankles

Pain or a burning sensation during urination


Need to urinate more frequently

Problems controlling urination

Blood in the urine

Of course, the symptoms of kidney problems above can be experienced due to other health conditions, so seeing your health care provider is advised. A kidney condition called nephrotoxicity occurs when the body is exposed to a toxin or drug that damages the kidneys. When kidney damage happens, you cannot rid your body of excess urine and wastes. Blood electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium become elevated and creatinine levels in the blood will also be elevated. Nephrotoxicity can be temporary due to dehydration or you may be developing kidney failure.

What causes kidney failure? Diabetes and high blood pressure are two main causes of kidney failure. Many people know that they have these diseases, but they may not know that they are at risk for kidney disease. Usually the damage happens gradually over years and in both kidneys. Since there may not be obvious symptoms of kidney problems, you're not aware it's happening.

In diabetes, the body doesn't use glucose very well. If you have diabetes, you can prevent kidney disease by keeping your blood sugar levels under control. High blood pressure can damage the small blood vessels in your kidneys. When this happens, your kidneys cannot filter wastes from your blood very well, so healthy blood pressure levels are important for kidney health.

Kidneys are important organs that deserve a little care and consideration. It's easy to ignore our kidneys until there are symptoms of kidney problems. Learn as much as you can about kidney-friendly things one can do to help keep your kidneys functioning as they were designed to do.

Copyright 2006 InfoSearch Publishing

About the Author: Read about tips for avoiding kidney problem symptoms at http://www.safemenopausesolutions.com/kidney-problem-symptoms.html - Olinda Rola is President of InfoSearch Publishing and webmaster of http://www.safemenopausesolutions.com - a website of natural health articles, information and resources for healthier living.

Source: www.isnare.com
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