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National Redemption Front: Founding Declaration

Posted: 2007-02-24
From: Mathaba
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To our fellow citizens across Darfur and the entire Sudanese nation;
To our comrades in arms in the struggle for just peace;
To all individuals, organizations and members of the international community who share our indignation at the brutalities of the Khartoum regime.

Driven by our deep commitment to end the suffering of the people of Darfur and the tragic conditions in the refugee and displaced camps in particular;

Committed to end political, economic, cultural and social injustices, and all forms of repression in Darfur as well as other marginalized areas of Sudan;

Aware of the unity of purpose and fundamental objectives of the Darfur armed movements and other political forces in opposition to the government of Khartoum;

Determined to end the genocidal war and ethnic cleansing in Darfur by the Khartoum regime and its militias;

Conscious of the values of solidarity, cooperation and coordination between our revolutionary movements and other Sudanese opposition forces in the struggle against the hegemony of repressive minority regimes, the tyranny of internal colonialism; and, to free marginalized peoples from the horrors of war, poverty, exclusion and exploitation.

Cognizant of the after effects of the failed Abuja’s process of May 5th, 2006.

We, leaders of political and military organizations abstaining from signing the Abuja document, who earlier issued a joint statement in Asmara on June 7th2006; reaffirm our rejection of that faulty process.

Realizing the virtues of combining efforts and resources to end the suffering of our people, we hereby join hands in establishing the National Redemption Front (NRF), as an instrument for coordinating political, military, diplomatic and media initiatives.

Fellow Citizens:

We, the revolutionary movements listed below and signatory to this statement: 1. Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A); 2. Justice & Equality Movement - Sudan (JEM); 3. Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance (SFDA);

call upon organizations of marginalized communities and other opposition political forces to join NRF in realizing the following principles:-

1. Uphold Sudan as multicultural, multi-religious and multiethnic country where diversity constitutes the basis of citizenship for individuals, and unity of our nation.

2. Citizenship is the sole basis for all rights and obligations without discrimination on religious, ethnic, cultural or regional background.

3. Guarantee all human nrights, basic freedoms, rule of law, along with the recognition that accountability and transparency are necessary conditions for good governance.

4. Safeguarding democracy, political pluralism, freedom of expression as fundamental for sharing and transferring state power.

5. Ensuring priority of human development programs and capacity building as prerequisites for social and sustainable development. Introducing affirmative action in support of free basic social services; health, and education as well as introducing job creation policies.

6. Realizing harmony and interaction between people in various regions, and thereby consolidate national unity by facilitating travel and communication facilities throughout Sudan.

NRF objectives include:-

a) Bringing together all Darfurians in their various movements, organizations, groups, associations within and outside Sudan.

b) Organizing and unifying political, military, diplomatic, legal, media and various popular initiatives for the realization and protection of the legitimate rights of Darfurians and all Sudanese.

c) Ending the unceasing genocide and prosecuting its perpetrators.

d) Coordination and consolidation of regional and international efforts to end the suffering of our refugees and displaced; and ensure a fair compensation as well as their repatriation to the original regions and villages.

e) Endorse all legitimate demands of the marginalized areas.

f) Advocate a just system for sharing wealth and power between the various regions of Sudan.

g) Realize the full and unimpeded implementation of a federal system; and, ensure regional self-rule.

h) Guarantee a fair participation in administering national political, economic, military and civil service institutions on the bases of population percentages of various regions.

NRF structure is composed of a leadership council from the leaders of the founding organization with a rotating presidency; and a general-secretariat responsible for the daily executive affairs.

We appeal to all people of Darfur and the marginalized communities of Sudan to join NRF in order to realize justice and lasting peace for all. In conjunction with this declaration, a separate statement on our position regarding the Abuja document will be issued.

Victory to our people and glory to our martyrs.


Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Diraig

Dr Khalil Ibrahim Mohamed

Mr. Khamis Abdalla Abakr

Dr. Sharif Harir

Asmara: 30th June, 2006.
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