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''Freedom Rock'' - Interview with Paul Topete from Poker Face

Posted: 2007-10-24
From: Mathaba
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Flavio Goncalves gives Mathaba News an exclusive English version of his interview with Paul Topete from Poker Face - a politically incorrect band from the United States.

by Flavio Goncalves

Poker Face is a very politically incorrect band from the United States I've been trying to interview for months now, the timing was very bad for me and Paul, he had lots of live concerts and tourings to do, then he parted to Mexico on vacation, after that I went to the Azores for vacations, so this interview is the result of quite a few months of harassing from my behalf and good will by Paul and the rest of the guys in the band. It will be published in Portuguese solely in late December by "Revolution" magazine, so here is the exclusive English version for the nice folks that visit Mathaba News Agency as their main source for alternative news and politics.

FG – To start, can you introduce the band, do you guys work for a living or can revolutionary musicians live off their music in the United States?

PT - At the present time we all work blue collar jobs to pay for our bills so we can afford to do what we really love to do most, and that is to make music that fills our souls, and hopefully touches others in similar fashion. It is the ultimate Universal language that can reach out, touch, transcend and break through walls of programming of the people from a variety of cultures & backgrounds.

Imagine watching a movie with no music soundtrack. How dull and emotionless it would be. We like to think of ourselves as the band of merry makers – minstrels of the Freedom movement, whom some others have labeled us as the band that’s writing the soundtrack of Americas 2nd American Revolution. We all know it is coming because the crimes and abuses coming out of our nations capitol continue to increase and are reaching an all time high. This needs to be addressed by us, this current generation NOW!

Because we choose not to be politically correct, many folks through the years have told us that we have chosen musical suicide. We look at it in a better light. We choose not to be tied down to a music bank with really really bad interest rates, who allow the artist to have a small amount of fame, while they rape the artist on their way to the bank with profits from your talents. We think not! Better for us to struggle along doing it our own way. Knowing at the end of the day, no one OWNS us, and we are not tied into any contracts that don’t fit our way of doing business.

We do everything by a handshake, and a person’s word. If the two of them don’t equal, we eventually stop doing business with them. Trust is a big issue with us. If we have to worry about you, then why bother to begin with.

FG – Usually patriotic bands are linked, by the media, to guys with shaved heads and heavy boots, but you guys look like normal people. Why do you figure the media always pictures patriots as part of an urban violent trend?

PT - Because that is the hollyweird indoctrination of the sheeple. To be pre-programmed with pre-conceived attitudes. So when confronted with a real patriot or their struggle, THE MAN has already done the set up, so the dumbed-down sheeple react with emotion, instead of with critical thinking and engaging in conversation with the facts. I see this heavy programming going on with the new age cults and her many faces, some of them being the cult of Holocaustianity, the War on Scarorism and today, growing rapidly by leaps and bounds, Global Bologna Warming. The green idiots want the rest of us to believe in their goddess worship of GAIA - Mother Earth. All of these Globalist movements are complete utter BullShit to what the facts are. But for the people whose minds have been shaped by the cultural communists, they will try to shout you down, or worse try to slander, libel you and impugn your character if you don’t follow the NWO-script.

We have been attacked a few times by the real Haters in this world, groups like the All Defecation League – ADL, The Southern Perversion Losers Cult – SPLC and the All Communist Leagues Union - ACLU. Haters, because ultimately they HATE THE TRUTH. The Truth is not found in them, and what you finally find out, is that someone is making a shitload of money.  Generally, if something doesn’t make sense, its making money.

We have been attacked because of our message. We are a tough group to try to peg into any group. If there was a category for us, it is that we are National-Populists. A Republic where the 3 branches of government were separated in the beginning. Where We The People had some say and control over it.

I am not speaking of the USA of today. Today as a nation, we are a complete aberration of the concept our anti-federalist forefathers had wanted to fashion. President Lincoln, who was one of the worst US presidents, was the idiot to deliver the final nail in our coffin. Once he divided us, the Globalists of the day conquered us. Our people are no longer taught the values this nation was created under or what it was to stand for. Now we are barely any different then any other nation in the world.

Our wannabe Globalist masters fear a spiritually awakened America. It would abruptly end their plans and machinations. Electing Ron Paul for President of the USA would completely end their plans as well. That is why the dumbing down through school, Churchianity and Kaballahwood-entertainment is at a high level. The average person can’t get away from it. It is everywhere. But the common Joe patriot will continue on until the day of the rope comes for them all. Maybe that date is the one represented by the Mayan Calendar. It is when the Evil Global Empire of the Devil is defeated, and heaven on Earth really reins Supreme.

FG – The quality of your music is flagrant, are you aware that if you had no revolutionary political content on your music you could be on the radio all the time?

PT - Thanks for the kind words. I believe if we chose to sell out and sing about nothing worthwhile, we would be, where Nickel Back is today. When both of our bands were up-and-coming "no-namers", a friend of ours was interviewed by an Eastern European music magazine back in 1999. He was asked, as the owner of a hot unsigned music video website, who were some of the up-and-coming bands that they should keep an eye out for. He answered back: Nickle Back from Canada, and Poker Face from Philadelphia.

We never sold out. When the labels came out to see our gigs in NYC, they raved over our live set. But they commented that we would have to tone down our political commentary in both the lyric and the content in our videos. Where we politely said, thanks for coming out, but don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. If they knew anything about our band, then they wouldn’t have been so ignorant in their conversation with us.

We like to view ourselves as the Davids against the music Goliaths. Our Creator likes to use the smallest of us (Poker Face) to show His Greatness, because it is through His Blessings that we will continue to gain fans/listeners/ & financial $ supporters so that we can do this as our daily gig full time, and reach even more fresh ears and minds. The ideals of Freedom and Liberty and Property are not archaic thoughts. Again look at the awesome support and growth behind Ron Paul and his message of more freedom and less government which is gaining daily. It is what we are truly meant to evolve as a human being. Free to be the unique freaks God made us to be, so that the Love coming back at Him is real and different. Pretty cool if you really stop to think think about it.

As for worrying about getting our music played on commercial radio, it is not something that we stress upon. When it happens, its always a bonus, and it seems to increase with each release of a new disc we put out.

FG – For all I know you still have no distribution in Europe, I take it you sell most of your records from your website. Do you have many Europeans ordering your CDs?

PT - Over the many years we have sent small orders to a couple of dozen distributors. But as of late, we are starting to sell to individuals from many countries in Europe, also Australia, and Japan. Its been quite the life trip of seeing this music virus of ours grow, first nationally, and now internationally.

American Patriot talk radio has done a lot for us. Especially after we were attacked by a racist organization called OPP, who are funded and directed by everyone’s favorite traitors, the ADL & the SPLC. Both organizations should be investigated, tried and imprisoned for their roles in the 1995 Domestic Terrorism bombing of the Federal Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Instead the false flag patsy Tim McVeigh, took the Lee Harvey Oswald FALL for it.

After Darnell and his One Peoples Rejects impugned our character with their libelous and slanderous attacks, our patriot friends and fans rallied around us. They didn’t like that our freedom of Speech was being abrogated by these America-hating & race-agitating ass-holes.

America Free Press article written by Michael Collins Piper about this crap here:


Radio Interviews conducted at that time

Michael Collins Piper The Piper Report Monday Feb 27th 2006

http://www.RBNLIVE.com  STUDIO CALL-IN (800) 313-9443

Guests: Paul from Poker Face

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Piper06.html archive


John Stadtmiller National Intel Report Monday March 6th 2006

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Stadt06.html archive

Guests: Paul from Poker Face



Rick Adams Radio Free America Tue., March 14, 2006:

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Rick06.html archive

Guest: Paul Topete with the band Poker Face PO Box 9200, Allentown, PA 18105, 610-434-8775



Greg Szymanski The Investigative Journal Fri., March 17, 2006

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg06.html archive

Guests: Paul from Poker Face

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg/0603/20060317_Fri_Greg2.mp3 Min 8:00 - 43:00

Frank Whalen Frankly Speaking Thu., March 30, 2006:





Guest: Paul Topete, PokerFace.com, will discuss global and national issues that he and the band are passionate about, as well an in-depth discussion of music, motivation and inspiration. Support this incredible band, who put themselves further out on the front lines with their message of freedom than most ever could, or even would.

The Repairer of The Breach

Host: Zack Daniel Time: Saturday, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Guest: Paul Topete, PokerFace.com Sat., April 15, 2006

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Zak06.html archive


In the end, the event at Rutgers University was canceled on us. We where suppose to have played for the New Jersey State Libertarians. Instead this story about our gig getting canceled by these twats efforts reached an international audience and gained Poker Face an even greater listening audience then before… Thanks to Darnell... We were labeled haters, racists, supremacists, anti-semites for just saying and posting the truth about the holoco$t, the domination of the African slave trade into the New World by Jewish merchants, Israel and NeoCons behind 9/11 events, Globalist forces shoving the North American Union and the Illegal alien Invasion down our throats etc…  go to our politically incorrect forum board for yourselves, and read what is deemed by our overseers as News you shouldn’t View. 


Lastly, we are always looking for new people to distribute our music on the European continent. I have been there a few times, and have enjoyed the countries, people, culture, food, and music I have experienced. So if any one reading this wants to handle our music, please shoot us an email at [email protected]

FG – One of my favorite songs, Rather Die (Than Be Your Slave) you have was written for Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot”, how did that come about and why didn’t they use it? Personally I’m a fan of Mel Gibson’s work since I was a child.

PT - When we heard rumblings that Mel Gibson was going to do a period film surrounding the Revolutionary War, it got our attention. The song I'd Rather Die Than Be Your Slave came quickly after that. When we finished recording it, we had 3 addresses to send it to; Mel Gibson’s California address (which was an old address so the disc was returned), to the production manager in South Carolina where much of the filming was done, and lastly the film scoring company Centropolis, where they had this mean Asian bitch get on the phone and chastise us for even thinking of sending anything to them since they don’t use any outside material. Like we knew this of course.

A week or so, before the film THE PATRIOT was released nationwide, our friend Mark Koernke’s son Ethan put together clips from a Mel Gibson interview, and pieced them into the video you see on our website: http://www.pokerface.com/html/pf_patriot.html

We had the opportunity to meet Mel's father, Hutton Gibson at one of the Barnes Review conferences we played at a couple of years ago.   http://www.barnesreview.org

We gave Hutton 2 copies each of both the MIA/SLP CDs and 2 copies of the PATRIOT video. Gibson Senior is very articulate and knowledgeable on a variety of Globalist topics. He still has a very sharp mind even though he is in his 80s.

We always have to remind ourselves, its on Fathers time NOT ours. That seed will burst open at the just right time. I believe it will be around the Christmas season when Mel’s kids are over at grandpas house for the holidays, and they pull out the old videotape, and pop it in. It will be a moment like... Hey dad, did you ever see this one before...

FG - You are anti-globalization; do you take part in anti-globalization concerts with other “left-wing” bands? How do they react to you?

PT - Not really. The closest thing we have done with the DemoCommunists is play for them at an event put on by the Progressive Democrats of America. We will play pretty much anywhere. Even if we do not agree with the leaderships ideology. The way we look at it, is that the base of any one group isn’t as insane as most of any groups leadership. We use our music and message to reach the ones who haven’t gone over completely to the dark side so to speak, who are still reachable, and who converse with us afterward or through emails. It is for the masses within groups who we want to reach. Our music virus crosses over any racial/political/spiritual barrier that might seem to be in the way.

Check out the video here of that event: http://jtmp.org/media/03.11.05/Pokerface%20Live_0001.wmv
POKER FACE LIVE @ ProgressiveDemocommies of Amerika


-cut and paste the URL into your windows media player if it doesn’t start by clicking on the link above.

Flavio, because of my tardiness in getting this interview back to you, I am including never before seen or heard by our community, the BONUS of hearing some of our new songs we played at this event. Here are a couple of our new tunes coming off of PEACE OR WAR from this gig:

1.    I Want to Get High   #5POW – PEACE OR WAR

2.    Just An Excuse        #5POW – PEACE OR WAR

3.    FORCES                    #4MIA  – MADE IN AMERICA

4.    America                     #2NXT! – NEXT!

5.    Losing My Mind       #5POW – PEACE OR WAR

6.    Illuminati                   #3SLP – SEX, LIES and POLITIKS

– all of the POW songs where in their infancy of having been written. They have come along way since.

We have also contacted some of the leftist groups like A.C.T.I.O.N./A.N.S.W.E.R. who have been involved in the anti-war protests in Washington DC. But because they perceive us as "Rightists", they want nothing to do with us. I have written a few of them spanking them for their short-sightedness. Americans will continue to look at them and their protests as the loony left who HATE the military and America, when no one else shows up for their rallies/marches/protests.

If the real left and real right continue to allow their insane leaders, to use the mechanism of staying conquered and divided, America will be destroyed. While we where backstage listening to some of the PDA speakers, we heard them use the same fear and brainwashing techniques any other good little cult leaders use to keep their masses in line and focused on their targets.

At one time in America's not-so-distant past, the Establishment feared the people when the musicians of the late 60s early 70s had something to say/protest in their music, which in turn inspired the average American to get off his ass and do something about the Military-Prison Industrial Complex Machine killing their classmates in the Drug War of their day called Vietnam. Today the War on Scare-orism is being fought over 2 drug monopoly markets; Oil and Heroin. Nothing changes throughout history except the faces and names, or our toys and tools.

FG – Have you ever had any pressure regarding your music? I mean, mentioning freemasons, Skull & Bones and the Illuminati must attract some bad attention. Are you familiar with the Bilderberg?

PT - We sometimes get attacked in the lamestream press or radio if the race agitators get a jump on us before an event or gig that we are playing at. They do it by trying to create FEAR in the organizers or attendees that Racist MinuteKLANners are coming to their school or city. But most often times then not, we beat them at their own game. Nothing we sing about or write about is pro-Hate or Supremacist. We are anti-Choseness for anyone. We don’t ask for SPECIAL RIGHTS, or ask that we get special classification, so we can use it against another group. We are supposed to be AMERICANS first, regardless of color, race etc.. But our own government tries to classify us and divide us by putting a fucking hyphen in our Race classification like African-hyphen-American.  What America is NOW experiencing is Tyranny by the MINORITY, which sucks and keeps the divide and conquer mechanism going forever.

As long as we use and accept these terms, we are a divided nation set upon each other so we to beat up, kill waste time, $, and energy so we never have the time or energy to attack the folks who are really behind the discord.

We also post on several forum boards. http://LibertyForum.org is one of our favorite because it allows for the knock down drag out fights, where Freedom of speech is still tolerated. Where the truthers battle it out against the ZioNazis and their apologists. It is on many of the forums, where our viewpoints are attacked. Not with actual verb, but with more name-calling. When you have no position, or a defenseless position, all you have is name-calling.  We can throw down with the best of them in terms of verbal abuse, but after 1-2 go arounds, we just move on. Why argue with the devil so to speak. It is a waste of time and breath. The reason why we do engage is that it sharpens and hones our verbal and writing skills as well as toughening up our skin, so we don’t get provoked into reacting as easily as others, when they are attacked. Also it is for the rest of the reading or listening audience witnessing the back and forth posts going on.

The physical shooting part of the 2nd American Revolution hasn’t started yet from the patriot side, even though the Federal, State & Local governments have murdered a good many patriots in the past couple of decades, but the war for America’s minds is raging on as I write this. Political Correctness is a cancer upon our land and world. The sooner we get rid of these freaks from their positions of power and influence, the sooner, we can get back to living our lives for ourselves, and not for some tyrannical DICkTAsTOR wannabe like JORGE BUSHit, and his Pimps. PIMPS like those controlling the Globalists organizations like The Bilderbergs, The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, the participants that go to the faggy Bohemian Grove, G-8 etc…

FG – Your last album was released in 2003; do you have something new in the works? I subscribe to your newsletter, you guys play a lot live, some musicians dislike playing live, what about you?

PT - We’ve been writing new music since the last disc MADE IN AMERICA came out. We decided to buy our own recording equipment both the hardware and software needed to produce high quality tracks that could be mixed and mastered elsewhere if the right situation presents itself.

Its been longer than usual for us in putting out new tunes, but once we conquer the learning curve, we hope to have a new product out every 1-2 years. It hasn’t been lack of new tunes, but lack of cash to produce it to the level of quality we are satisfied with.

Our lives have also gotten busier with marriages, births of the next generation of little pokerheads, and new jobs. Since no one but ourselves pay our own bills, it takes awhile for a freedom-loving patriotic band to pay back the last disc expenses.  We have now begun to get that under control, and in the process we’ve become a leaner, stronger and wiser band. I think you will hear that in our current writing.

As for live shows: We love playing. We love to interact with other freedom lovers around the country, and hopefully other parts of the world. Freedom is a Universal human want. All of us want it, very few if any ever experience it. With Freedom comes responsibility, something our Wannabe masters never teach the young.

We are growing our live shows into the multi-media spectacle that Pink Floyd is/was. The better we are getting at making videos, the more we will start interjecting them into our live shows. We also want to bring visually our music set to color… But that is another topic for another day.

If anyone reading this would like our band to play at a gig/function, all you need to do is contact us. As long as our basic needs and expenses are covered, we will play anywhere. Got GiGs?

FG – you have 8 videos available on your website. Why don’t you make them available at YouTube?

PT - Eventually we will. We are a little short on time to do everything we want. In the meantime, we have had several of our fans do it for us. We have several of our videos up on YOU TUBE, Google Video, MySpace Video, LIVE WIRE and a few others.

Another cool thing going on is that our fans are making videos with our music playing in the background whether it is for our favorite presidential candidate RON PAUL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txqn86oEn58 or for our song I Wanna Know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kscwVBKulOQ, 8-4-7 Final Cut – Calling For A Revolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFW0siFFOCA, or even a recent anti-illegal immigration rally held in Hazleton, PA: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9cgki0W1j_Y

There are several more, and many more in creation. We welcome anyone to use our music or pass it around, all we ask is that you also share our website address as well.  As of today, there are about 80 videos using our music circulating around MySpace, You Tube, Google Video, Live Wire etc… How cool is that… We have pretty cool fans.

FG – In Portugal the patriotic movement, as well as mainstream politics, are very dependent of blogs. Do you believe the internet provides a tool for overall freedom of speech for revolutionaries? Do you visit any blogs or ever thought about starting your own?

PT - Our motto is ANY MEANS AVAILABLE should be used. There isn’t anything that is the end all be all. Every tool in our freedom arsenal should be used. The last resort should be the barrel of the gun. But when the prostiticians leave you NO other alternative, then the use of force back at the Rights offending group should be used unabashedly. When certain folk place themselves above the law or its reach then practice the act of Tyrannicide when needed.

The elites want a civil war between whites vs blacks, if they cant get that one going, then they will try to start one between illegal-Hispanies vs. Americans.. What we want is a revolution that cuts the head off of the M.A.T.R.I.X.-Borg-Beast. Period. We aren’t into collateral damage, which the powers-that-be don’t give a shit about.

Blogs are cool, especially when it is teamed up with the (SOJO) SOLO JOURNALIST concept. Where you the writer are part of the events making history and you give your own perspective of said event with verb and video. Kind of like the Hazleton Rally video above with the news piece written about it here: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FOES HOLD RALLY

-and this-

9-1-7    Speech by Paul Topete in Harrisburg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdIV8-rBxDA

There are many SOJO sites around the net, which are becoming a major force to be dealt with as they compete for viewers/readers against the lying lamestream news channels of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc… and others. In fact an entire SOJO community are forming and growing. Just type SOJO or SOLO JOURNALIST into a search engine and you will see what I am talking about. These truth reports are coming from ordinary truth loving humans from around the globe. Their reports don’t get edited for content by the plutocratic media empires. Who try to censor and control what we read, see, hear and think? The net is quickly advancing the destruction of this control by these generational satanic-blue blood trust fund families and they know this. That is why we believe that the Globalists will use their NWO-hit teams to create another managed crisis that will usher in their decadent Global Order. On the table are dirty nukes, fully laden nukes, and the ultimate enemy, the unseen enemy of a virus…. Avian flu… The pre-programming has begun a while ago for all 3 of these scenarios. When this happens, the American Patriot must rise up and act against the homegrown governmental-terrorists posing as legitimate government. They are violators of their oath of office, and must be reminded, that they too ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. TYRANNICIDE, will prevail again, as it did during King Georges time…. Off with their heads, if it must be.

Exposure of the truth to the light is all our side needs. So what ever way you are gifted in, use it to teach another global slave about it, where the truth will make them free.

FG – Couldn’t help notice that the weekly American Free Press, a newspaper considered revolutionary due to their support of both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran and Hugo Chavez from Venezuela and exposing the Bilderberg among others, links you as an “excellent patriotic band”. Any other media you might wish to promote here?

PT - Mark Koernkes Radio Network - http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com/

AmericanFreePress Weekly Newspaper - http://www.AmericanFreePress.net

Barnes Review Magazine - http://www.barnesreview.org

Republic Radio Broadcasting - http://www.republicbroadcasting.org/

We The People Radio Network  http://www.wtprn.com

Cures Not Wars  - http://www.cures-not-wars.org

Idaho Observer -   http://www.proliberty.com/observer

Pastor Arnold Murray -   http://www.shepherdschapel.com

Mike Rivero  -   http://www.whatreallyhappened.com

Rubicon Survivalist Site - http://alpharubicon.com/index2.html

Jonathan Greys  http://www.beforeus.com   

FG – Do you know any Portuguese bands? Maybe Moon spell? Keep in touch with any European bands underground or listen to any mainstream from this side of the Atlantic?

PT - Portuguese bands, sadly no. I will check out Moonspell, and any others you email my way.

As for other European bands, we have tried to contact a few over the years, but none have ever written us back.  We have reached out across the political divide left-right-center groups. Maybe because we are Americans, they are prejudiced already against us, or maybe they find our views on holocaustianity to be too extreme, and might get them jailed. Who knows?

FG – Anything about Portugal?

PT - I visited Portugal when I was almost 5 years old. We stopped by Fatima, to see the place where visions of mother Mary happened in the early 1900s. We also [visited] Lourdes in France and Garabandal in Spain.

Also the Spanish roots of the family name TOPETE came from the towns of Vigo and La Coruna in Northwestern Spain. But as I have been doing my Genealogy searches we are finding many Topetes that are also Portuguese because they are from the Northwest coast of Portugal too. So it seems as though the surname Topete is one of a region, not just a town or area of one country. The Topetes where in the Northwest area of the peninsula long before there were two nations carved out of it. So finding that out was pretty cool.

I also have a long time female friend who is Portuguese, and whose father was an Admiral of your country’s Navy in recent years. Your women are beautiful, and your beaches incredible. Generally, if I could afford to travel both in time and money, Portugal would be one of my destinations, along with Spain. I find the people there in both countries to be a warmer, friendlier lot, then other countries in Europe.

FG – Even though you are a patriotic band you don’t see yourselves as right-wingers. Do you support any politician these days? You used to support the libertarians, from an European point of view they seem very anarcho-capitalistic, can you describe what the hell libertarianism is all about?

PT - WE don’t see the dividing line between red turds/blue turds, demoncrats/republicrips, leftists/rightists, & liberal/conservative. The dividing line today is, are you for FREEDOM & LIBERTY and GOD given Rights or are you for Tyranny and the Rights-ending Police State. That’s it. All else is semantic. It becomes again part of the divide and conquer mechanism.

Poker Face is pro-Guns because they are the TEETH of liberty, which we are then viewed as Rightists, but then we are for the legalization of ALL drugs, vitamins, supplements, & choice of medical treatment etc, which makes some view us as leftists. What both have in common is that we choose freedom. We don’t give a shit about anyone else’s labels.

The only politician we support these days for President of these United States of America is RON PAUL. Check out his website here:


Libertarianism is supposed to be all about LIMITED government. Basically they [Libertarians] are about wanting less government in our lives. Out of all the political parties, we have more in common with them then any other party. We have left the party a couple of times in the past when they pushed for bad ideas like NAFTA/GATT/WTO. Most recently we haven’t been too happy with their pro-illegal alien invasion stance. Ron Paul is still the top Libertarian vote-getter of any presidential candidate for the Libertarians in their history. I will probably register Republicrip, just so I can vote for Honorable Representative Ron Paul (GOP) in the primaries. If we don’t put America back on paper ballots, all of our efforts will be for nothing - Our masters will use their electronic voting machines from DIEBOLD, ES&S & Sequoia to choose the winner for us. As per Lenin, "it doesn’t matter who votes, but matters who counts the votes".

We have a serious problem here in America where 3 companies own all of the machines being used for voting. 2 brothers own both ES&S and Diebold out of Nebraska. Conveniently, Nebraska Bilderberg native Chuck Hagel has conveniently benefited from being part owner as well. There is NO verifiable tracking of votes going on anywhere. They have laws against ANYONE from looking into their hardware and software. What they have done is criminal, yet another blatant assault on our freedoms, that will further incite the people to revolt. We the free aren’t trying to change the Constitution of America, we are trying to prevent the criminal authorities from doing it to us. BUSHit wanting to declare MARTIAL LAW is thee ultimate criminal act of treason against our Constitution. It is THEY who want to subvert it, while they call us the names of being anti-government. These prostiticians and presstitutes forget these 3 little words… we are anti-corruption of our government.

FG – What’s your stance on Third Way politics like National-Anarchism? Do you have many, if any, “national left” platform in the USA? You already know Folk And Faith, right? 

PT - If National – Anarchism were for freedoms of the person over the state, then we would be for it. Anarchy still follows the law of common law. Something that the Statists scare commoners with, that it would be total chaos with out a government telling them what to do and say. But if we as a people would respect each other and our property, we wouldn’t have a need for government at all. In the least have it pared down to 10% of its size that it is today. Basically following what the contract of the Constitution spells out its duties to follow. Our Constitution is very specific as to what the Federal government should involve itself with.

We are not currently aware of any national left group.

And we like many of the ideas that Jeremy from Folk and Faith has put out over these years that we have been in touch.

FG – You once stated that freedom fighters can agree on 80% of the issues. Do you believe a better world is possible if we can get all revolutionaries (communist, nationalist and anarchist) together as an anti-system front?

PT - Anybody can be a part of the 80% club. I just don’t see hard-core communists ever coming around. Most are from an atheist-judeo background, who have no concept of a God and the freedoms he grants us that are unalienable. They would work with you long enough to defeat the common enemy, but then stab you in the back, at the first chance that they could get over you, to take control of any movement that would have energy that they could mis-direct.

Freedom Fighters will mainly come from the liberty-loving common man, whose ideology can be reduced to Life, Liberty and Property or simpler terms…Freedom vs Tyranny, and no taxation without representation. People from other groups will enjoin the fight, but it will be of convenience, and jumping on a bandwagon. Remember, all -isms of the last 500 years came from and grew out of the Sabbatean-Jewish mindset. Bolshevism, Communism, Socialism, Feminism, Jacobism, Neo-Conism etc… It is these satanic Jews, and the Rosicrucian Goyim henchmen that need to be erased from our planet. They are the cancer that is destroying humanity. All for the sake of greed and power. They want what little you and I have, while we want NOTHING of them or their ill-gotten fortunes. We believe in live, let live, while they practice: just who will get to live in the future.

We could defeat them in a minute, if all of us got together at the same moment in time. But that is not the Plan, and how the story is written for it to go down. Since humanity refuses to pray to the Father and ask for His forgiveness, where He has promised us all that He would heal us and the land, we will be subjected to the birth of the Satanic World Order, and suffer through its short-term reign. The power ultimately resides in we the people, and until we take back what is ours, these parasitical elite will continue to run roughshod over us.

FG – Any last words for the Portuguese readers? If the plane trips weren’t so expensive we sure would like to have you here playing in Portugal with patriotic bands like Johnny Philko and the English Show Of Hands.

PT - We would love to go visit your beautiful country and play a few gigs while we are there. Putting together an end all be all concert of protest music would be great anywhere. Please keep us in mind as these years fly by. We aren’t going anywhere. Tyranny isn’t going to leave the earth any time soon, so there will always be a need for us to make our commentary through music.

People of the world need to realize that we are all the same. That we all have man of the same wants. Father made enough of the economic pie for all of us to share in, have a part of, and lead good life, long life, filled lives.  Check out our Local Solution Plan here: http://pokerface.org/fx/viewtopic.php?t=2499

It is a beginning kernel of an idea. We welcome everyone to add their ideas, of how to grow better freedom loving communities.

Do not fear the elites, they are fewer than us. All they have is FEAR to scare us out of our God given Rights. Together we can pull back the curtain on these little green freaks, and put them in the boxes they deserve to be in.

Peace and YHVH bless

[email protected]

--Flavio Goncalves is a Mathaba author - see more of his articles at www.mathaba.net/authors/goncalves.
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