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Muslim Swimming Costume For Women Goes Into Production

Posted: 2007-12-11
From: Mathaba
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A muslim company has produced a swimsuit alternative to the 'Burkini'

Mustaqim Ltd has launched a bathing suit that will suit not only Muslim women who want to swim while not exposing their bodies to the public, but indeed any woman who favours modesty, or who for health or other reasons may want to cover up while swimming.

The Mustaqim (pronounced Mustakeem) swimsuit was developed by Dr Sahib Mustaqim, who at first had wanted to import swimsuits manufactured by others, but found them impractical for swimming. Therefore an original study and experimentation was made to devise a swim suit that actually worked, while satisfying the modesty requirements of Islam.

The company web site states "our swimming costume is for people who actually want to swim. Serious swimmers don't want to stand out like a peacock and draw attention. They don't want to pose by the pool side... Swimming should be a sport every woman can pursue, not a privilege."

The Australian swimsuit dubbed the Burkini was described by the Guardian newspaper podcast Islamophonic as "providing an experience like swimming in a sleeping bag", while the other manufacturer of Muslim swimming gear for women in Turkey produces "fashionable designs which look good as beach wear or on the pool side but turn out less practical in the water."

In contrast, Mustaqim are not offering a range of fancy colours and patterns, but an unobtrusive black and dark blue combination for its two piece swimsuit, a one-piece full body swimming costume in a stretchable material and a separate pinafore to hide the contours of the body.

At a cost well below that of its other two competitors, this product is likely to find a large market among hundred of millions of Muslim women who have not considered going swimming due to the lack of suitable appareil, but also to Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and other women who don't want men ogling them while they are at the pool side, but also want to actually swim.

The swimming costumes cost 22.50 or $US40, around 30 Euros and can be purchased via the Mustaqim company website.
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