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Danish Muslim Party says Denmark will be Muslim country soon

Posted: 2008-01-22
From: Mathaba
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Dansk Muslim Party says it will be biggest party of Denmark ''and it may be soon. First day after Turkey becomes EU member country - about one million 20-50 years old Muslims may move to Denmark? And after that Denmark will be a Muslim country? Be ready!''

A small website "damp.mono.net" claiming to be that of the Dansk Muslim Parti (Danish Muslim Party) "DAMP" has published a "press release" in poor English mixed with Danish, saying that "Danish Muslim party's only agenda is to get Muslims into Danish politics and into the parliament, no matter what our ideas and religious or political beliefs are."

Citing the logic that as they live in Denmark and number around 700,000 Muslims, "we could actually have about 60 (=1/3) Muslim representatives in Danish parliament, and therefore also in Danish government", that Denmark may be the first Muslim land in Europe and able to have Muslim ideas, values and viewpoints become heard, respected and understood better, and discrimination stopped.

It says that "we have Freedom of religion in Denmark, and therefore everyone has the right to practice their religion what ever it is, and also society must respect every religion and accept its manners and beliefs therefore for example the Danish People's Party's (DF) opinions and agenda may be criminal, and may become judged as a crime if judged according to international laws."

The web site claims it is "unbelievable that Denmark has no Muslim as Integrations Minister" and that "treating immigrants wrongly will in the future cause riots and many problems - and therefore it is a must to get Muslims into politics - not throw immigrants out of life in Denmark" before going on to claim that "modern Danish politics can be called apartheid politics - you cannot even read anywhere in Denmark what Muslims or immigrants think or say about situation in Denmark."

The website itself is a free home page hosted by a Danish internet service at no expense to DAMP, thus giving the lie that it is not possible to read anywhere what Muslims or immigrants think or say about the situation in Denmark, although DAMP appears not to have much to say beyond its amateur attempt at a press release. Any media coverage of it is bound to be unfavorable, if this party is registered and actually exists, while a party that has no money to put up a professional site clearly is no threat to Danish democracy.

The treatise which appears to be the work of a single semi-literate and poorly educated person judging from its arguments and presentation goes on to say that the "Muslim party will be biggest party of Denmark - and it may be soon. First day after Turkey becomes EU member country - about one million 20-50 year old Muslims [may] move to Denmark, and after that Denmark [may] be a muslim country. Be ready!" Presenting this argument in a threatening way without explaining what and how Danes should "be ready."

The communique then goes on to soothe Danish nerves, saying that "many Danes feel this strange, because Denmark has not had a Muslim government before - but we can assure you that everything will be better in Muslim Denmark: No drugs, no crime, peace, and humanity - instead of drug culture, immorality, possibly human rights crimes and violence which we have now. But we may not wait that - we must be a party of government already now."

While the site clearly has little or no professional backing, compelling logic or force of argument, let alone practical and meaningful policies, and therefore no chance of making headway in politics, it makes for interesting reading into the mind set prevalent among uneducated Muslims primarily from South Asia, who believe that the spread of Islam is not by ideas, good example and respect but by way of immigration, force of numbers and taking over the host in similar ways to the European Zionist regime's occupation of Palestine.
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