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Review: RajaNews Popular Iranian News in Persian Language

Posted: 2008-01-26
From: Mathaba
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An independent look at Iran's popular news site Raja News and its positioning

The web site of Raja news exposes U.S. policy of interference in the affairs of South Asia, near East and the Middle East.  It firmly supports the aspirations of the people of Palestine for sovereignty and integrity.  It fully supports the struggle of the Palestinians against the Zionist domination and crimes committed daily in the name of "security for the Jews in Israel."

Domestically, Rajanews supports the government of President Ahmadinejad in its resistance to U.S. imperialism and opposes the reformist factions, secular or religious, within and without the Islamic Republic.

Articles in Rajanews strongly oppose establishing relations between Iran and the U.S., so long as the U.S. continues to act belligerently against the interests of the Iranian people, the people of Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine.  The site exposes the reformist policies that recommend the normalization of U.S.-Iran relations on the basis of probable U.S.-Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear and military facilities.  In other words, the reformists' advocacy of normalization is based on fear of U.S. attacks on Iran, which in effect would subjugate Iran to the imperial demands of the United States and western powers.

Rajanews advocates normalization of relations on the basis of dealing with problems from the position of strength and equality between nations, not domination of one over the other.  The reformists, who predominantly speak for the well-to-do classes in Iran, go as far as advocating Iran's suspension of peaceful uranium enrichment for electricity in order to appease the United States and the bigger capitalist countries.  The class of reformists in their advocacy of freedom echo U.S. propaganda on "democracy, women and human rights" as steps toward progress.

A statistical analysis of Rajanews by checking the American web rating company ALEXA indicates that in spite of being only in Persian language and largely visited within Iran (an estimated 87% of its readers being within this independent nation), it is in the top 16,000 most popular websites worldwide. Further it is ranked as being very popular within the UAE and Canada.

Within Iran, ALEXA statistics rank it around the top 100 most visited sites worldwide, which given that this top 100 include so many search and other sites used for information, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, and is purely a news and analysis site, is an achievement which indicates the professionalism and commitment of the staff of Rajanews.

-- Above report compiled thanks to the linguistic and research assistance of Ardeshir Ommani
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