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Afghanistan soldiers: ``This is a war we just can`t win and there`s no need for us to win it``

Posted: 2009-07-13
From: Mathaba
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Postings on the British army Rumour Service website this weekend

To be honest, the Taliban can move about pretty much as they please. Putting more troops on the ground will restrict them a little more, but will also mean more casualties for us.


"If they, and the [sceptics], are really serious about Affers [Afghanistan], they need to shuffle in 500,000 troops at the very least. Even then, the job'll take at least the next seven years. It's a war we just can't win and there's no need for us to win it. The Afghans aren't a danger to Europe. They don't even know where it is. And forget this bollix about 'fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here'. The plans for banjoing the Twin Towers weren't hatched in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with them.

"Far more lethal are the religious nutters, mainly in Saudi Arabia, but in other places too. And I don't just mean Muslims. If any attacks in Europe or the US are carried out, they won't be coming from Afghanistan.


"I think the 'fight them over here' option is a fair one. The thing is when people usually say 'fight them over here' its used as copy, as the politicos know that if it comes to bombs going off on UK mainland, or squaddies getting killed abroad, the general public would vote for the 'fight them over there' option."


"We are fighting, in many respects, a proxy war in Afghanistan. Most of the village leaders I spoke to in Afghanistan said they would rather grow food than opium, but that the Taliban and the warlords want them to grow opium, because it funds the war against the west (as well as making them rich).

"The UK gave 1 billion quid to Pakistan last year to increase border security in an effort to fight the extremists from Afghanistan and elsewhere who are using their country as a safe haven for training and refuge. If we walked out of Afghastlystan now, the Taliban would simply move between Pakistan and Afgh at will, and the likely result might well be a war between Afg and Pak following cross border operations by the Pak govt. It is possible that the Pak govt would lose such a war and yet another country would fall to extremism. Such an event would certainly rattle the Saudis and others.

"We in the West will never be safe whilst places like Afghanistan are dominated by extremists. Ignoring them and hoping they will go away will not work."

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