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Michael Jackson - `The Jews Do It On Purpose`

Posted: 2009-12-08
From: Mathaba
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Shortly before he was murdered, Michael Jackson said his woes were due to the `Jews who do it on purpose`

Claiming they build people up to fame then take away everything (if they speak out, as he had done in some of his music) Michael Jackson said:
"They suck... they're like leeches... I'm so tired of... they start out... the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up with... penniless! It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."
Press the play button on the video below, to hear Michael Jackson speaking out on this issue:

Comment: When others less famous have complained about the "International Jewish Mafia" they have had videos and pages removed from YouTube and the web, thus earning YouTube a nickname "JewTube." Michael Jackson is too famous to be censored, even after his suspicious death, which his family believes was murder. The "anti-semitic" label is then hung on anyone who mentions the racists among Jews in any critical light, even though Europeans are not semites, Africans and Arabs are.

Notice: Mathaba is NOT anti-Jewish, we have regular Jewish contributors and analysts, we are not against ANY religion. But no matter what someones (claimed) religion, if they do bad, or are a newsworthy anomaly, they deserve a mention. For example, the fact that all 5 directors of the U.S. money supply (Federal Reserve Bank) are Jewish is one such statistical improbability and anomaly worth mentioning, but which is not reported in any of the U.S. media which is frequently stands accused of being subservient to those same parties, whereas if all 5 directors were Muslim or Buddhist, or devout practicing Christians, a statistical normal probability in comparison, it'd certainly be news all over that media. So why the silence on such issues? We leave readers to draw their own conclusions.
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