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Israel Nuclear Blackmail Against USA, Europe, Testifies Israeli Nuclear Scientist Vanunu

Posted: 2009-12-30
From: Mathaba
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Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu is arrested again, days after claiming that Israel is holding western nations to ransom with threat of nuclear terrorism

Mordechai Vanunu, a former nuclear engineer at an Israeli nuclear plant who leaked details and pictures of the operation to the Sunday Times of London in 1986, has made new allegations concerning Israel's nuclear program.

Vanunu was held for 18 years in Israeli prison after being illegally and forcefully abducted from Rome in Italy by Israeli agents after leaking the information to the London Sunday Times. Since then he has spent time under house arrest and constant surveillance, and has not been allowed to leave Israel nor talk to foreigners.

He was responsible for revealing to the world proofs of an advanced Israeli nuclear weapons program, although Israel is still almost never mentioned as a nuclear weapons power alongside USA, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan and North Korea (DPRK), the other nuclear weapons holders. US and Russian nuclear weapons are based also in several other countries, on missiles and submarines, as well as air craft carriers and long-range bombers.

Israel claims that Vanunu was a "low-level technician", in what is seen by analysts as damage control, after his whistle-blowing on the top secret Israeli WMD nuclear weapons program.

In a recent interview, Vanunu said that Israel is conducting "global thermo-nuclear blackmail" as well as having the ability to hit every major European city with nuclear bombs via its long-range nuclear missiles.

What has now come to light via these claims, is of gigantic world security proportions: that Israel may be holding the United States to blackmail, along with European allies, which would explain the subservience to Israel of otherwise powerful western governments.

The United States' Military command - the Pentagon - is directed by a "Defense Policy Board" which is itself staffed by Zionists openly sympathetic to Israel, something which may also have been achieved via Israeli blackmail, and the current U.S. President Obama's Chief of Staff is an Israeli, said to be working for the Israeli Intelligence as a senior officer.

The small middle eastern country - widely criticized elsewhere for human rights abuses - has been able to invade neighbouring countries on several occasions during recent years with impunity as well as to occupy Palestinian territories militarily without resistance or sanction by the western powers on the United Nations Security Council.

A long and detailed USAF report posted with commentary on the popular independent and alternative news site Rense.com is held in part to back claims that Israel is capable of blackmailing the US with its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Israeli police say that Vanunu has now been re-arrested this week since conducting the interview, for "meeting with foreigners".
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