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France: Media Lies on Libya Ongoing

Posted: 2011-06-01
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A report from a European citizen in Tripoli, Libya

France Accuses Qaddafi of Killing 10,000 Libyans: Headline in Le Figaro (La France accuse Kadhafi d'avoir tué 10.000 Libyens)

Subheadline: The atrocities committed by pro-Gaddafi is to prevent any uprising in the capital. (Les atrocités commises par les pro-Kadhafi visent à empêcher tout soulèvement dans la capitale.)

Now this is what passes for the best of European French journalism?

After reading this composition of lies it is normal that common people and even informed people who don't know Libya have a total false image of Gaddafi and Libya.

I give an example:

In this "article" it is said that convicts are amassed around BAB-EL-AZIZiya, the residence compound of Gaddafi, as human shields.

I was several times in that compound until 3 weeks ago. All I saw were thousands of people going in and out of that compound freely, only checked through metal scanners for obvious reasons. Thousands of women and children are camping there, day and night, eating and drinking there and following a make shift theatre as entertainment 24 hours a day. Everybody is free to come and go. We have video's of that and Libyan television shows it live every day.

In this Figaro article it is also said that there is a reign of terror in Tripoli. I wonder how when there is no visible police on the streets, apart from traffic cops and the police around the gas stations to avoid riots by frustrated drivers.

I went criss-cross around Tripoli many times and was NEVER stopped, my face is definitely European, not Libyan. I also went in common taxi's because the Western "journalists" told me they were always arrested or at least their drivers were arrested if they went in common taxi's. I was NEVER stopped, let alone arrested, so more lies.

[Mathaba: by the way these so-called journalists, let us call them presstitutes, sit in a luxury Tripoli hotel surfing the web and making all their reports without going out to look for news. It's not that they are afraid to, it seems their media organisations do not expect them to. They are plain lazy, overpaid crooks, who are as culpable as politicians in misleading world opinion.]

The article also claims that the hospitals are ransacked on purpose, this is probably the most stupid claim, a regime which is at war and has daily wounded and dying people would ransack the hospitals???

Anyway I was a patient in AL KHADRA hospital, a 1200 bed complex and I was treated in the most perfect way. The hospital was spic and span clean and the doctors did a marvellous job. Since I was in the intensive care unit of the cardiological department I had a real opportunity to judge their professional skills and I was impressed.

When I came back to Europe the European specialists could only confirm the treatment and diagnosis of the Libyan specialists.

So this whole pack of lies by Le Figaro, a Sarkozy loudspeaker rag gives us a very good idea of the biased West.

I pray to God that these mass murderers get their come-uppance soon.
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