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Truth Media Hero Dr Moussa Ibrahim: Disappointment With Western Media

Posted: 2011-08-21
From: Mathaba
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Dr Moussa Ibrahim, spokesperson for the Libyan Jamahiriya Media

(mathaba) -- Dr Moussa Ibrahim spoke today just days after the martyrdom of his brother who had gone to visit friends after hearing of them being in danger was murdered by a British Apache helicopter violating Libyan African air space in contravention of the No Fly Zone.

He said he is so disappointed in the West, as they formerly "behaved like they were my friends and I've been happy and glad about that. I thought I was part of a new international movement that believed in the truth... but in this conflict I saw a different West, I saw the West I read about in history books, the West of... killing and occupation, the West that came to this country 100 years ago and killed my grandfathers and uncles, the West that had no morals and no conscience..."

He said that the only difference is this "new West" is living in the illusion of morality and the illusion of conscience, it has this amazing media machine, that spins everything and makes the world live in an illusion. Dr Musa Ibrahim, the popular Libyan government media spokesperson who has earned the respect and love of a billion people around the world for his truthful reporting no matter the situation in Libya, said "we have honour, giving up means gangs will have our country, which means killings, killings, killings. The world has a short memory. The West needs to restore its morality. With the cover of NATO cowards can march forward."

He also said that NATO has gone mad and aids terrorists, and he called to sit down and negotiate and try to find a solution in peace, yet another offer from the Libyan people's government given from a position of strength, not weakness, as most of the country is back under government control after non-stop bombing by NATO since March 20.
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