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Tripoli: Battles Raging Against Invaders

Posted: 2011-08-25
From: Mathaba
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Journalists holed up in hotel among ongoing fighting between Libyans and invasion forces unable to be evacuated to Malta, a clear indication that rebels and NATO do not have control

Fighting is now raging around the sea side of Tripoli, showing that NATO which controls the entire Gulf of Sidra does not even control critical central Tripoli areas which are right on the sea front.

Journalists who were supposed to be evacuated today by the Red Cross via sea to Malta, apparently could not leave and are again holed up in a hotel this time right on the sea front, at the Corinthia.

Among them is Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya who has been fearing for his life after two assassination attempts, and verbal threats that he would be killed, from a CNN journalist, suspected to be a CIA agent.

He and others have hardly slept in the past 5 or 6 days and will be heavily traumatised and suffer PTSD. Nazemroaya has asked the Russian embassy to help him, and also the Iranian Broadcasting (IRIB). He said he is not safe until he is home in Canada or out of Libya.

There are also fears that the false journalists will make false claims to rebels in order to have him killed as they are hated for their truthful reports during the height of the disinformation when news media were using fake footage from Qatar to show Tripoli taken.

Nazemroaya's analysis of the real goals of the invasion of Libya had also angered the agents who were working under the guise of being journalists, and they openly threatened him. Twice he was shot at by snipers at the Rixos when attempting to put up a sign on the roof made with ketchup saying "PRESS".

Currently the area around the Corinthia was rebel held with the support of NATO mercenaries, but the Libyan forces are attempting to clean the area from the invaders and traitors.

The very fact that there is fierce fighting there, is further proof that Tripoli is far from being under the control of the NATO rebels as claimed, whilst NATO continues to keep communications largely shut off.

Rebels are using the Corinthia Hotel to fire upon Libyan mujahiddeen defending their city from the invasion.

Earlier Dr Franklin Lamb had sent a contradictory report from his room on a high floor of the hotel, saying that everything is calm and the city appeared to be under rebel control with no fighting.

If that was the case yesterday, and we cannot independently verify this as yet, it certainly is not the case today.
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