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Latest Roundup From Libya - August 25 to 26

Posted: 2011-08-26
From: Mathaba
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NATO rebels trapped in city, most of country still under Jamahiriya government

Sirte area has reaffirmed their solid loyalty to the African leader Muammar Qaddafi in fighting to defend her crown Libya from naked NATO aggression by the bankrupt trying to seize Africa's wealth by force.

Hala Misrati (claimed by the rebels to be on that video) is now safe and in Sirte.

Press secretary of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Ibrahim Moussa, said that Muammar Gaddafi is in a safe place and still leads the struggle with the rebels, and his morale and spirit is as high as ever.

"Gaddafi's really fighting for our freedom and independence," - said Moussa.

"All the family members Gaddafi feel fine," - said Moussa, adding that top military and political associates of Colonel remained with him. He also said that Gaddafi is capable of continuing the resistance "for weeks, months and years."

The leader has called on Africans to set sights on enemy targets and take the battle to confiscate the assets of the enemy western states which are trying to recolonize Africa through Libya.

Things are not going well for NATO with mercenaries and terrorist rebels trapped in the center of Tripoli, surrounded by loyalist forces.

In the Night of Power, during the last ten nights of Ramadan, prayers are especially powerful. Millions of people around the world are praying for the defeat of NATO and the victory of Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan people. Those prayers are having powerful effects.

Rebels are firing on each other too and killing each other amidst confusion and mistrust, because now they have realised that the Jihad in Libya led by Muammar Qaddafi is for Allah, Justice, Truth, and for the people who have the benefit like no other on earth as the national resources are shared and not stolen by private corporations. They have seen that NATO is the enemy and woken up to the plans and how they were misused.

They have seen that unlike what they were told Muammar Qaddafi and those leading the Jihad on the front lines, the extra-ordinary and heroic Libyan people are Muslims, mujahiddeen, saying La Ilaha il-Allah (there is no god but the One God) and that the commanders of the rebels are asking instead NATO for help.

They have discovered that all along this was Shariah, the Holy Quran being the Law of Society in the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and not the big beards, selfishness, al-Qaida, American CIA, capitalism, they have started to understand that people's power Jamahiriya is the manifestation of Islam.

With the Internet and communications cut off by NATO, they were able to tell many lies and entire TV news bulletin fabrications.

Readers are urged not to trust the lying media which are all using third and fourth hand reports but instead to turn to www.mathaba.net/news/libya for reliable reports and to sign up for daily briefings by email at www.mathaba.net/go/daily

The invincible web site of the green committees should be copied and spread, shared, no nuclear bomb can destroy it. Let the world know the human rights, freedoms and responsibilities of the Jamahiriya, turn the Libyan Jamahiriya into a Universal Jamahiriya, show these rights and freedoms obtained by the revolution. The site is www.GreenCharter.com and should be studied, links followed, shared, copied, change it as you like it is yours and green committees formed everywhere.

The flag of the Universal Jamahiriya, of freedom, justice, peace, truth, right, is the color green. Its dimensions are exactly one unit tall, and two units wide. Everyone should make this flag and hang it everywhere on their houses, cars, desks, anywhere, and not worry about other flags hanging that represent only governments.

Those governments which host embassies of terrorists flying any flag for Libya which is not as the above colour and dimensions are the enemy governments, against the people's interests, serving bankers, gangsters, thieves, traitors, imperialists, zionists, reactionaries, racists, criminals, colonialists.

It had already been promised at the outset of the war on Libya by NATO that (1) they would not succeed in killing Muammar Qaddafi and (2) that they would not succeed in overthrowing the Jamahiriya because it is people's power and (3) that it would be a long war.

At the outset of the invasion of Tripoli it had also been promised that (1) the "rats would enter a trap" and (2) that within a few days the foreign mercenaries would be defeated, even massacred in Tripoli.

As we can see today the truth is as we had advised, after all, we have the intelligence and facts and NATO does not. NATO only has a plan and a mission to plunder African resources, by hook or crook, as desperately bankrupt thieves.

As to the rebels, they are misguided, do not know that this is the Night of Power, that Allah is not with them but with the believers, who do not seek help from anyone other than Allah, and certainly not by force of arms, looting, robbery, and destruction.

The Brother Leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement, Muammar Qaddafi, gave a speech to Libyans yesterday (English rough summary):

Leader's speech
We are fighting... march, our tribes ... march toward Tripoli, keep heading toward Tripoli as your grandfathers did in the Battles ... here is the battle again, the same battles as your fathers had, come men and women to clean Tripoli this time.

Every street and area in Tripoli should fight and never surrender, the enemy will be defeated, NATO will be defeated by Allah's will, and the tribes which are outside of Tripoli should march to Tripoli and control the area too.

Imams, tell people to go on Jihad at the front lines, this is the hour for martyrdom or victory, advance everywhere, NATO will withdraw, NATO cannot continuous forever, to hell with NATO, those who rape your girls in your houses...

Don't give in to colonization, march on Tripoli to those rats, kill them! You marched with millions before, now march with millions again but this time for fighting, don't be afraid of bombing, of stun grenades, don't hand over Tripoli!

Tribes will march from everywhere, take control of all mosques, rooftops, institutions, shops and fight from them, there will never be a secure place for those rats!

People are fighting everywhere, we are the vast majority! The tribes and people should march to Tripoli to protect it, women are fighting in the streets, we will never allow for our land to be for France, nor for Italy, we will never be a colony again, fight them!

Libya is for you, Tripoli is for you not for those agents who beg to NATO, those are agents not from Tripoli, those aren't sons of Tripoli!

Men and women, go out, fight them, follow them, masses march now, from everywhere to Tripoli! Go ahead! Go ahead!

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