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Update on the war against Libya and Africa - September 27, 2011

Posted: 2011-09-28
From: Mathaba
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Roundup of news from za-kaddafi.ru and other independent sources along with commentary by Dennis South.

"Many Libyan politicians who had aligned themselves with NATO have contacted the Jamahiriya Government and apologized, seeking to join the resistance with their followers, and to act in accord with Jamahiriya orders."

By Dennis South and Mathaba Analysts

Libyan resistance, September 26

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 - 00:46

In the morning in Tripoli the NATO-rebels cut off the Internet. [For those new to the Libya war, who have been absent for the past six months, or were stuck in the Matrix bubble of illusion, there has been a war against Africa's most wealthy country, Libya, since February 2011. Since March, more than 20,000 flights and tens of thousands of bombs and missiles have been dropped by white European pilots and computer operators, from Europe, Canada and the USA, and other stooge military.

For the reasons for this please click here to watch a short video: www.bit.ly/libyamusic and don't you dare go back to sleep again.]

Hearing about the murder of Belhadj (the commander of Al-Qaeda forces in Tripoli), and preparing an attempt on his right hand Salabi, the military governor of Benghazi, sent Jibril, the number two rat. ["Rats" is the endearing name given to the traitors and terrorists who are serving the foreign racist US-European military mass-murderers, including the Canadian, Australian and Qatari stooge regimes and their banker jewish-zionist elite gangsters led by Hilary Clinton.]

After Salabi "dismissed" this "council", and then its "advice" he replied: "Shut up and know your place. And then we'll show you how you killed General Younes."

To avoid bloodshed in the city of Ghadamas [see previous reports], the Jamahiriya army ceased fire and sent an ultimatum. The rebels sent a message to others in their headquarters in Tripoli: "Save us!  We are surrounded!" And the received the answer: "Save yourselves!"

In Benghazi, 1500 new Al-Qaeda soldiers have arrived from Afghanistan, on American planes, to replenish the rats after heavy losses during the past week.

Abu Yahya "Al-Libby (the Libyan)", who was one of those close to Bin Laden himself, has been appointed the commander of these Al-Qaeda soldiers. Libby is a notorious terrorist. These are very serious fighters, not "revolutionaries" in jeans!

The Al-Qaida heretics, who officially scorn "nationalism" and favor a dictatorship by CIA-terrorists who delude themselves that they are "true Muslims" and that "the aim justifies the means" to "install Islamic regimes" always call their members by the country they are from "Abu Yahya the Libyan", "Abu Jihad the Syrian", "Abu Idiot the American", "Abdu-Gurush the Australian", "Abdu-Shaitan the Egyptian" and so on.

In Libya, there is a notoriously racist and backward city of deformed weak-minded freaks who are the offspring of multiple generations of incest (where brothers and sisters, cousins, marry each other, thus providing genetically weak off-spring), this city is named Derna. Derna has the highest percentage of Al-Qaida affiliates in the world. They are anti-black, anti-everyone, and see themselves as the only true Muslims in the world, in spite of the fact they ignored Prophet Muhammad's injunction to marry far from your family, as the closer you marry the weaker the off-spring will be.

The Libyan Sormani fighters attacked a house where rebels kept captive Jamahiriya soldiers and militias, and freed them. [Note: Jamahiriya, in English phonetics, is pronounced: Jama-hi-ree-ya (jama sounding similar to jammer, hi as hi in hit, him or his, ree as in free, ya as in yak). Jamahiriya is a new word, derived from the Arabic word Joumhouriya (which means republic), and means more than a republic, it means "a state of the self-governing masses".]

Zawaiya again raised the green flags. This means that soon the entire western road to the Tunisian border will be "green" again. These are the great battles and small battles everywhere. [The flag of the Jamahiriya, is solid green, and measures simply two units wide and one unit tall. It is the only flag of any state in the world, that is purely one solid color without any insignia, and not of the normal governmental flags of dimensions 3 wide and 2 tall. The reason is because, the Jamahiriya is a state "without a government", where the people themselves are the government, gathered in people's conferences where they discuss and decide, and people's committees where they implement their decisions. Therefore, the flag is easy for ANYONE ANYWHERE to make. Just go to a shop selling cloth material, and ask for a green color, and buy some cloth dimension 2 x 1, for example, 1 meter wide, and 2 meters long. Presto, voila, you have your Jamahiriya flag!]

Muammar Gaddafi, with a Kalashnikov in his hands, personally met with the soldiers and said that he would soon begin an offensive on the cities that are still in the hands of "traitors in the service of NATO," as he called the rebels. [NATO officially stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and is the command of all the European and north American military, it is a white racist supremacist fascist organization in the service of the jewish-zionist bankers and their atheist stooges. However, even Belgian citizens, where NATO is headquartered, have not heard of it, as the Tell-Lie-Visions of Europe do not report on the wars, and anyway white European youth simply don't care, they have been desensitized to remote killing, growing up on video games which always show USA as the great white clean good tourist and Libya as the evil black dirty terrorist.]

Dr. Shakir, one of the historic and educated cultured Libyan television news anchors, now appears on Syrian television, and is very popular among Libyans. NATO, the white European terrorists, have bombed all Libyan TV stations, killing many broadcasters and journalists, without so much as a noise from the white gate-keeper media organizations, and the Internet is heavily censored, access only given to areas and houses that are occupied by rats, and also phone communications to non-rats which is the majority (95% of Libya) are cut off by the white Euro devils.

A note to those good Europeans who are reading this: as you well know, you are a tiny tiny miniscule minority. Go out into the street carrying a photo of Qaddafi, or engage in a conversation with others about Libya. Show them this film: www.bit.ly/libyamusic -- how many of your society solidly support your view of truth? If it is less than 5%, you have a lot of work to do. If it is less than 1%, you better migrate now to Algeria or Tunisia. There, you will be able to do a lot more good work.

Shakir again voiced the concerns of ​​Muammar Qaddafi: Libyans have to start peace talks. They should stop the fratricidal war. He said that the Libyans have only one enemy -- NATO. NATO wants to steal the Libyan oil, crude oil, which belongs to the people.

On the same day from Djanet, in Algeria, Aisha Gaddafi, Muammar's daughter, appeared on Syrian television and said to all Libyans: "The homeland is in danger! Libyans, brothers and sisters, unite and free our native land!"

Long live the Green Libya! [Green Libya means Jamahiriya, where all power, all wealth, and all arms, are in the hands of the people: see www.bit.ly/libyamusic].

N. Sologubovsky - Libyan resistance 26-27 - September 26-27 - Night Summary

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 - 03:10

NATO mercenaries fled the city of Ghadames. The Libyan Army, as well as the Tuareg tribes, fought against the mercenaries. The green flag waves above Ghadames. Some of the mercenaries crossed into Tunisian territory, thinking they would create new bases to regroup and launch a fresh attack against the Jamahiriya. But the Tunisian army protects the territory from any uninvited "guests."

Let us have a moment of silence for the deceased Libyans which number over 50,000 already, including countless babies, women and children.

A large part of Libya is under the control of the legitimate Jamahiriya government of Libya, and every day more and more parts of this land are taken back from the aggressors.

[It is said that] various NATO member states are trying any excuse to get out of this adventure.

Interview with Mutassim al-Gaddafi

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 04:19

"Newspaper" News - Seven Days" published an interview with Al-Mutasim Billah Gadhafi, son of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddfai.

Al-Mutasim said: "We are now fighting on two fronts: one is to protect our cities, to whom I send my best wishes for love - Bani Walid, Sabha, Sirte - and another at the southern front of Libya, where we found the internal weakness of NATO and its allies. There are large areas in which they could not get control. They attempted to take Ghadames and Gat, but we have them now as our bastions.

Mutasim continued: "The leader is doing well. He is at the top in the leadership chain, of course, planning and organizing more than ever. He believes that the TNC [the rats council so-called "Transitional National Council"] is unable to completely subjugate any tribes or regions.  Nor are they able to formulate an ideology for Libya. The Tribes can also help fight NATO and the traitors, using guerrilla warfare.

He added: "We send our greetings to the courageous city Sabha, Bani Walid, Ghadames, Sirte and all the faithful of cities in Libya, we also ask the faithful of the tribe Warfala to denounce the impostor Mahmoud Jibril, that the representatives of the Warfala is the new cabinet.  We are contacted by numerous groups of civilians who want to fight for their country, and we tell them that if they are a group of three, five or seven people, to coordinate the fight from where they are. There are supporters who have told us that they can easily kill the leaders of the TNC, and we gave them the green light to do it."

[Note for supporters of truth and justice outside Libya, register here, if you are a group of 3, 5 or 7 people, form a committee, no matter what you call it (green committee, revolutionary committee, evolutionary committee, green charter committee, people's committee, solidarity committee) and declare a local "mathaba" where you will meet and make your program. Show videos to your community. Print fliers and stickers. Adopt the GCM logo of the green charter/committees movement. Educate yourselves and others. Network and share news. Swear allegiance to the rights and responsibilities of the Green Charter. Study The Green Book.]

Mutassim's final message to the Libyan people was, "I send my greetings to all honest people in Libya, and those who are with us in all countries - and we tell them that we know how to defeat our enemy and how to defend Libya, our country.  I thank the southern tribes, who rose to kill the traitors.

Traitor politicians apologize and ask Gaddafi to allow them to return to the Jamahiriya!

Tuesday,  27.09.2011 - 11:39

Many Libyan politicians who had aligned themselves with NATO have contacted the Jamahiriya Government and apologized, seeking to join the resistance with their followers, and to act in accord with Jamahiriya orders. Contacts close to the Jamahiriya Government said that these revelations will fully come to light within a week or so, when the resistance and thousands of volunteers begin a military campaign called Operation Cleansing Libya.  The leadership of the Jamahiriya said that Operation Cleansing Libya would be the last chance for those Libyan politicians to prove themselves to be truly loyal to the Jamahiriya.

Some Libyan figures made a mistake of joining NATO, but the Libyan Jamahiriya fully acknowledges that mistakes are the only routes to Wisdom. Sources suggest that these politicians have been forgiven.

[Note: Libyans still need lessons in how to handle media, publicity, public relations and presentation. We apologize on behalf of the Libyan leadership for adopting a word that will fuel the enemy "cleansing" who will then claim that "ethnic cleansing" is taking place, and use this to justify prolonged bombing of Libya. A better word would have been "Operation Green Libya" or "Operation Democratic Libya", or "Operation Jamahiriya" (this last one our favorite).]

Sirte: Brave women defend their city

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 - 12:06

Gadhafi spoke on Bani Walid radio

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 - 16:28

"With your holy war you have revived the courage and the heroism and the honorable acts, for the liberation of Libya, of your ancestors. You have to know that I am in the battlefield by your side.

They lie and they say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, or in Niger. I am in between my people and in the following days, prepare for an unexpected shock for this gang of the agents. Heroes have resisted and fallen as martyrs and we also are prepared for martyrdom, if it be necessary."

Leonor of Libya, 9/27/2011

Tuesday, 27.09.2011 - 18:35

The Libyan leader has not left his country, as it claimed the media of the aggressor.  The leader does not run away from his country.  He always stays with her and fights against the thieves.

During the attempted storming of Sirte by the rats, the rebel rats killed the NATO force commander of the aggressors on this front, Mohamed Alalbous.

The Libyan army has liberated many political prisoners that were being held in Tripoli, and who did not support the TNC, or who were suspected by the TNC of not supporting it. Some rebels have destroyed the grave of The Leader's son, Seif al-Arab, who was killed during the bombing of NATO, when the Norwegian aircraft dropped four bombs on his house. These savages have opened the grave and desecrated the corpse.

Sayf-al-Arab was the youngest son of leader of the revolutionary committees of the green charter movement, Muammar Qaddafi, and he had just returned home from Germany where he was a student, as he wanted to be with his family. He was not in any way involved in politics, business, nor government.

It seems that these aggressors in Libya are not only savages, but are also mentally sick scum, because what we have seen cannot be called human behavior.

Other News

Gaddafi's Speech: Zero Hour will Inevitably Come

To Libya and its free people:

ďGlory to you, greatest heroes of the Libyan people! You carry a proud blood of your ancestors!  They  were telling lies that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, and than in Niger, but Iím here with you. There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which Iím ashamed of.

Hold on and be prepared on a daily basis. Iím receiving calls from all the cities of our Jamahiriya territory, and the zero hour will inevitably come. People who were martyred are eternal. They fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains. Just as their fathers wished for in 1969. Forward! Forward!

The most easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the beginning to come and take the oil from our people and stop the aggression. But the blood of my ancestors and my father and my children and my grandchildren and all the young children and Libyan women and Libyan men and Sheiks, blood of all who were martyred by the bombs in this aggression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

We have said and continue to say: This is the oil of the Libyan people, not French or British. This food belongs to people. It is not my property nor theirs, it belongs to the people!

The resistors await the martyrdom of the heroes, a martyrdom which is true to the verse. To some of you who are waiting, do not be sad, because that will make you weak.  Be patient for victory. Libya is not the first country in the world to be attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest coalition in the history of the world.  But they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history and that Libyans are the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistence and defiance of the aggression! Libya will never be for traitors. Libya will be a hell for them, and a hell for NATO, the west and its agents!

About Dennis South

I have been serving, for 43 years, the cause of helping to create a new, balanced and peaceful world.
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