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YouTube removes VSMRK's "Truth on Libya" reporting account

Posted: 2011-10-07
From: Mathaba
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Zionist controlled Google-YouTube has removed one of the few Truth on Libya accounts after it revealed the results of NATO bombings on Sirte hospital. Yet, what should we expect, and it is our fault, says Mathaba ICT News Editor.

If you click at VSMRK's YouTube account address, as from today you'll get the following screen and message:

This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

Those "severe violations" exist of videos which were uploaded on October 5 and which showed the results of the heavy NATO bombings on the hospital of Sirte which has been repeatedly hit over the past few days during the indiscriminate bombardments on Libyan leader Gaddafi's hometown. The videos showed part of the hospital being blackened by explosions and hit by bullets from the NATO-rebel forces as well as the numerous victims of the criminal NATO bombing and shelling, and included the following descriptions:

Red Cross reported that NATO Mercenaries were directly attacking Sirte hospital, Hichem Khadhraoui said that "Several rockets landed within the hospital buildings while we were there. We saw a lot of indiscriminate fire At the same time, NATO is stopping civilians from reaching the hospital by bombing roads, residential areas, causing hundreds of wounded civilians to die in the process. Khadhraoui reported that "other wounded or ill people cannot get to the hospital because of the fighting and NATO air strikes".

and (quoting Libya's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim who visited Sirte on September 26):

The hospital already had stopped working altogether because there is little water, the hospital lacks food and any sort of electricity, it lacks medicine and lots of medical equipment has stopped working. Above that the sewage system of Sirte stopped working so many streets are flooded at the moment, which is of course a ripe environment for diseases,

and a reference was made to the World Socialist Web Site article The slaughter in Sirte.

Another reason why the VSMRK account was terminated has been this video which at this moment is still available at another YouTube account, showing shocking but true images of the NATO rebels losing in Sirte:

One of the last videos VSMRK uploaded included an undated report by a rebel who has been caught by the Libyan army and who told of abductions and killings of Libyan civilians by NATO. Another video mentioned PressTV has become more and more a NATO tool.

During the passed few months the account of VSMRK has shown lots of demonstrations by the five million Libyans who have been protesting against the NATO aggression on Libya which has killed thousands of Libyan men, women and children. Those demonstrations as well as the results and victims of the NATO "humanitarian" bombing of Libya are not showed by the mainstream media and therefore must have been a reason for censorship by Zionist controlled YouTube.

NATO already has tried to cut off any kind of communication in an attempt to hide their criminal actions in Libya by bombing TV stations and phone lines. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Al-Fateh Revolution on September 1, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said about that:

"They [NATO] cut off all communications because they can’t breathe. They fear my voice, to only hear me is already dangerous to the colonizers. Those colonizers and agents fear us communicating and being in touch with each other, which proves that the enemy is weak. If they weren’t weak they wouldn’t have bombed our TV and they would have allowed us to communicate with each other."

ICT News Editor of Mathaba News Agency however says that YouTube are completely within their rights. "When users sign up for an account at YouTube, they sign a 'Terms of Service' agreement, that almost nobody reads."

They are being provided with a 'free' service, and hosted by a company which is owned by Zionist Jews (Google) who have historically placed themselves in hostility to Arabs and Muslims, and their terrorist state has never been recognized by neither Muammar Qaddafi, leader of the green committees, nor the Libyan Jamahiriya.

"Libya had ample chance for a great many years, and sufficient wealth, to sponsor hundreds of alternative companies to provide services to compete with YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Skype and even media houses such as BBC and CNN, but failed to do so, and for this, have to take blame", Mathaba Libya news editor said.

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