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Morris Herman: Libya News Updates Round Up - October 15

Posted: 2011-10-16
From: Mathaba
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Morris Herman continues to keep a watchful eye on developments in Libya with the failure to cover Libyan news truthfully and black out of western corporate media as well as eastern media which merely parrots western media

Following reports are collated by Morris Herman and are not confirmed or verified by Mathaba sources, and are published "as is" for perusal by a wider audience. Morris Herman is known to Mathaba as an honest and principled investigative analyst of Libyan and world affairs and his reports deserve a wider audience.

Mathaba has faced a number of inquiries and even allegations from readers around the world, who fear that we are publishing news that reveals resistance tactics or puts lives in danger. That is absolutely not the case. We screen all reports prior to publication to ensure we do our journalistic duty as well as human responsibilities to protect life and act in the best public interest.

By republishing daily reports which are round-ups of blog reports by Dennis South, we are doing just that: we select a few interesting blogs and publish simply a collation of those reports, without any endorsement as to accuracy. Those blogs have significant followings and are no doubt monitored by NATO allies and forces.

The accusation that we would be "perpetuating" any damage done by those blogs is absurd: we neither confirm nor deny nor verify nor endorse the content of those blogs. As a news agency we believe that falls within our remit and that readers would be interested to have a regular round-up of news from pro-Jamahiriya blogs.

As always readers are free to leave comments under published articles here on Mathaba, and if there is something you do not like about our coverage, content, presentation or styles, you are free to comment or to contact the news agency with your constructive criticisms. Certainly you should not remain silent as we do take into account the advice of readers and your opinion, while we do not bend away from our clear mission and the principles it is based upon.

Libya Oct 15 afternoon update by Morris Herman

Uploaded by on Oct 15, 2011


Street fighting and explosions are heard across the city.

600 Rebels have died and many areas have freed themselves From the rebels. Many rebel positions have been turned to charcoal. 30 Rebel pickup's were burned.

There is a continuing mass uprising which started October 14 and right now there is heavy fighting around Gargaresh.

Green resistance captured a military base and forced the rebels to retreat.

The rebels also retreated from all of the Eastern neighborhoods of Tripoli.

There is heavy fighting continuing in the center and Green Square and Bab al Aziziyah.

Mass media was "supposedly" supporting protests in Benghazi.

But, in fact, the mass media has supported heavy crackdowns by NTC rebels.


1222 rebels died in the port of Sirte and due to this incident the NTC rebels immediatly issued the "Moatassem Qaddafi is arrested" hoax to cover up their massive defeat at the port of Sirte.

Now the rebel deaths have exceeded 2,000 in the last heavy fighting of 2 days ago.

155 Rebels were killed after pincer attack in the desert outside of Sirte.

The rebels fled the area and now retreated further into the desert outskirts.


Heavy fighting in northern areas and in pockets of Misrata.

Angelina Jolie arrived at the port and quickly left.

The Green resistance captured neighborhoods in the south of Misrata and fighting continues.


Zawiyah is now free and in control of the Green resistance. They have captured the entire city. Green resistance have now blocked all roads supplying the rebels from Tunisia.


The city of Garyan is now free and in control of Green resistance. 370 rebels died in the city and many others fled after heavy fighting. There are now many Green flags across Gharyan.

Black Libyans Make Their Stand in Sirte and Bani Walid - Glen Ford

An Interview with a very knowledgeable Black American Editor on the subject of Libya - his (and the article and radio program) is at http://www.blackagendareport.com

Khamis Gaddafi Martyred* - And Arrai TV is Back - Hawazen the General manager speaks

*) See disclaimer at the top of this page: Mathaba can not confirm or deny Khamis Qaddafi died at the time of this publication. We also cannot vouch for the total authenticity of Al-rai reports, mainly as we have some questions not about the sincerity and honesty of the Syrian station, but cannot confirm their method of accepting news and reports, including at least one report which was claimed to come from the Libyan leadership. The enemy can make use of weaknesses in authentication process, or even the absence of any secure authentication, to insert bogus news to discredit honest news networks, and/or to create misinformation. However, on the other hand, Ar-Rai is a professional news outlet, and most blogs and even some analysts including guest Authors at Mathaba, are relying on highly dubious sources such as "nsnbc" which post at times wildly exaggerated or fictitious news which then becomes widely circulated among Jamahiriya supporters.

Uploaded by on Oct 15, 2011

Sirte Update and ArRai TV alone: Khamis Martyred

Uploaded by on Oct 15, 2011

No-One else is reporting Khamis has been martyred. Also the situation in Sirte is updated here.

Morris thinks Khamis is alive

Uploaded by on Oct 15, 2011

In a period of 12 hours only one source is reporting Khamis' martyrdom. Unfortunately it is a source I admire and trust, perhaps I have been a little light hearted in this video, but there is a contradiction between my trust and the message.

Probably Khamis has gone to get the Algerian Army. It is 3.00 am and I have been urged to make a statement.

END OF MORRIS HERMAN ROUNDUP FOR OCTOBER 15 (See link below for previous October 15 early Morris Herman Libya News).

Editor's Comment: We urge readers to become involved. It is not enough to simply stand as a spectator egging on this side or the other. The Libya was is clear cut. Any one who has followed it for the past 8 months, or who has taken time to study the background, will know that there is one side that is almost wholly on the side of good and truth, and one side that is almost wholly on the side of evil and disinformation. As usual the banker elite and their mercenary armies (NATO) and organizations (UN, AI, HRW etc) have taken the side of falsehood. Readers are therefore urged to first study via some of the below links, and after that to do their own research to verify the below links and their accuracy, and then after that to take action, not to remain as spectators. Suggested actions are listed below:


www.bit.ly/libyatruth and www.bit.ly/libyamusic for videos which speak a million words.

www.greencharter.com for the philosophy and movement of Muammar Qaddafi.

www.peoplesconference.org for further education and practical applications of direct participatory democracy.


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Do not rely on centralized networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or free web Email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Instead make use of the above-mentioned tools, as much as possible, and on independent networks.

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