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Ozone Layer and Global Warming: COP-17 hassle is an open invite to geoengineering quick fix

Posted: 2011-12-08
From: Mathaba
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Review Report: Geoengineering the Ozone Layer.

By David Stephen

Ozone Layer Geoengineering  ̶  or OLG for short  ̶  is a geoengineering procedure that submits a solution to ozone layer depletion if it poses risks to man or the environment now or in future. Ozone layer depletion is commonly observed in the atmosphere over Antarctica and Arctic; this environmental risk will be relatively insignificant if a major depletion is found over a country or continent.

Ozone layer depletion is an environmental headache and Green House Gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere also contributes to it  ̶  this submits further reasons for ozone monitoring. Ozone depletion and issues surrounding it will come as less of a major problem because of the OLG procedure that is safe and workable for desired results.

Global warming for now is a serious issue to the planet and agreement to hang its cause is on a flight with direction but without controls. Several effects lie with global warming because of increase in average temperature of the earth and that the total danger it holds is unknown.

Climate change for some is already happening and for others may happen in years ahead if global emissions whisk past the tipping point  ̶  that will increase the earth’s average temperature by 2oC and beyond. Climate change as we have now or may have later has no historical equivalent and may just be one war all humans will consciously fight to keep the future.

The problems of this present world are many as different people and governments have biting challenges  ̶  at the moment  ̶  and most of them take that more seriously than climate change that is “not really” happening now and not happening for their actions alone.

The United Nations summit on climate change ongoing in Durban, COP 17 is supposed to be a ground for agreement and reality but is a ground for arguments and delusion. Nations should agree against climate change, we know, but economic prosperity and emissions prosperity go together. Sharp cuts to the latter will down efforts to grow the former  ̶  struggling globally for now to recovery.

This reality is what developed nations accused of pronging proposals like the Green Climate Fund and Technology Transfer are trying to make others understand. Some are trying to keep their reputation by not signing certain agreements for the sake of a conference and default on their part later on.

Saying NO for now is better than saying YES to chill the offensive and bring their nations to disrepute. Certain other nations might not really bother about their role but will sign on and use future eventualities as the excuse of default. The US is at the center of the climate change debate as the very wealthy and very big polluter that does not want to cooperate.

Some blame can go to the US from some who believe they understand what the US should do and how they can do it. The question that slogs the chord is for developing nations that are also big polluters especially India and China; India is developing and should benefit from the Green Climate Fund but India is now a top polluter, can contributions come from there too?

Reality takes its leave in these UN meetings since “an idea by those that conceived it is now being used against them even when things have clearly changed and everyone can see”. This whole thing is having scientists think about a quick fix for global warming to postpone effects of climate change for now or in future.

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) are two major processes to hold off climate change; fears of ‘bad’ with geoengineering is keeping it at a distance for now but will gradually be seen as a way to postpone climate change effects in future until those partly deluded and others yet to adjust agree to change to combat climate change.

About David Stephen

I write Scientific research papers, I am 24 and a graduate of Physics.
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