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Dr K A Paul of Global Peace Initiative: A Mathaba Investigation

Posted: 2012-01-07
From: Mathaba
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Multi-million dollar Boeing 747 bought by Paul with donations from charity, grounded since 2005 as a flying death-trap. Paul recently attempted to sweeten Indian media and politicians with promises of free flights aboard the plane which has not flown since 7 years.

Actually named Anand Kilari and travelling on a U.S. passport under that name, "Dr K A Paul" was born on September 25, 1963, in a small village called Chittivalsa in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, into a poor Hindu family. Since then he has risen to notoriety as a leading international conman, specializing in meeting political personalities, and having his photo taken as "proof of his V.I.P. status."

A senior Mathaba Editor spent weeks following him around, and recording numerous meetings, phone conversations, and gathering damning evidence against the fraudster, including wide-spread allegations of sexual abuse.


Paul's parents became Christians in 1966. Paul became a Christian in March 1971, when he was eight years old. Paul claims to have travelled with his self-styled evangelist father to hundreds of villages in India sharing the gospel to many non-Christians. At the age of 19 Paul claimed he felt a calling and entered into the full-time ministry.[1]

    * 1983. K.A. Paul was ordained at his father's church and in the same year founded Gospel to the Unreached Millions ministry in India, at the age of 20. [1]
    * 1989. Paul came to the United States.
    * 1993. Paul created the U.S. non-profit Gospel to the Unreached Millions (GUM) in Duluth, Minnesota.
    * 1996. GUM opened its headquarters in Humble, Texas.
    * 1999. GUM moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas. [1]
    * 2007. K.A. Paul made comments against the Chief Minister CM (equivalent to a State Governor in the USA) of Andhra Pradesh State in India, Mr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy and the India's governing council Chairman, Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Mr. Paul accused the Chief Minister of requesting 5 Million USA dollars in illegal donations to use for his party’s victory during the 2004 state elections.

Reddy died soon after in a helicopter crash, and Paul's money in A.P. state remains frozen, although in 2011 he paid bribes to various politicians to attempt to gain influence to unfreeze funds. Politicians scorned the insufficient monies offered "for their campaigns".

Paul's own brother was murdered, in an unsolved case, after he took Paul to court over misappropriate of G.U.M. funds.

Paul boasts, in meetings recorded by Mathaba, that "all those who oppose him end up dead." At the same time, he claims current U.S. leaders are plotting to have him killed.

Those close to Paul, including the Mathaba Editor who spent six weeks with Paul and his team, say that he only quotes one or two sentences from the Bible, and rarely mentions it. Paul claims to be the "well-known leader" among Indian evangelists, and says that they are "all his disciples." When Mathaba inquired among numerous pastors in his home state of Andra Pradesh in India, he was either unknown, or known as a fraudster who had stolen monies from the Churches under false pretences. The Indian Council of Churches itself launched a case against Paul.

Global Peace One

K.A. Paul used his Boeing 747, bought with the donations of U.S. wealthy personalities who were under the impression they were supporting the spread of Christianity and orphanages in India.

Through charitable contributions to his organization, several of Paul's backers provided funds to purchase a 747SP aircraft that Paul named "Global Peace Ambassadors" and it flew under the alias "Global Peace One". Paul used the plane for missions to Third World countries, delivering aid to disaster areas and to countries with people in need, although the accounting is not available to show how much he kept for himself.

The plane itself had an interesting history, having belonged to China Airlines previously. On February 19, 1985, an engine failed, and the plane, filled with passengers, made an uncontrolled descent from 41000 feet to 9500 feet and made a full 360 degrees aileron roll above the Pacific Ocean on flight from Taipei to Los Angeles before the pilots regained control and landed safely.

A former crew member described it as a "flying death trap". In 2005, the pilot, co-captain and flight engineer quit because of concerns over maintenance and non-payment of debts. The plane was ferried to Tijuana, Mexico, in late 2005 where it remains today. The Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the plane's operating certificate citing maintenance and airworthiness concerns.

Mathaba is in communications with former crew members, who have highlighted several incidents of abuse and sexual impropriety, which he paid the crew to keep quiet about. However, Mathaba has obtained the details and will be publishing those in an upcoming article on Paul's sexual abuses.

He flew to Libya to meet Muammar Qaddafi, along with a scantily dressed prostitute, much to the shock and dismay of Libyan authorities who received him, who had been led by Paul to believe that the Indian Foreign Minister was on board. Paul claimed that "he could not come, but I am more important", and persuaded them to let him meet Colonel Qaddafi. The results of that meeting were nil, but Paul would return in 2011 in another failed mission.

Mathaba will be reporting in another article, on Paul's failures in Liberia and Libya and his current attempts in Sudan, as well as his plans to defraud South African President Zuma.

Financial Impropriety

In 2005, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability terminated the membership of Paul's organization for failing to meet financial accountability and governance standards. [2 (PDF)]

Financial details of his ministries are listed by Ministry Watch, the independent source for ministry ratings.

Fake Doctorate

Anand claims to have been awarded an honorary doctorate, and hence calls himself "Dr Paul", but the director of the Bible school from which he claims to have received it has no record of it ever being awarded.

Paul previously claimed another ministry's leper colony as his own, going so far as to videotape the colony for use in his own promotional videos, and using it to lure unsuspecting volunteers over to India on false pretences".

The list of his exploits is long, and Mathaba will be serializing some further articles on this charlatan, who opened a Facebook page aiming to achieve "one million followers", sporting photographs with U.S. political personalities, as proof of his importance, as well as videos of his 2011 meeting in India with assorted politicians and media.

Mathaba will also be exposing the true background to the meeting, and revealing shocking lies told by Paul on camera, as well as of the existence of recordings of phone conversations Paul had concerning various politicians.

His Facebook page so far has a grand total of 73 fans at the time of this writing, and a Twitter account set up over 3 months ago, which so far has a following of only 24.
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