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Tunisia Regime: Enemy of World Peoples

Posted: 2012-03-11
From: Mathaba
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The New World Order dictatorship regime of Tunisia led by this Soros monkey Moncef Marzouki (photo) has declared itself unequivocally as enemy of the world peoples and is to face the wrath of humanity.

International and Tunisian lawyers, jurists, European royalty and nobility, human rights advocates and pro-democracy activists gathered for a peaceful international conference to examine the situation of the Libyan people under the authority of militias and armed gangs.

The conference, which was to take place on 10 March at the Diplomat Hotel in Tunis, where a hall was booked and paid for, was barred from its participants entering the original venue and had to relocate to another venue in the Tunisian capital city.

At the second hotel, the international Mathaba News Agency broadcast live sound and images to the world of the various international and national delegates who gave testimony to the crimes being committed in neighbouring Libya, for around 8 hours.

During the 8th hour, while questions were coming in from around the world which were to be answered by the panel, the Tunisian New World Order regime thugs entered the conference hall and ejected the peaceful lawyers and advocates from the hotel.

This took place after the live feed audio and video coverage that had run uninterrupted for the previous 8 hours, broadcasting this important pro-democracy and human rights event to the world, started to be jammed.

The Muslim participants (mainly Libyans and Tunisians) at the conference went to the evening prayer, during which time the video feed went off-line and did not return.

Via alternative communication channels Mathaba correspondents were then able to alert editors to the events taking place, and the news agency was able to inform the world that "guards" had entered the conference hall and brought the conference to a forced closure, ejecting participants into the street.

The participants of the conference included French nobility and royalty, international and other lawyers and jurists, victims of the aggression against Libya who gave testimony of their injuries and losses, and numerous other VIP's and advocates from around the world.

Commentators and viewers sent in a barrage of comments criticising the anti-freedom-of-speech actions by the fascist Tunisian regime, which is led by "Monkey" Marzouki, the so-called "President" of Tunisia, on behalf of George Soros who financed the "Arab Spring" conspiracy using popular discontent and paid agent-provocateurs to bring this puppet to power for international bankers.

The Mathaba Go Live team covering the event, published a few of the comments including some of those that praised the Tunisian regime for doing the right thing to ensure a shortening of its life in power, for such actions always hasten the demise of dictatorships.

The Tunis dictatorship has been holding the legitimate Prime Minister of Libya, Dr Baghdadi, General Secretary of the General People's Congress of Libya incommunicado, since last year, to prevent the world from seeing the continuation of the legitimate people's authority (Jamahiriya) of Libya.

Dr Baghdadi has been prevented from communicating to independent news media as well as to international organisations such as the International People's Conference Organization which is the world wide body facilitating the World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity as well as providing advocacy for the direct democracy which will replace dictatorial regimes with people's power.

It is thus clearly evident and manifest for the world human rights activists, revolutionaries, socialists, anarchists, advocates, militants, peace, anti-war and pro-democracy activists, humanitarians, and every other shade of ideology as well as all caring and concerned people worldwide who advocate for a better world of peace, justice and right, that the regime of Tunisia is implacably opposed to freedom, human rights, democracy, free speech, the rule of just law and the implementation of justice.

It is thus expected, that having declared itself enemy hostilis to the peoples of the world, the Tunisian dictatorship, which replaced a previous dictatorship with one more overtly servile to the new world order elite, and having attacked the rights of free people and holding hostage the Prime Minister of Libya, will find itself at the receiving end of online and offline activism to restore the dignity of the Tunisian people, and to bring justice to those around the world who are thus under attack from this regime which prevents democratic legal meetings aimed at exploring human rights abuses outside Tunisia from taking place on its territory.

The world movements in defence of democracy, human rights, freedom and justice are expected to hold meetings and reviews to determine the response actions to be taken against the Tunisian regime and its embassies and economic interests around the world.

For those who wish to remain informed of what took place at the Tunis Conference on "Libya under the authority of militias and armed gangs", summaries of the events prior to the forcible break up of the peaceful conference will be given via the Mathaba Daily Highlights Briefing Email List, for which you can sign up to receive free of charge at www.mathaba.net/go/daily
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