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Facebook Censors Mathaba From Timelines

Posted: 2012-03-14
From: Mathaba
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A follower of our Facebook page reports yet again that our news items are no longer appearing in time lines and that we are no longer easy to find in search.

Following was received from one of our viewers, and we have received similar comments from others:

Bob Lablob

Not sure if this is relevant but I've noticed Facebook no longer updates my news feeds with Mathaba's recent posts. I have to manually browse to this page now to check up on the news.

Another step closer to the suppression of free journalism? Keep up the good work, and thanks for the updates and blog


I have a news feed from Your RSS and thanks. I have another facebook account (times like this calls for more than one anonymous account), and I tried searching for MATHABA and it does not show this news network. Only the organization with 4 followers.

With the suppressed news updates, and shallow search turnout, I'm assuming that unless the masses actually know about your channel/page, then it will not be able to get a hold of through facebook by even searching for it. I hope I'm wrong but will try and confirm more about the search through other accounts and friends reports. Thanks for the reply and amazing journalism.
Indeed. But why are we not surprised, and why is it your fault, dear "Facebook users?" Let's tell you why...

For many years, we have pointed out, that Facebook and Twitter are tools of the CIA and U.S. State Department and their associated agencies with which they are infested, such as MOSSAD, for the gathering of data. We even published proofs of Yahoo's selling of Email data, an article that received over 270,000 direct readers, some years ago. We stated that other U.S. "free" services such as Gmail and MSN Live or Hotmail etc, surely do the same, why only Yahoo.

There is now a campaign, as usual when such things hit the mass waves, to "ridicule" the idea that Facebook has anything to do with the CIA even though its funding initially came from sources with the closest of connections to the U.S. elite establishment. That ridiculing, comes via a new video, produced to make fun of the idea, yet, most of what the video says, is actually true, aside from some outlandish insertions to discredit those that will share it and say "see I told you so, Facebook is a CIA spying operation". Here it is:

Now many of you will say "I have nothing to hide from the CIA". Well, good for you, NOT! If you don't have anything to hide from terrorists, and don't mind Al-Qaida and their allies, having your data, and preventing you in future or anyone related to you from having any position of authority without the chance of blackmail, identity theft and a host of other undesirable future scenarios, including the passing of laws in future that will be retrospectively applicable to prosecute you perhaps even for things approaching "thought crimes", then please, do carry on with your Facebook addiction.

Damage to real activism and change

Facebook has done more to damage real activism on the ground, than perhaps any other single thing since the TV (tell-lie-vision) was created. It gives its users a false sense of DOING something by clicking LIKE buttons, when in fact, it does nothing at all to effect change, prevent hunger, prevent war, prevent human rights abuses and so on. All it does is stop you and others from getting off their backsides and doing something REAL.

A recent case in point, was our highlighting of the hunger strike by Libya's legitimate Prime Minister, who had to seek refuge from terrorists chasing him, across the border to Tunisia. Although a great number of people LIKED the article on Facebook, very few actually clicked through to read it, let alone to leave comments under it in support, or condemnation of the Tunisian regime's inexcusable actions of holding someone in prison, who has already been exonerated by the legal system.

Most readers of actual news, more than the few fleeting words in time-lines on Twitter and Facebook, come from RSS feeds which they monitor, or from visiting the Mathaba.Net site, or from Google or other web search, very few of those who see these "Tweets" and "Facebook posts" actually LEAVE Twitter or Facebook to follow a link, read, and then comment or TAKE ANY REAL ACTION.

They feel that by re-tweeting something, or "liking" it on Facebook, (hey even a few on Facebook bother to re-SHARE such important news items), they feel that by doing so they have DONE something to help change the world for a better place. Pah. Such ignorance, they have no idea of the real statistics that we site maintainers can see and view in real time and also for later analysis, that show that only a tiny percentage click through from social networks, compared to other means. That shows that those "social" networks are actually anti-social in that they created an addiction among their users, to STAY on that network, even on their mobiles, day and night, without actually taking REAL actions that they otherwise might have taken.

We are not saying that all those doing great re-tweeting of our news items on Twitter and sharing of our news items on Facebook should stop doing so.  If they are doing other things, and have taken the real actions such as those listed below, and still have more time on their hands, then by all means. However, now and again inform your followers of the alternatives out there, and do some of your updates of Twitter or Facebook via your social.mathaba.net account -- it will at least hide your real location from Facebook and Twitter, and also includes a link to Social Mathaba so your followers may be tempted to try it out for themselves.

Take REAL Actions

So, what are such real actions? They are anything from simple to advanced, mundane to serious. A few examples: printing an article and sharing it with others offline, meeting people and discussing face to face what can be done, writing letters, writing articles and publishing them on places such as mathaba.net where they can be seen by millions, not just a few hundred or thousand blog or social media followers, organizing protests, contacting docile organizations and "representatives" to ask them what they are doing about the situation, and if they are doing nothing, to report that too to the wider public, and so on.

Even just registering with the International People's Conference Organization as willing to take part in World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity or in local direct democracy initiatives in your area, would be a very good start, or visiting the International Green Charter Movement web site and studying REAL SOLUTIONS to problems so as to obtain your REAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS and then sharing that with others, not only online but offline to, or taking part in ACTIVIST CONTESTS such as THE GREEN WALL activist contest, would be very good initiatives to start with.

Now, why is it your fault dear Facebook or Twitter user, if those networks even close down your account, censor you, or prevent you from receiving REAL NEWS in your time line, as the above follower of www.facebook.com/mathaba.net has demonstrated? IN theory, if you click LIKE on our page, you should get our important news stories and alerts in your Facebook time line, but that is now no longer the case, as Facebook has quietly gone about censoring that. Well, it is your fault, because we have been not only telling you for the past many years that there are OPEN SOURCE ALTERNATIVES but we have even implemented the two most popular alternatives to Twitter and Facebook, free of charge to you, and at our time and expense. So use them!

You can find them and other useful tools, listed at www.mathaba.com

So, why is Mathaba News on Facebook and Twitter?

We are there, to reach those who don't know about us and our numerous services and freedom tools. We provide free services yes, but we sacrifice much to do so, and are motivated by assisting real beneficial change for the world, necessary for ALL our survival. Our paying subscribers and individual donors make it possible for us to eat now and again, and to stay out of jail. But we are there only to tell you to GET OFF those networks, or if you stay there, spend your time telling OTHERS to get off and join you at new independent uncensored open networks such as social.mathaba.net

We shed no tears for Facebook and Twitter users

When you signed up for either one, did you bother to read the detailed Terms of Service. Nah.... who does that, right? Well, fools don't and lazy folks don't. And if you don't then don't complain when something happens, as you signed up for a "free" service when in this world there is almost nothing a capitalist will give for free, so ask yourself how do they benefit. No, the advertising on Facebook does not bring sufficient benefit or revenue to justify the operation. No advertising on any professional media, no matter how popular, ever does, although it helps to defray costs.

So I for one, as ICT News Editor here at Mathaba, will not shed a single tear for anyone who loses their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or suffers censorship or is prevented from receiving genuine information, or communicates via others via "direct message" (yes, direct via CIA or State Department, who have full access to your communications via those so-called social media networks). I won't shed that tear, as you've been warned, told, and also given the free-of-charge alternatives.

"But my friends are not on those networks, so I have to stick to Facebook"! Weakling, weak heart. Get some spine. Tell your friends, you are no longer using these spying networks, and they can henceforth find you at social.mathaba.net -- if they are "friends" indeed, then they will register there if they wish to keep contact with you. In the good old days when Skype was still real, and not compromised, and hardly anyone knew it (2003/4), I stopped using all other messengers, and friends HAD to install Skype if they wanted to communicate. Do you think any of them regretted that?

If you take a look at the conversations and posts on the Diaspora ( social.mathaba.net ) alternative network they are so much more interesting, and, it is federated, meaning you don't even have to have an address at our site, there are tons of others you can register with, and all can communicate as if on one network, without relying on a central spying authority (Facebook) for all your future connections.

Twitter Facebook

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