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Facebook Racism and Apartheid: "Find and Connect with [White-Only!] Friends"

Posted: 2012-03-23
From: Mathaba
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Advertisement revealing the racism of Facebook.

By Les Pacifistes de Tunis

Please consider the image above. Why isn't there any smiling black-skinned "potential" Facebook friend to "connect" with? Is the reader wrong to infer that Facebook is racist and actually dreams of a continued split world? The "white" minority would give that "social network" excitement and impetuosity while the rest of mankind would be using the same "social medium" in the darkness for subversion purposes. Facebook, thanks to control and censorship, has become strongly antisocial and even targets the top independent news agency [1][2]. The so-called "Arab Spring and its dupes" have also represented easy preys to Facebook [3].

For most Tunisians (and this is likely true for Egyptians), Facebook is synonym of "Internet" to the point that many of its users have no idea of the existence of such email systems as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail. Of course, we are not recommending the latter as a better alternative since they also are elements of the totalitarian netting system which is caging mankind.

Indeed, most of the time Tunisian "Revolutionaries" exchange notes through the "Send a message" feature (to a [Facebook] "friend" of course)[4]. The "political" or "philosophical" debate is quite often limited to the publishing of a text on a Facebook member’s page, the posting" of videos, images and "SMS"-like comments. The "Like it" button helps a lot in this task... In Tunisia, if you don't have a Facebook "account", then you cannot share the "joys" of your existence and your ideas on the sacralised "Revolution" [5]...

Facebook, a Racist "Social Medium" Used for Anti-Social Purposes.

What is more, mainstream media let Arab crowds think that "social media" such as Facebook have been the engine of the Tunisian or Egyptian "Revolutions". Of course this is a great hoax as the other numerous mega lies used as the fuel of the war against the Libyan Jamahiriya [6]. In fact, and fortunately enough, not all Tunisians are duped and this is good news for the coming unexpected developments of the so-called Arab Spring. One of them once bluntly told a journalist of Al-Arabia TV channel that the Tunisian "Revolution" was not a product of "Facebookers" but of the unemployed, who are the main patrons of Tunisia's cafes [4]. And we can confirm that the latter, all over the country, are still crowded...

The "Find & Connect (with White-Only!?) Friends" Facebook Apartheid advertisement can be seen on many popular sites these days including, and quite unexpectedly, Mathaba... This fact was at first unknown to the latter because of technical reasons as this type of ad automatically pops up because it is placed by Facebook into the Google Adsense programme, used by Mathaba in the absence of sufficient direct advertising, required to cover current budget short-falls. This racist ad was seen on, among others, an Indian site but it was really amazing to also find it on two Mathaba articles definitely critical of Facebook for serious crimes: anti-social activism and censorship [1][2]... because Google places ads on pages with content that matches the advertiser, in this case Facebook.

Racist Facebook also censors those who believe that "Black people will prevail in the world”.

A French peace activist (Ginette Hess Skandrani, anticolonial and human rights ambassador) told us last month : "Je me rappelle quelques discussions à Tripoli où Kadhafi nous disait qu'il regrettait souvent de ne pas être né noir. Il aimait sincèrement les noirs. Ce sont mes amis Libyens qui m'ont appris à mieux connaître et à aimer l'Afrique et les Africains. Pour quelqu'un qui comme moi, a vécu dans une famille tunisienne où les noirs étaient discrédités, j'ai trouvé que les Libyens étaient franchement tolérants et conviviaux entre eux".

[English: "I can readily remember some talks with Gaddafi during which he told us that he wished he had been born with a black skin. He truly loved Black people… My Libyan friends are those who helped me better know Africa and Africans. Unlike Tunisia, I found that in Libya, people were really tolerant and sociable."]

Muammar Al-Gaddafi went even farther. One chapter of the Green Book he authored reads: "Black People Will Prevail in the World"[7]. This may also be an explanation to Facebook’ censoring of Mathaba...

Be A Change in the World...

Edmond Jouve, professor Emeritus at Descartes University (Paris, France) and president of the European Central Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature, said, during the last Tunis Conference (March 10, 2012) addressing the situation of Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs: that (from memory): "Muammar Al-Gaddafi will have made us dream [everybody and not only "non-Western" populations] ... of a world in which there is no room for "those who govern" vs. "those who are governed." (original: "Khadafi nous aura fait rêver [à tous et pas seulement les peuples "non-Occidentaux"]... d'un monde sans gouvernants et sans gouvernés")[8]...

 Editor's note:

Indeed, this advertisement, which we confirm has been seen around the world including across Africa and Asia, reveals the racism of Facebook. White people are a small minority in the world, but yes, hold most of the power for now. Yet, Facebook users, are mostly non-White. If we look at the side bar to the right on this page or on any page on Mathaba, and look at the random selection of Facebook users who follow Mathaba, we always see many Black and other non-white faces, as a busy news agency with millions of readers per month, those that follow us come from all backgrounds.

Further, we can say this situation described above applies not only to Tunisia but indeed to other countries targeted by the New World Order, in fact almost the entire world. We all thank those who wrote the above article, for making the effort, and hope that more people will do so: (don't think others will do, do it yourself, register at http://pub.mathaba.net and give it a try.)

And now for a few comments on the situation regarding Facebook, and social and news media:

It is now common place to see people left and right of you updating their Facebook, and indeed communicating via Facebook. What a wonderful boon to the CIA and MOSSAD! No longer any need for expensive spying operations and obtaining court orders. "Security" laws in the USA allow for them to do what they like, and almost ALL information about almost EVERYONE is available on Facebook!

If you think that government ministers in Thailand or Venezuela or wherever will be safe, because let's say they don't use Facebook and reveal their personal details, think again. What of the wives, girlfriends, family members, or workers who see them go into a building, or eat in their restaurant, etc? You bet "Hugo Chavez just came into my restaurant, and he is eating a pizza with tuna and olives!" (in Spanish, of course), or something similar is no doubt shared by many of those they come into contact with.

Because it requires education for people to understand the dangers of all this, let alone to even care about it, don't expect this to change. The only way it will change, in all likelihood, is when the entire capitalist system collapses under its own evil weight, or when the minority takes action to save the world from total slavery. Or, when real alternatives become available, that do more or less what Facebook does, are fun, and enable people to share, but in more privacy and security.

Such alternatives ARE already here, but, due to lack of professional management in some cases, or lack of active developers in others, they have not yet managed to cater for everyone. For example, the main alternative to Twitter, identi.ca (StatusNet), does not work properly on Nokia mobiles. Facebook and Twitter do. Although, there is a way around that, but you'll pay around $10 for it, though we consider it worth it: Gravity.

Then there is Diaspora (social.mathaba.net) as an alternative to Facebook, but again, due to one or two important missing features/problems, many of those who joined, have left, or no longer use it, and are waiting for it to work better. For example, Diaspora now (unlike some months ago, suggestion a regression in development) no longer works on Nokia mobiles and simple mobile browsers, not even Opera Mobile. Also, it is slow.

So the catch in all this, is that as usual, it depends on people to "get their shit together": meaning, for you to support those who are working on projects such as Mathaba, either by donating of your time and expertise, or making a donation or subscription. The problem is, that the Global Power Elite, via it's media scoundrels, has over the past decades, via tell-lie-vision and other "consensus reality" and mis-education tools, created a world of people who believe that it is up to others to do something and that they are too small, unimportant or insignificant to be able to do anything.

Nothing could be further from the Truth. Each and every one of us will have to answer in future for our deeds, or lack of them. Absolutely everyone can do much, a little, to help. Stop thinking that other people will do these things, and that you cannot. Look at what happened in Japan, Fukushima, 3 nuclear power stations in full meltdown, and the world's number one country for highest life expectancy, soon to be having the shortest life expectancy, something of course the tell-lie-vision media are careful not to report on.

Or what happened to Libya, or even Australia, or probably your country. All these bad things happen, because people do nothing. They think others will do. They either think the Government, Police, Schools, or some other authority will handle things, but as in Japan, for so many years there were reports of corruption and falsification of the safety records and situation at their nuclear power plants, but the average citizen just left it to those authorities, instead of asking questions, reading up a little, making some noise, taking some action.

Or they think that that small minority of us who have some God-given mission to suffer in this world and not to benefit from it, to forsake having a normal family life, children, income, wealth, holidays and even many of the basic comforts of life, are just stupid enough, or caring enough, or strong enough, to keep on doing what we do, without any need of your support or participation. Again, we all have to answer for our deeds, or lack of them, in future, this life or the next. So, do you want to know what you can do?

Be a Mathaba Angel. It's not a club to join, or a title you get, it's something that you will automatically become by doing something. Donate, or pray. Or both. Read and share. Yes share - don't keep articles to yourself. Print them, share them with others, sit down and talk to people around you, at the bus top, doctor's waiting room, wherever. Sign up for daily email and other ways of staying informed, and also look at ways you may be able to help, at www.mathaba.net/support. If you have technical skills, want to help manage our social media networks, translation skills, or anything else to offer, contact us.

Register in the forum at https://www.mathaba.org and tell us what you'd like to help with. Check out other good tools and sites on our networks, at http://www.mathaba.com and make use of them, and help us to make them all stronger, and better.

To those few of you who are sustaining us with your time and efforts, wealth or knowledge, prayers or deeds, a big thank you: you are doing this for the world, for the future, the same as we are, but we'd still like to thank you for making it possible for us to carry on doing what we do. Let us not abandon this informational project, and hope that soon the multitudes will join in the effort of saving the world, building a better environment, and making life worth living for the billions of deprived people around the world.


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Sur Les Pacifistes de Tunis

Nous sommes un collectif de citoyens (en majorité des femmes) ayant décidé de réagir à la guerre impérialiste et hyper-totalitaire contre la Grande Jamahiriya Libyenne, menée avec la complicité des médias et partis politiques tunisiens dans leur très grande majorité... Depuis près d’un siècle, l’opposition à l’impérialisme implique de défendre sans hésiter tout pays à travers le monde (du Zimbabwe à Cuba et de la Syrie au Nicaragua) qui serait agressé par une ou des puissance(s) néocoloniale(s). Aussi, nous nous tenons sans ambigüité aux côtés de la SYRIE dans son épreuve actuelle. Nous défendrons aussi l’Iran et le Liban malgré les graves et suicidaires erreurs morales («crier avec les loups» contre la Jamahiriya) de leurs dirigeants politiques. Nous n’oublierons jamais les millions de morts causés par les guerres incessantes de l’impérialisme contre les peuples d’Asie (particulièrement les 200 000 victimes, dont 100 000 morts immédiates, des bombes d’HIROSHIMA et NAGASAKI ; la guerre contre le Vietnam, l’Afghanistan, le Pakistan) ; les peuples d’Amérique Latine; du Moyen Orient; d’Afrique. Nous faisons nôtre les consignes humanistes de Che GUEVARA et Mouammar AL-GADDAFI : "Surtout, restez toujours capables de ressentir au plus profond de vous-même toute injustice commise contre quiconque, n'importe où dans le monde. C'est là la qualité la plus belle chez un révolutionnaire". Les Pacifistes de Tunis.
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