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`Before an even higher court` -- Interview with Joe Fallisi

Posted: 2012-04-02
From: Mathaba
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Federico Dal Cortivo (Europeanphoenix publication) interviews Joe Fallisi (photo), Italian tenor and human rights activist who has denounced the Italian government over the war against Libya, concerning a testimonial for the petition calling for withdrawal of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.

Q: Mr Fallisi, you were the only Italian to submit a denunciation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome that calls your government to account for its decision to unconstitutionally wage an undeclared war against Libya.

You have frequently denounced the atrocities committed against Libyan civilians by NATO. You now officially support the international petition launched by the Ivorian People’s National Congress for withdrawal of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

What is your stance on this question?

A: According to my legal advisor, the courageous lawyer, Luca Tadolini, the procedure appears to be under-way and has (as yet) not been dismissed by the judicial authorities. A public court hearing may be held in the near future.

In regard to the denunciation and petition, I would like to point out immediately that our sole intention is to remove the ‘muffler’ imposed by all the aligned, embedded media which has stifled all efforts to make known current developments within the Jamahiriya, now under the yoke of Western predators and monsters with a burqa instead of a brain.

Al-Jewzeera, al-Arabiya, BBC, CNN, ANSA, and other “agencies” of this kind have concealed the events in Libya – just as they have, by the way, concealed events in the Ivory Coast. They conceal with the same eagerness that they display when spreading falsehoods. Actually, our society is most definitely a society of spectres and the Ersatz.

It is a society in which representation and hermeneutics have been deleted from reality as it is presented to a public made up of subjects of the televised realm. Reality has been replaced by an ad hoc artificial “narrative”. This is black magic. It is a nightmare. Like ghosts, this black magic will melt away in the light of day.

We need only rouse ourselves from our slumbers, inform ourselves, speak out, and act on our own initiative. But today’s society is also the “open” society – the society of the Emperor-With-No-Clothes.

As Sven Lindqvist argues, "It is not knowledge we lack. What we lack," rather, "is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions". It is all before us – the most tremendous horror. It is before our very eyes – but our eyes have been glazed over. Even the most horrendous acts. Perhaps these more than anything else. Look at the martyred nation, Libya, now shattered.

The whole world bears witness to the most terrifying crimes and acts of racism. Youtube is chock-full of the snuff videos shot by torturers and murderers. These are the equivalents of the home-made films that came out of Abu Ghraib which the US goons sent to each other on their mobile phones.

One function is this. It creates a sensation of the banality of evil. Evil becomes a part of our collective imagery. As imagery, this evil has become our standard – a necessary (and inert) part of our staple diet. Another function is the power of these videos.

They are a warning put out to the dwellers of Ingsoc and the Proles: as soon as you stray from the beaten path of Doublethink and Newspeak you’ll land up with a number instead of a name. You’ll be swallowed up entire by the Miniluv and its Thought Police. Just like any other Winston Smith (see George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Secker & Warburg, 1949).

Q: In your opinion, can any ethical worth still be attached to the Nobel Peace Prize? Or do you think it’s now just a Hollywood-style Oscar ceremony? Obama, for example, who has done absolutely nothing to alter the aggressive policies of the United States, and who’s still being touted by a certain political milieu of progressives – here in Italy – as a great man and a man of peace. Don’t you think all this makes a mockery of Peace?

A: Historically, “Barack Obama” is one of the most criminal Presidents America has ever seen. Even worse than Bush Jr. He’s the right man in the right place. In our truly Orwellian times, in which everything has been reverse-engineered (peace = war, war = peace etc.), he is the kind of leader-cum-Nobel Prize winner we need.

He’s “black”. He’s a knight in shining armour who’ll leap to the defence of gays in distress. He’s very fake. But he’s also a real tool in the hands of his ‘handlers’. He’s both a murderer and a “humanitarian”. He’s both a “democrat” and the harbinger of the era of gulags and the police state for the citizens of the Nation he stands at the head of.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the regime that Orwell had in mind and today’s 1984. Supreme tyranny has cast off the pall of greyness that was part and parcel of Orwell’s imagined world – Bolshevism and Stalinism. Tyranny now wears the many-coloured cloak of Hollywood.

As they bone you like a chicken, and reduce you to ash, the agents of Kosherbig Brother split their sides laughing. And the face they present to you is a persuasive, familiar, reassuring face. It’s all for the good of each one of us. Everything will be alright in the end. It’s a film. A dream. The (mandatory) happy ending is just round the corner. Trust us. Sit yourself down in front of your TV. Doze off. Slide into a cathodic torpor. When you wake up in the morning and find your world is radioactive, you’ll thank us for it.

Q: The petition, already a forceful document, also demands that Hillary Clinton be arrested by the International Criminal Court for “war crimes”, for ordering Gaddafi’s capture and death. The United States and NATO wanted the war on Libya and this is just the latest of such wars. Before Libya we had Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia. Do you agree?

A: Yes. The witch of Hamburgerland, too, is a paladin of “human” and “minority rights”. Worldvision caught her sniggering as she watched [what has been portrayed in the media as] the barbarous lynching of Muammar Gaddafi. If she should ever appear before an even Higher Court, perhaps her behaviour on that occasion, in itself, will justly seal her fate.

Our time on this Earth is brief. Hillary Clinton’s final hour will come soon enough (just as it will for her peers, and for the philosophe de la morgue, Bernard-Henry Lévy, true eminence – not grise but noire – behind the Libya campaign). The Libyan catastrophe is of fundamental importance, while also providing the model for future stages in the globalists’ plans to steamroller the planet. The usuro-crats are seeking to obtain the same results in Syria, using the same means (tell-lie vision, Soros-backed NGOs, bands of fanatic cut-throats). 

There is a detail here which shows you just how Orwellian all this really is. As in Libya, truly massive demonstrations were held in protest against all attempts at “regime change”, against foreign interference and against the terrorists on the CIA-Mossad payroll... and 78% of Americans are also against war.

But the “democrats” of our society of spectres have decided otherwise. If Russia and China fail to oppose the UN’s demands, as they failed over Libya, the imperialist scum will launch another attack against yet another free, independent, secular State. The “humanitarian” henchmen are straining at the leash… if Allah exists, may He protect the people of Syria!

Q: Do you think there is such a thing today as a court which is “super partes”, before which all peoples are accorded the same dignity, and which upholds the rules of international law and conventions? Because it seems the people who sustain international law are selective as to where and to whom it should apply (i.e. only against those they consider their foes).

And yet they themselves should stand accused, just as others have stood accused in the past (the Serbian generals and President Milosevic, whose only crime was defence of their own nation from the attacks of NATO). And the Serbians been condemned by the Hague Tribunal. Don’t you think we should abolish these hideous juridical constructs, modelled on the Nuremberg trials?

Once upon a time wars were at least called wars, and not hypocritically labelled “humanitarian intervention”, and the rules were those established among States. The UN, too, is now the plaything of the United States and of the other four permanent members of the Security Council. You can appeal to the Security Council, but it’ll get you nowhere. Look at Israel’s unpunished crimes.

A: I agree, totally. Orwell’s prophetic novel got its name by inverting the numerals of the year in which it was written. We have good reason to believe that the Big Brother regime was already taking shape in 1945, three years before the book came out.

At Nuremberg, for the first time in history, the representatives of the victorious powers passed judgement over the losers – before the blood had even dried which they themselves had barbarously and criminally shed (the Dresden and Hiroshima raids etc.). This was just the start. Over the next five years, the Germans were subjected to mass ethnic cleansing campaigns.

And the “democrats”, the “progressives”, the “anti-Nazi” party haven’t stopped – one genocide after the next… Palestine, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya. The Hague Tribunal is the politically-correct resource in their arsenal. Our petition is anything but an acknowledgement of legitimacy.

It aims to bring out the true nature of the machine – the machine that currently imprisons Laurent Gbagbo, the legitimate President of the Republic of the Ivory Coast. And you can bet your bottom dollar the Tribunal won’t lift a finger against the butchers of Libya!

Q: The people behind the petition also say that Sarkozy and Cameron should be prosecuted for war crimes. Sarkozy and Cameron were most certainly the prime henchmen in the entire operation, and they had no regard for the civilian population whatsoever.

The campaign was conducted by France and Great Britain, inspired by the same plundering mentality which has guided all their past colonial adventures. Especially the British, whom the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, recently called “pirates”. May I have your thoughts?

A: I was talking about Anglo-Judeo-America. It includes today’s France, which has now fallen so low (De Gaulle must be spinning in his grave!). It’s a united anti-European front of (racist) raiders, neo-colonialists, imperialists. It’s the enemy of humanity and nature. They can say what they like and drape themselves in whatever colours please them most, but those who have eyes to see shall see. And see them exactly for what they are.

(Translation from Italian to English language by Alexander Synge)

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