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Al Jazeera correspondents resign over biased coverage of Syria, Libya and Bahrain

Posted: 2012-04-12
From: Mathaba
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Former Al Jazeera reporter Ali Hashem: "Al Jazeera has become a media war machine and is committing journalistic suicide."

By Mr. Drs. Bou
Translated and edited from Dutch

Lebanese journalist Ali Hashem was sent to Libya by Al Jazeera in March 2011 to report the "liberation" of the country by the "rebels".

According to Wikipedia, Al Jazeera is an independent news station yet is owned by the government of Qatar. Its sister organization, Al Jazeera English, broadcasts news from an "Arab vision" to a wide English-speaking audience. On March 7, Ali Hashem however resigned from Al Jazeera, because he could no longer live with the political agenda (a.k.a. lies) of Al Jazeera on Syria.

A few days later, other journalists from Al Jazeera resigned. They also disagreed with the agenda of this propaganda channel of Qatar which serves the U.S. and Saudi interests in the Middle East.

The small, rich peninsula Qatar in the Persian Gulf gets its main income from the proceeds of petroleum. It is a monarchist dictatorship and the country houses a major American military base. During the war against the Libyan Jamahiriya (government by the people) Qatar played a very serious role. One news broadcast of supposed footage of the victory by the "rebels" in Tripoli, Libya was actually recorded in a film studio in Qatar.

Al Jazeera exodus: Channel losing staff over bias:

Recently Ali Hashem had a long conversation with Paul Jay of The Real News [see videos below]. Hashem revealed he was on the border of Lebanon and Syria in May 2011, where he saw armed fighters crossing the river [El Kebir River] that forms the border between the two countries.

Those images however were refused to be broadcast. The myth of the "regime" of president Assad killing peaceful protesters had to be maintained.

Until recently, Al Jazeera had been held by many as a reliable news source, but since the war against Libya, the station has lost all credibility. The question is why Qatar so suddenly changed course...

[Mathaba Editor: the answer to the shift away from journalism to propaganda via British journalists and news editors placed into senior positions some years ago, may lie in the fact that Jazeera reporters had been deliberately targeted by U.S. missiles and killings in Iraq and elsewhere on numerous occasions and its management threatened. After this the station adopted a biased agenda, dictated by the regime of Qatar, itself under ownership pressure by its western masters.]

Watch the interview with former Al Jazeera Middle East correspondent Ali Hashem:

Al Jazeera Journalist Explains Resignation of Syria and Bahrain Coverage:

Former Al Jazeera Reporter on Libyan Coverage:

Qatari Agenda Drove Al Jazeera Coverage of Bahrain:

Subsequently, a slightly older report of Russia Today (February 13) containing an interview with journalist Asa Winstanley who warns against the biased coverage of Al Jazeera on Syria.

He mentions that also the so-called human rights organizations follow a political agenda; they exaggerate the number of deaths and blame the victims of the armed insurgents on the Syrian government.

Western media selective in Syria reports:

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