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Why EVERYONE Should Join Flattr

Posted: 2012-04-12
From: Mathaba
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You may have seen the Flattr buttons on Mathaba and been ignoring them, or wondering what they are for. We explain why they are so important, and why everyone should join Flattr.

Flattr, really IS the best thing since sliced cake. In this short article, and with a video, I will explain why.

Imagine if you could decide that you want to spend just $10 a month (or any other amount above $2) to ALL good causes in the world!

You CAN, and I'll show you how. First, have a quick think, how much do you earn, how much are you willing to GIVE to those good people, things, organisations, causes in the world, which you feel are working to make the world a better place.

Give up a coffee per day? Stop buying the daily newspaper? Cut down on phone calls? Everyone can do a little something, and feel good, and make a BIG difference. Without filling out of forms each time, with just ONE SIMPLE CLICK wherever you see a Flattr button on a thing you like!

Please see the short video that explains how simple this is and how it changes the world:

What are you waiting for? You can sign up to Flattr, and top up with any amount, and choose your monthly total spend budget so you can "Flattr" all good things on the web whenever you see a Flattr button, no matter how many times you click, and share your "cake".

Flattr and Mathaba

As some of you may know, Mathaba sometimes has more than one million readers of our articles in any given month. Can you imagine, if those readers could, with a single click, donate just 1 cent per month to support us, while themselves also optionally having support for anything they are doing that people like?

We'd have $10,000 per month added to our budget. We'd have more editors, technicians, services, and breaking news.

Yet, because 99.99% of our readers simply don't know what Flattr is, it doesn't happen. And we thus have to struggle with limited donations and subscriptions, in order to remain independent from corporate sponsors. So, don't only join Flattr yourself, share this article by using the buttons below after you have finished reading it.

Already some years ago, very soon after its launch, we were among the very first to recognize Flattr as something that could change the world. We thus supported it from the outset by integrating its buttons within the Mathaba News Agency web site.

Flattr, unlike some other well known payment companies, is a moral and trustworthy company. It supports real democratic and open initiatives. It does not freeze up funds, and also it allows anonymous donations up to 50 Euro dollars per month.

Flattr is simple, beautiful. Think of all the good work being done by Mathaba writers, editors, technicians, artists and others across the web, isn't it nice that you can now donate slices of your cake to everyone that you appreciate, and let them know by a simple click, without any filling out of forms?

So what are you waiting for. Flattr is the best thing since sliced cake, and if YOU use it too, you could just save us... Sign up now!
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