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Flattr: What Next?

Posted: 2012-04-17
From: Mathaba
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So you did or not signed up to Flattr, what next? Do you have to add funds or is it free?

It's free. You don't have to add funds. You can just choose to receive and not give. But at Mathaba here, we have always chosen from day one when we joined Flattr to give, not only receive. Because giving a few cents by clicking a Flattr button on something we appreciate, is the least we could do.

So far we've "flattr'd" 28 people 77 times and been "flattr'd" by 61 people 253 times. See our profile here.

If you do want to be able to give, your total budget can be as little as two Euros, Pounds, or three dollars, per month. Even for just one month. So you can add funds of just 2 Euro or 3 Dollars and then share that between as many buttons as you click on.

So you signed up to Flattr, and now you're wondering what's next?

Here is a fun flow chart:

Use this easy flow to figure out what’s next for you. (Click for larger view.)

Broadly speaking people sign up for one of two reasons:

1. Givers – want to support content they enjoy
2. Authors – use Flattr on their site to offer a simple way of supporting

Often the authors are givers themselves too, hitting Flattr buttons on their own favorite sites. And likewise the givers could easily turn into authors. Your's truly "Adam X" made that possible as of today if you submit items that get published, and have a Flattr account, your Flattr button will appear in that article, so you get any Flattr micro-donations right into your account, from any that click your button.

I want to give

1. Add funds to your account – without this you won’t be able to click Flattr buttons you find on the web or in our Catalog (this is the place where all flattrable content can be found). You can add funds with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

2. Set a monthly budget – this is what you’ll be giving away when you click the buttons. Let’s say you added €10 and your monthly budget is €2. Your funds will last you 5 months and no matter how many Flattr buttons you click in a month you only spend €2.

However, if you click very many buttons then your average click won’t be worth much so if you really enjoy the content you might want to increase your budget a bit.

Latest Supporters

3. You’re all set – find Flattr buttons (if you don’t have anyone in particular in mind then browse our Catalog with all flattrable content), click buttons, collect karma points :)

4. When you flattr someone then let the world know – use the share to Facebook and Twitter feature and drum up more support from your friends. It’s a nice way of giving back for the efforts of someone who’s work you’ve enjoyed.

5. Subscribe to the best – if you click on a Flattr button twice then you get an option to subscribe to this author. You can pick the period of your subscription and from now on every month this author is automatically flattred by you. Just make sure you have some money on your account or they'll get nothing of course.

I’m an author or an organization

1. Have a blog? Put Flattr buttons on your website – visit the Get Button page.

2. Tell your audience – this is probably the most important thing to really make the most of Flattr. Explain what it is, how it works, why you’re using it.

3. Follow the Flattr blog to read case studies with other authors on how they are using Flattr.

*Content, authors and creators – what’s this?

Because Flattr can be used to support a wide spectrum of “things” it’s hard to find a very good word to describe it all and that is why we’re saying “support content”, “support authors/creators”.

Whether it’s bloggers, podcasters, coders who share their content or software for free, it’s open source software projects, web comics (and the artists drawing), charities, it’s poets, musicians, photographers, crafters who share knitting patterns, do-it-yourself how-to videos, tasty recipie, style advice, the list is endless…

If someone is creating something of value and sharing it then you can Flattr it. That’s the beauty of today’s internet – anyone and everyone can become a creator.

Sharing is good!In the case of our own at Mathaba, we created and make available publishing platforms, alternative social media and news networks, we produce and distribute content, we cover events and news that other media refuse to investigate and broadcast. We work day and night to change the world via the power of information.

Naturally that has many costs, not only financial, and to remain independent we cannot accept corporate sponsorship. We thus rely upon advertising, donations, subscriptions and the micro-payments of Flattr to try to cover some of our costs: servers, communications, and for those who have to devote full time to this effort, to be able to survive.

This is why we hope that some of you will understand why it is we are pushing Flattr as an additional means of survival. Yet, it is not only that. We also genuinely believe in the amazing principles of Flattr, a Swedish company, which allows even those who are financially poor, to share a few cents for things they like, and for those who produce good things to be rewarded.

The reward is not just some added funds each month that otherwise would not have been available, but seeing which things get flattr'd is rewarding in itself, knowing that what we do is appreciated, and that we're helping more people to join something that can enable sharing in the on-line world.
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