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Muammar Qaddafi: Is communism truly dead?

Posted: 2012-04-21
From: Mathaba
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The Leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution explains why the Russian Revolution was a copy of the French Revolution and why communism has not arrived yet

by Muammar Qaddafi

The red flag, which was so easily taken down by one soldier from the Kremlin guard – that flag, for whom thousands of martyrs fell, downed by bullets, downed in cold battles with torture, mistreatment and starvation in the darkness of prisons and solitary confinement in all parts of the world – the flag was dyed red with the blood of tens of millions of Russians.

Under it struggled millions of people from nations that declared themselves communist, so that it would be raised over the entire earth. How did this happen, and is this the end of a series of miraculous events or the beginning? Will we see other historical earthquakes that bring down all truths and assumptions?

For example, will we see Christianity fall after people come to their senses and realize that they were deceived when it was said to them that Christ crucified himself to forgive the sins of his followers, no matter what they had done. On the basis of this, Christian countries have killed millions of the peoples of the world, since they had received Christ’s forgiveness beforehand.

Some people in the Christian world might become aware of the fact that Christ’s crucifying himself for their sakes is a historical falsehood. People will become shaken from their Christianity, and in fact march toward the churches in order to demolish them, breaking crosses, scraping away the layers of ministers and monks. They will declare that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet of Israel, sent to inform Israel to correct the law of Moses, no more, no less.

Since the Jews rejected any encroachment upon their law, which they had vowed to uphold, they were hostile to Jesus. They cast him out and crucified him, although in fact they had only his likeness. [1]. Or God took him unto Him, and raised him up to Him.

Will we see America mediate between the Libyans, with their spiritual relations and moral influence and their Iranian brothers, because the Iranians engage in mediation with their brothers the Germans? After all, they are from the same race, i.e. the Aryan race. So that the Germans, who look upon the poor Americans with sympathy, will forgive them their famous historical sin that they committed against the Germans in World War II? So that America, if the Germans accept its plea for mercy, will be ready to apologize for the landing at Normandy, and Eisenhower’s landing in North Africa, so that the Germans will be able to consider that these events did not happen at all?

That America was guilty, was wrong, for that historical mistake made by Roosevelt. America might send a delegation of Blacks, or American Indians, since it knows how much the Libyans sympathize with them, during the days of the old imperialist delusion about Libya. To let America play upon and play with the emotions of the Libyans, and help it, it said to the delegation: America would like to request the greatest number possible of Green Books, Qurans, and if possible, in English.

We see how the Fourth Reich imposes its conditions on America and Britain – the first condition is destroying their weapons under German supervision. Another is exorbitantly high compensation payments, putting it on the verge of bankruptcy – setting up a German committee in America and another one in Britain in order to permanently supervise the carrying out of these actions.

We see France enjoying illusory independence under the Fourth Reich, the French nuclear code is carried in a briefcase to Berlin. Germany rejects mediation, and imposes tyrannical tribute upon America and Britain in compensation for what they did to the German people. National socialism becomes the dominant doctrine from Poland to France.

We see the Israelis announcing their acceptance of a friendly solution that satisfies the Arabs. The first solution they accept is their distribution throughout the Arab world as protected minorities, putting their expertise at the service of the Arabs, because this will be one million times better than their staying in Palestine, as a Jewish state within sight of the frightening Fourth Reich.

Without America, they will ask Libya to carry out its nation-oriented duty and assist in the implementation of this solution, because if Libya accepts it, no one will try to go it one better.

This will most certainly take place, because the signs are there, and the results are inevitable. American scientists themselves have confirmed that America will experience desertification on the one hand, and global freezing on the other. They confirmed that the fall of the Soviet Union is the reason for the change in these natural phenomena, and nature has begun to have its effects in America as well.

The ethnic groups that make up America will begin to fight among themselves, like they have done in Lebanon. It was also proven that the conflict of nationalities (a social factor) was another reason for the fall of the Soviet Union. Capital will flee the fourth world, and will certainly leave America. However, we must return to the key to these mysteries – how did the world become entangled in Marxism/Leninism?

Marx summarized human history as follows: primitive communism was the beginning, and this is correct. Men then became divided into groups, and more groups. Each group created social partners, with cooperative ownership of land and everything else, including marriage, which made various human races, and this is also historically correct.

Then, individual ownership became established, and the superior ones constituted forms of private property, making slaves of the weak, backward, and unlucky. A slave society was then created, which was then transformed by their labours into a feudalist society. Cities were then formed, with the bourgeoisie taking the place of the feudalists. Cities then developed into capitalism, and society became divided into workers and bosses. Marx said that it was necessary to incite the workers to the revolution so that they could obtain property.

Revolution took place in Czarist Russia, and was called the Soviet Union. Stalin said that in order to protect the revolution, apparatuses of oppression were necessary; they were called intelligence, external security, national security, secret police, secret service, security of the revolution, revolutionary courts, etc. Exceptional courts, military courts, political prison… all of this in terms of the security issue.

On the economic side, he talked of appropriation, nationalization, sequestration, then public ownership and state ownership. And collective ownership. Finally, cooperative ownership. Then Stalin abolished the doctrine of the law of supply and demand. He abolished competition, and fixed pricing and subsidized goods appeared.

The communist party was institutionalized to lead the socialist state toward communism. A group of giants, from the founder Lenin to the iron Stalin to Khrushchev and Brezhnev, assumed leadership of the party in the Soviet Union. Finally, Gorbachev, who presented the red flag to a soldier for it to be folded, perhaps… perhaps for forever.

This did not take place in the Soviet Union alone, but spread throughout practically the entire world; even in America and Britain are there communist parties. Communist countries were established in the western hemisphere as well.

It became the fashion to have revolutions or coups, even if against socialist regimes. But these actions would be marked by an iron-willed party, secret police, political prisoners, exceptional courts, appropriating freedoms, apparatuses of external and internal security, national security… patriotism, nationalism, even America was effected by this. Its Central Intelligence Agency was developed, and deployed outside the country’s borders. It committed acts more atrocious than those of the Soviet external security committee, which later became the KGB.

Competition reached its summit between the CIA and KGB… coups, assassinations, counterfeiting, money, forging identity documents and passports, buying agents, from the most worthless person to the president of a country. In order to spite Germany, a Jewish state was established in Palestine, despite the dangerous future it held for the Jews themselves, and its effects on world peace.

After the fall of the Kremlin and the end of the cold war, will all of the related effects also collapse? Will it involve the Jewish state, the party, the political prison, apparatus of suppression, appropriation of property, nationalization, sequestration, CIA, mind-set of national security and external security, etc.?

There is no doubt that the old world will fall, from America to the Soviet Union. A new order will certainly arise from these new geopolitical interactions, and not by design, political decision, or by threat or force. Everything formal will fall, and its place be taken by everything that is popular.

But has communism truly died?

I say that the age of the masses has begun to impose itself, as it begins its rapid march, igniting people’s feelings and captivating their attention. Everything mentioned at the beginning of this introduction will be achieved. We cannot, however, say that communism has died, for it was never born! We should remember what Hitler said in one of his rallies: ‘We must wait for our victory, even if it comes 360 years late.’

Communism has not yet been born, so that we may say that it has died. It was Marxism Leninism that collapsed; or in fact, Stalinism Leninism, but why did it collapse? One of the tenets of the Islamic revolution in Iran says that it collapsed because of its atheism, and apostasy, and not for political or economic reasons.

Despite the difficulty in believing this argument because of its metaphysical nature, it is hard to discard this reason arbitrarily. There is no doubt that Gorbachev was one of the greatest enemies of God and advocates of abandoning religion, even though he recognized Him when he gave his farewell address: “God has presented us with many blessings, if we only knew how to use them.”

Is it not enough that Marxism said that religion was the opiate of the masses, and said that religious or tribal societies cannot progress, that scientific research is not permitted by religion, and thus scientific progress is destined to perish in a religious society? This is natural, since religion is a spiritual, or hidden matter, based on belief in the unseen [2], while science is a tangible, material matter, based on experience.

Therefore, accommodating the two, spiritual and material, tangible and hidden, belief and experience, is not possible. Even Ibn Sina was judged an unbeliever because he said, “Mountains and valleys were made by natural factors of rising and falling during the earth’s past ages.” Galileo was condemned by the church to be burned because he said, “From the seen, material, realistic point of view, the earth is round.”

Thus, Marxism settled the issue to the benefit of the freedom of scientific research, without regarding the haram and halal [3] and what lies in between this limit of proscribed and prescribed. For the well person, when he prescribes a medicine for a given disease, does not say that this is medicine but it is forbidden, or could be said to be forbidden from the point of view of a certain religion, not to speak of more than one religion.

In addition to this, there is also something else we must mention about Marxism. It involved the world in ‘fashionable’ practices and institutions such as physical liquidation of class enemies, political assassination of opponents, political prisons and secret police, special courts (imitating the French Revolution). Perhaps this was one of the reasons for its fall.

In reality, Marxism is a good student of the bourgeoisie. What was the 1917 Russian Revolution, if not a good student of the 1789 French Revolution? It is incorrect and unfair to ascribe physical liquidation of class enemies to Marxism; the French bourgeois was the inventor of that practice, when it did away with the feudal class. What were Lenin and Stalin other than pupils of Robespierre and Danton? The left was erroneously ascribed to the communist revolution; the left is actually a child of the French.

The Jacobin extremist revolutionaries were the ones who sat on the left of the French National Assembly hall by accident one day, and the moderates sat on the right: thus the revolutionaries were called the left, and the moderates the right. Thus, the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ come of the dictionary of the French revolution, and not the Russian.

As for assassinating opponents, Stalin did not invent this when he had Trotsky assassinated; this was a Roman practice. The assassination of Julius Caesar proves this. The political prison was created by the feudalists; history records the story of Dr. Manet, who forgot his name upon leaving prison, which he had entered a physician and exited a carpenter.

Feudalists, before the bourgeoisie, created the secret police; the French revolutionaries, before the precision of the feudalist regime’s secret police, were forced to write their lists by using embroidery on fabric, in fear of being caught.

Special, exceptional and revolutionary courts were also the creation of the French Revolution and began with the trial and execution of King Louis the XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette; they were revolutionary at first, then lasted throughout the Terror that was led by the Jacobins.

That cat that devoured its children was not the Bolshevik Revolution; this saying accompanied the French Revolution, which ended with the execution of its leaders Robespierre, Danton and Saint Just.

The invention of external and national security and the creation of an official security apparatus were not the province of the Soviet Revolution at all; on the contrary, the Soviet Revolution isolated itself from the world, and created an iron curtain hiding itself, or hiding the world from itself.

These things were the creation of the American Revolution. American intelligence still practices this specialty today, in the name of protecting the national and external security of the United States of America. The demagogic rush toward the opponent was the basis of the French Revolution, when it began to march on the feudalists’ palaces. The colour red is not the colour of the Bolshevik Revolution, but was first the colour of the French Revolution, before being followed by the Russian.

French history notes that when Marquez passed through one of the streets of Paris on a cart filled with glass barrels filled with wine, and one of them fell and broke on the pavement, the poor flocked around and began to lap up the drink with pieces of fabric. A revolutionary dipped his finger in the red wine and wrote ‘blood’ on a nearby wall, and everyone then knew what that meant.

The abolition of religion was not part of the Russian Revolution’s philosophy, but of the French Revolution. It officially abolished Christianity, replacing it with worship of the republic and the souls of the martyrs for freedom. The Russian Revolution also abolished religion, imitating the French. Thus the Russian Revolution is merely a pupil of the French Revolution in all things, its complete copy. It imitated it in detail; the Russian Revolution brought nothing new with it in the way of these tragedies, or benefits.

So, what remained of the Russian Revolution, if the left was imported from the French, as well as revolutionary courts, political prison, solitary confinement, physical liquidation, liquidation of a class, popular army, ideological army – the army formed by the French Revolution to combat royalist Europe – even the colour red is also imported from the French Revolution.

What, then, is the communist revolution which we say has fallen? What is the Marxist-Leninist regime that has failed? What ideology has ended? What was the Soviet Union itself that collapsed?

What was the dangerous secret behind this frightening collapse? In reality, the Russian Revolution was nothing but imitation and importation, it was dazzled by the French Revolution, so the revolutionaries of Czarist Russia tried to apply the same in their country. Marxism-Leninism is a nationalist falsehood propagated so that it could not be said that Russia was the pupil of France.

There was no Marxism-Leninism, but Robespierrism-Dantonism Rousseauism. It was not a proletarian revolutionarism; this is another historical falsehood. It was a bourgeois revolution against the feudalist class, exactly like the French Revolution against feudalism.

Czarist Russia was a feudalist empire in the true sense of the word. The October Revolution removed that royal feudalism and transformed it into a bourgeois republic, under whose banner was of course collected everything not feudalist, even the poor to the sons of the middle class.

Exactly in the same way that the French Revolution transformed France from a feudalist monarchy to a bourgeois republic with no ideology, merely a revolution of the poorest classes against the feudal class, there was no communist revolution so that we may say that a communist revolution has failed.

Communism has not arrived yet. And may never come, since it is an imaginary, utopian idea, which has as a condition the existence of a communist man, and this is an impossibility.

The Soviet Union which collapsed is a nationalist struggle which is not foreign to history, but is rather the strongest engine of history, and a former of the map of the world. Whether the Soviet Union was Marxist, capitalist, or anything else, the nationalist struggle that arose was inevitable. It is an inevitable struggle in any country made up of a number of nationalities, such as India, America and [former] Yugoslavia.

As for those who ruled in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, they were bourgeois parties that turned into, with the passing of time, an aristocratic class. What happened is not strange: it was a very natural thing, although the greater part of them know it not [4].

Therefore, which of the remaining disasters can be attributed to Marxism, so that we may say they were responsible for its collapse? There is only one remaining misfortune in this list of social and political disasters that can truly be ascribed to the Marxist revolution, and this is the economic issue.

Everything connected to property, its acquisition, its appropriation, sequestration, pricing, subsidizing primary goods, abolishing the law of supply and demand – this is all the result of the Bolshevik Revolution.

So, was this the secret of its fall? Perhaps! Now, following the abolition of so-called socialism, the prices of primary goods have doubled many times over in the Russian republic and the Ukraine, in the countries of Eastern Europe. Columns of beggars have appeared: the achievement of following market policies.

[1] Explanation of the Holy Quran of the death of Jesus in Sura 4, verse 157, and Sura 3, verse 55.
[2] Holy Quran, Sura 30, verses 6-7.
[3] What is forbidden and permitted, respectively, in Islamic law and custom.
[4] Referring to a sign from Allah, Holy Quran, Sura 6, verse 37.

Essay from "Escape to Hell and Other Stories" by Muammar Qaddafi with foreword by Pierre Salinger.
© Text copyright 1998 Stanké, New York.

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