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New World Order: Imprison, Torture Democrats

Posted: 2012-05-30
From: Mathaba
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Photo: General Secretary of the Libyan General People`s Congress [file photo], detained since months illegally in Tunisia and being sent to Al-Qaida controlled Libya to have him disappear ahead of fake elections next month

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In June, forced and controlled elections in an environment of armed gangs, fear and unspeakable atrocities against human rights under al-Qaida ruled Libya is to take place, with the full blessings of western states USA, France, Britain, the EU and Australia.

It is a shame on humanity that more people are not rising up against this farce, and that international lawyers are not kicking up a fuss: the democratic government that was overthrown by brute force and massacre of an estimated 100,000 people, is banned from contesting these elections, and innocents are tortured to death.

The democratic head of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the General Secretary of the Libyan People's Congress, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, who fled to Tunisia in fear of his life is thus now being threatened with return to be "tried" by these lawless thugs on their fake allegations, after many months of unjust and illegal detention in Tunisia.

Dr Baghdadi had to undertake a hunger-strike that almost cost him his life to draw attention to his unjust detention (where were all the democrats, academics and parliamentarians in the world to demand his release?!) and which has left him frail and unwell as a diabetes sufferer. He is charged with no real crime and on the basis of no evidence from Libya, only absurd concocted allegations, the favourite slander of the new Libyan regime of terrorists and their masters: rape.

Dr Baghdadi is very well known, an academic and gentle soul, yet he has been held incommunicado since Tunisian authorities arrested him on charges of "entering the country illegally" which were shown to be false by Tunisian lawyers, after which he should have been released or allowed to travel to another country for safety.

Australia should offer him refuge. An appeal must be made by Australian citizens and organizations to offer this man refuge and a fair trial in Australia. After all, Australia is the only country to have given some 100 million dollars to the Libyan Al-Qaida-allied rebels as "humanitarian aid", directly out of tax-payers money.

That also makes the Australian government, with Kevin Rudd and any who advised him, culpable. Especially so if the intervention of Australia is requested and Australian refuses. If the Tunisian government then proceeds to extradite this refugee to what human rights organizations say is near certain torture and/or death, any and all officials, and any with knowledge of this within Australia, will be liable for future prosecution. Past history, notably in Germany, made inaction a crime.

Breaking News: Secretary-General of International People's Conference Organization (IPCO) to deliver a letter to the Australian government demanding intervention under its obligations to international human rights principles which know no borders of culpability. Those wishing to give support to this letter are urged to sign up by Email to these lists and also to join the IPCO by registering here.

The Tunisian regime, if it does indeed send Dr Baghdadi to Libya into the mayhem from which close to a million Libyans have fled, will be showing beyond all doubt that its "Arab Spring" government financed by the west is an enemy of humanity. It will also be testimony that the oppressed, refugees and those fleeing war zones and persecution in fear of their lives, can be sent back into those very lawless regions in violation of all international laws and norms. This is unspeakable crime.

That will therefore without any doubt be a matter for future war crimes prosecutions against Tunisian authorities and other officials of persons which facilitate any extradition or do not act to prevent it when they could do so, instead of their obligation to offer sanctuary or departure to a third country, such as Australia.

Even the very poorest country in Africa, without any military or political clout, Niger, has refused to hand over refugees like cans of fruit to all who demand revenge.

The behaviour of Tunisian authorities and lack of intervention by our own authorities is yet another reason why World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity are necessary, and a Universal People's Committee to replace the United Nations after its non-stop catalogue of failures to uphold international laws and norms is required.

It must be the action of democrats, human rights activists, academics, and justice loving people everywhere to join the International People's Conference Organization in demanding the release of the elected head of a pure form of democracy, which those who wish to impose banker controlled party dictatorship wish to eradicate.

In the case of Libya, the ruling regime now contains Al-Qaida and Al-Qaida-allied terrorists which have imposed themselves on the Libyan people with the financial and military support of bankrupt colonial powers. They are seeking legitimacy by the ballot box while bringing in new draconian laws which give the death penalty or life imprisonment to anyone in Libya for "glorifying" or supporting the overthrown Libyan Jamahiriya of which Dr Baghdadi was the elected constitutional head.

This thus bans the vast majority of the people in Libya from candidacy even in western-style elections, and also bans outright any call for direct participatory democracy. Academics world wide should be in uproar, yet when the academic Green Book centre was bombed by NATO killing many nor a word was uttered.

Tunisian embassies, organisations and personalities must be warned by all those who care for justice, human rights and the dignity of the persecuted, that if they fail to remind their authorities of their duties to uphold human rights and to protect those who came for refuge, that they will open themselves up to a guaranteed prosecution in future, when justice is served upon them for their actions or inactions.

Libyan Free Press reveals that the Tunisian presidential spokesman Adnan Mancer announced that Tunisia "will extradite former Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafiís last prime minister, Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi to Libya in few weeks" despite the reservations of human rights organizations which some months ago had signed a statement with the Tunisian government, opposing Al-Mahmoudiís extradition, saying he risked death or torture if he was returned to Libya.

The Tunisian regime, with the Americans calling the shots, is most likely testing the waters to see if there is any response to this shocking statement of intent. Let us leave aside the fact that Baghdadi was not "Qadhafi's Prime Minister", but the legally elected head of the people's power in Libya, the People's Congresses, which Qadhafi as the leader of the revolution as an individual often held very different views from, but ultimately was the decision-making vehicle for the people themselves.

The fact that Tunisian authorities would extradite this elderly peaceful democrat and refugee, stripped of his rightful position by force of war and anarchy, his position in which he served the people, and that they would do so in spite of several warnings including by human rights organizations, speaks volumes about the culpability of the Tunisian government, its officials and its advisers, who would do well to learn from the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunals.

Future war crimes tribunals, are unlikely to be held in such slow and meticulous fashion as was displayed in Malaysia. Future war crimes tribunals are more likely to resemble mass trials by the people themselves holding authority via the very democratic institutions which the west and her "Arab Spring" puppets are seeking to eradicate. New laws with harsher sentences will be handed handed out, with prosecution of those shown to have violated the Geneva and other international conventions. Even those who were informed, but stood aside and watched, would be held accountable, past human rights convictions are clear precedent for this.

Stay tuned, see various options in support:
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