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Microtopia: Prototype Communities of the Future

Posted: 2012-06-10
From: Mathaba
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Microtopia(s), Microtopian(s), definition: Prototype cities and regions of the future, accountable, self reliant, self sufficient, high tech, opt-in communities

A first proposal: The demand-driven micro-economy of scale with focus on shares of stock in a local coop investment bank, a medical university, a community farm manufacturer. These 3 things would allow us to effectively retire as soon as we had secured these coop shares.

This appears to be 4 times as efficient (in desirable outcomes) as present captive revolving-door politicians in Washington who cooperate in warping and distorting the economy by aiding and abetting certain favored connections who proceed to profit enormously on products such as military exports, which do not create wealth, but actually damage and threaten wealth. Wealth such as lives, cities, roads, languages, religions, philosophies, cultures.


In order to take these theories seriously, you may want to look at the Jeffersonian Alliance page first. You may also want to examine The Patriot Act Analysis, and "The American Economy: How much money is spent on what, which should give a picture of our priorities (utilities).

Microtopia YouTube Playlist


Microtopia(s), Microtopian(s)

Definition: Prototype Cities and regions of the future, accountable, self reliant, self sufficient, high tech, opt-in communities. Should be 4x as efficient as current big govt crony capitalism. The economy runs "under the hood". People do not need to worry about food, housing or educational access and security, basically because they are equity investors, and by eliminating financial insecurity, property crime, white collar crime, and addiction all would cost less.

We have the means of decoupling "production" from "vocation". 

Examples of people entering into a community contract that achieved superior results to the current  system of power distribution in the world: Amana, Oneida, the Mondragon cooperative in the basque country of Spain, are all examples as well some would argue communities similar to the Amish, and the free peoples remaining, one could also examine.

Ron Paul, Libertarianism and Jeffersonian Democracy: The essential problem - devolution of power to individual states, how does this apply universally, since Paul stresses his strengths comes from a philosophy based on the Liberties promised in the US Constitution, along with Libertarian ideals of a society based on voluntary free choice and not state compulsion, using Austrian Economics as a mechanism to achieve this one could say. But by devolving downward the decisions we still have to visualize the community and state levels under a society unfettered by compulsion.

The Demand-Driven Economy

US Political Analyis:

Prologue: Motivation to "publish" an economic analysis that essentially supports devolving decision making to the community and the individual from the federal level. It should appeal to people who are social darwinists or small govt conservative AND progressives who want workers to benefit from rising efficiencies. Rather than a Union Oriented approach - use a combination of the startup and the credit union or coop bank, or a non profit or high scholarship medical university which issue shares held by teachers and workers.

If we can wrest ownership of local resources from the international and federal elites, we can as the Libertarians such as Ron and Rand Paul would desire, "take care of ourselves" without taking it from someone else by force - and forcing people to do and pay all sorts of things, and forcing people not to do or say or pay for all sorts of other things. Eliminate a bullying state and a bullying banker class - which produces no wealth at this point but rather impoverishes. This opinion could change to a more benevolent view of bankers - as research continues, the danger with demonizing people is that when you learn more - you have already put yourself in a awkward situation. Nonetheless the parasitic aspect of the top 1% or apparently 400 top individuals who have gradually managed to acquire 75% of everything that is and isn't nailed down.

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