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Day 3 of Tunisia People`s Revolution

Posted: 2012-06-15
From: Mathaba
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The New World Order puppet regime of Zionist-Bankers in Tunisia fires on the masses, thus hastening its inevitable demise and future trials and prosecution of officials currently sitting in the traitor regime

On Tuesday, a curfew was imposed on many parts of Tunisia from 9pm (21:00) to 5am (05:00) local time, at the same time as a "Burn the Bankers' Money" campaign was launched, with the government announcing it would use live ammunition to shoot at anyone destroying property.

On Monday, Tunisians had started setting fire to their money in protest at the unlawful imprisonment of the Libyan Jamahiriya People's Secretary Doctor Baghdadi, in a popular campaign that has now gone viral. By Tuesday, those without any money to set fire to, had started setting fire to anything that represented capitalism.

The offices and archives of the public prosecutor were set ablaze, signifying mass anger at lawyers and the legal system, which allowed the Hon. Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization to remain incarcerated since 298 days even after having being found innocent of all charges. Fires spread around Tunisia as popular anger erupted and continued to grow.

burning Tunis police cap
Police stations were also attacked and set ablaze, as the masses continued to show that even those without wealth have a powerful weapon at their disposal, fire. A match stick costs nothing, but can destroy billions of dollars of capitalist wealth in a flash. In a population of heavy smokers, it will not be possible to outlaw matches and cigarette lighters.

Coward mistreating the Hon. Secretary-General of IPCO
Officials (left) liable to future prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity for violation of the human rights & freedoms of the Hon. Secretary-General of the IPCO, Doctor Baghdadi (right)
The Tunisian popular masses are angered at the role the police are serving to protect capitalist property but not human life, and even imprison innocent elderly men who are the symbols of people's power. It is likely such officials will face future crimes against humanity charges, prosecution and severe punishment, possibly even the death penalty, if the People's Secretary is not freed.

Unlike the fake Arab Spring, that used the suicide of a poor exploited young Tunisian man who set fire to himself, a real hot Arab Summer is now under-way in which people are setting fire to capitalist bankers' symbols and property, in a Popular Islamic Revolution which is set to continue until the people have the power.

The political Islamists, regular pawns for the Zionist New World Order, are not pulling the strings, since they are already in the power-sharing of the current dictatorship regime in Tunisia, and Al-Qaida is in power in Tunisia's large neighbour Libya, where all fake jihadists have gathered with the full backing of the NWO.

Do the people in the following video look to you like arm-chair Islamists with smart beards, who long ago sold their souls to money, or do they look like the rank and file of the Tunisian masses? Support them and their cause to obtain freedom by uploading your own video of burning currency in solidarity!

The Tunisian masses now scorn the fake Arab Spring which had ushered in a regime that promotes denigration and insults against Islam and their Imam Prophet Muhammad, with Zionist stooges and Satanists revelling in seeing how far they can go to insult the Imam of the popular masses.

The Popular Islamic Revolution which has now launched in Tunisia, is bound to spread across the Arab world, and can only have its final outcome with the victory of the masses and their assent to power, organized in People's Conferences and People's Committees, making the Holy Qur'an the Law of Society.

The Tunisian masses will unite with the Libyan and Algerian masses, wage a Jihad Against Islamists, eject the heretic pretenders, do away with the fake wealth of bankers, sweep away their puppet regimes, and establish the Jamahiriya in which the Muslim Masses themselves conduct shura and own the wealth.

While the "Burn the Bankers' Money, Free the People's Secretary" Campaign was launched with the aim of setting free the Hon. Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization (IPCO), Doctor Baghdadi Mahmoudi, popular anger in Tunisia erupted with the masses setting fire to other capitalist symbols of oppression: properties, courts, and organs of the New World Order (NWO) governing regime.
Said Ferjani
Said Ferjani of the ruling "Islamist" Ennahda party, lied about Dr Baghdadi dismissing his original lawyers, in order to have them replaced by those paid by foreign intelligence agencies. Also accused of accepting money in order to send Baghdadi to Libya. The Libyan and Tunisian genuine people's revolutions are linked. 400,000 Libyans are now in Tunisia.

Meanwhile the Campaign to free Doctor Baghdadi has gone viral around the world, and is to continue until he is set free. Conspiracies among western intelligence services to pay for and appoint his lawyers, have resulted in lawyers working against each other, and even the passing on of demands for money to be paid for his release.

On Tuesday, in response to the popular islamic revolution against the bankers, the NWO regime in Tunis imposed its curfew upon the capital city Tunis, as well as Monastir, Ariana, Sousse, Manouba, Jendouba, Ben Arous, and Ben Guerdane, Medenine.

In related news, Libya, which for 42 years had refused to recognize the existence of the Zionist entity, the Terrorist State of Israel, has now under the anti-people Islamist "NTC" regime, last year quietly recognised Israel and established a private central bank creating a national debt with the Zionist bankers, in the formerly debt-free country.

Bechir Essid interviewed on Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, May 31st:

Tunisian authorities responsible, absence of human rights, Tunisia will erupt if Baghdadi expelled, says advocate (Arabic audio):

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