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DPRK: No Force Will Check Our Advance

Posted: 2012-06-17
From: Mathaba
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Message From Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

Now, imperialists and their followers intensify moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK.

Recent international meetings held under US baton all tried to find an excuse for meddling in the internal affairs of the DPRK.

They, without exception, branded the DPRK as a dangerous state and therefore, must be put under sanction.

They also put on the list of sanction those countries and companies that have trade relations with us.

Now, Korea is in a touch-and-go situation thanks to the war efforts of the US and its south Korean puppets.

Why worsening tension in the Korean peninsula? The US aim is to establish its military supremacy in the northeast Asia and, furthermore lay a tumbling block in our way of building a thriving country.

The U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK has a long history.

Since the DPRK was founded, the U.S. has been hostile to it.

But, such policy has brought them nothing good.

The U.S. and its followers have persisted in the policy of sanction on the DPRK for over half a century.

But, they failed in their foolish attempt, because they could not see the invincible might of the self-supporting national economy and single-minded unity of its people.

After the demise of leader Kim Jong Il, their moves to stifle the DPRK became more intensified only to end in fiasco.

We have our own strategy and tactics to achieve our own goal, that is, to make our country rich and strong and our people live in wealth and glory.

However desperately imperialists may try, they cannot hold in check the onward movement along the road of independence, Songun (first-army) and socialism.

Ri Hyon Do

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