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Game Over For Greens?

Posted: 2012-06-22
From: Mathaba
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Whatever happened to the green movements, anti-nuclear movements, environmental movements?

Whatever happened to the green movement? It’s been 50 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s classic Silent Spring, a powerful book about the environmental devastation wreaked by chemical pesticides. Since then we’ve had the rise and fall - or at least the compromised assimilation - of green groups such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Forum For the Future.

Last week, the Independent marked the half-century with a well-meaning but frankly insipid ‘landmark series’ titled "The Green Movement at 50". But there’s a glaring hole in such coverage; and, indeed, in the ‘green movement’ itself: the insidious role of the corporate media, a key component of corporate globalisation, in driving humanity and ecosystems towards the brink of destruction.

The acclaimed biologist and conservationist Edward O. Wilson puts the scale of the crisis bluntly:

‘We’re destroying the rest of life in one century. We’ll be down to half the species of plants and animals by the end of the century if we keep at this rate.’

And yet ‘very few people are paying attention’ to this disaster. Wilson, who is 82, directed his warning to the young in particular:

‘Why aren’t you young people out protesting the mess that’s being made of the planet? Why are you not repeating what was done in the ‘60s? Why aren’t you in the streets? And what in the world has happened to the green movement that used to be on our minds and accompanied by outrage and high hopes? What went wrong?’

The trouble is that most of what the public hears about politics, including environmental issues, comes from the corporate media. This is a disaster for genuine democracy.

It also means that the real Green Movement which is making a come back, is not covered by that media.

Young people are getting active, some taking part in activism such as The Green Wall Contest.

But the other thing is that this movement, is decentralised. It has learnt the lessons of the past, it saw what happened when Agenda 21 and other Globalist Pawns of the Banksters such as the Australian Green Party, bring everyone together in one place.

Nice international conventions where all the greens around the world who are "on the fence" or thought to be able to be "co opted" are brought together, under the usual wise leadership of the white minority. They are then sold a pre-conceived agenda and pre-determined outcome, with token participation workshops.

A final show of hands, and a "Global Green Charter" comes out, with its original form with minor modifications, and one that guarantees that the "Green Movement" is neutralised while its leaders get into bed with the corporate elite.

All this has been observed by "greens" around the world and they have decided that the way forward, is as it always has been: a study of The Green Book, shows the non-racists, who can accept that a Muslim, an African, an Arab, a Revolutionary Leader, can put together a philosophy and Green Print for their future.

Further, a true Green Charter already exists, not a "Global Green Charter" which spelt the end of genuine green movements, by co-opting them into the globalisation led by the homosexual elitists such as Bob Brown of the Australian Greens, but an International Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

This did not come about by a pre-drafted document which would be "discussed" over a weekend by a few hundred delegates from green parties around the world, under the watchful eye of the great white leadership. It came about after weeks of conferences involving around a million people, attending several thousand conferences spread across the Libyan Jamahiriya and also some locations abroad.

As such, it has formed one of the the basis documents for the real green movement, in its decentralised form, which is spreading around the world. The reality is, that the people are up against the organized powers funded by huge money and interests, not only formal power but also real power. As such, if they organize too soon, and gather too many in one place, with one method, and one leader, they'd soon be finished. They know this, and they organize accordingly.

Another issue that has divided the green movement, has been the debate over global warming vs global cooling, and the corporate involvement in sponsoring and benefiting from it. These are issues that can be discussed among people, but a clear policy paper based on dubious science is not the way forward. We ALL know that the planet and all life on it is doomed, whether it is rising or falling in temperature.

What matters is that capitalism, the worship of bankers' money and the short-sighted greed resulting from the values of capitalist society, is the enemy, and all its institutions and fronts, including "Amnesty International", the "Green Party", the "United Nations", etc. People's institutions that they themselves control, new economics and community relationships, are the way forward, not surrendering power.

The environment then as a whole can be saved, not on the basis of science, conjecture and single-issue campaigns, but as a result of man using less of it, giving back more to it, respecting it and living in harmony with it. As such, The Green Book cannot be matched by any other ideology in its solutions.

Resources at the disposal of the green movement and those who support it:

* Independent News Media: www.mathaba.net/about -- much more help is required, especially at the technical level, where only minimal work has been done over the past year by one part time anarchist.

* Independent Social Media: social.mathaba.net -- some help is required, for the same reasons as above, which have prevented this from truly going forward as a powerful alternative to owned social media.

* International Green Charter Movement: www.greencharter.com -- a resource for the basic documents and principles which have always made up the true green movement. Study and also see the wiki for the latest.

* International People's Conference Organization: www.peoplesconference.org -- an educational advocacy facilitation toward the world of people's power and replacement of corporate-owned governments.

* Mathaba Publication Bridge: pub.mathaba.net -- a collective effort to bring together translators, editors, and analysts, in providing a resource for independent media. This is a work in progress.

-- Stay tuned, join the diverse but important Daily Briefing email and see other ways to stay informed and assist with these efforts at Mathaba Support:
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