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The Melinda Taylor Affair: ICC, Libya, Australia

Posted: 2012-06-20
From: Mathaba
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Melinda Taylor, left her 2 year old daughter at home, to enter into Libyan quagmire

African Jamahiri Opinion

Aside from being a bad mother, and most probably a naive "Aussie", what else can we say about the seizure of this young lady by an Al-Qaida-allied Zionist regime installed i Libya with the support of the regime in Canberra?

Before we continue, all those who think Australia's regime in Canberra is lawful please leave, go back to your tell-live-vision sets. All those who think the ICC is an International Criminal Court bent on the pursuit of justice and bringing to trial war criminals, Google is your friend, do some research.

For the rest of you, and the family of Melinda, if you want to help her, you better cast aside all your assumptions, and completely cast aside the misplaced trust you may have in Mr Carr and others of his ilk.

The reality is far from what you perceive, and what the "best" of your media will ever be able to tell you.

Firstly, you need some background in order to understand what is going on here, and why Melinda was not only foolish to go to Libya, but why she was foolish to work for the ICC.

First, a shocker. The Libyan Jamahiriya, was not ruled by a dictator for 42 years, but by a dictatorship for only the first 8 years. Since then, it was the world's leading democracy. Are any of the family still reading?

Check out a little about Libya's history from the "other side", the non-white non-elite that your Queen and her minions don't want you to know. Here a nice video for starters: www.bit.ly/libyamusic

Then do some research onto the thinking of the "dictator" Muammar Qaddafi, who is still loved by some 90% of the Libyan people: www.greencharter.com -- after you have seen the different picture, come back.

We don't want you to rush this.

I don't care as much as you do, yet I am taking the trouble to write these words for your benefit, not mine. I have better things to do, I should be sleeping now, and have other pressing priorities.

But, when I took at look at Melinda, her hubby and their little Baby, I was moved. So I'm making the effort, and hopefully you will appreciate it and heed the advice: do not trust Mr Carr nor the Canberra regime. And least of all trust the ICC.

Melinda was either extremely naive, or had some other pressing reason to be working for the ICC, perhaps the money or the misplaced prestige. Any respectable international human rights lawyer will have nothing to do with the ICC, and I know a number of such lawyers personally.

The ICC is not playing a straight game in Libya. It did not play a straight game in Sudan either. In Sudan, the Brazilian idiot deliberately laid charges against Criminal Bashir of genocide in order to protect Bashir, so that in the unlikely event he would ever be brought to the Hague, the case would fail.

I could list numerous other examples, not least the glaring racism and agenda of the ICC which serves to primarily go after Africans, but always goes after only those perceived as the enemies of the biggest criminals of all, the Bushes, Blairs and Howards of this world.

There is a big difference between being a Black Taylor from Liberia, or a White Taylor from Australia.

Having done your research now into what the ICC is and is not, understand this: the ICC has no jurisdiction in most independent countries, including Libya. Neither before Canberra financed the "revolutionaries" now running the country on behalf of the New World Order globalists, nor before 2011.

Now, do a little research into Sayf al Islam. We were among his leading critics from inside the Jamahiriya, due to his naivety and his mistaken belief that the west and its elite were his friends, and could be tamed. But understand this: not only does Sayf have information about Sarkozy, and not just about the money he was given for his election campaign, in violation of French laws, but much, much worse about him.

Yet, that is not the only problem. He also has information about one Tony Blair, about whom no one is speaking as yet. That is the mother-load that will cover all the western politicians for eternity to come. No, I'm not telling either. But that is some of the very dangerous cards that Sayf holds, and the reason that he is not to reach the Hague, and the reason that his case must become so compromised, that he cannot be tried.

It's also why Sanoussi cannot be allowed to speak out, and also holds huge trump cards.

There was deliberate sabotage going on and conflicts among ICC lawyers, among those seeking justice, maybe even naively believing the ICC is an institution that has credibility, and those who were seeking to prevent it. This included the deliberate publication of some of the interview that took place with Sayf, showing mistreatment by his captors, on the web site of the ICC, only to be removed and edited soon after.

All this and more, are actions deliberately designed to ensure that Sayf does not get a voice. Sayf is even lucky by the standards of current Libya, where some of the world's worst criminals were all released from jails, and are not only running amok among a defenceless population, but many of them even in positions of authority: political and military. And they're doing the bidding of their masters: creating chaos, destruction.

Into all this flies Melinda. Now if Melinda is the lovely person that the photograph shows her to be, and if she has a sense of justice, then she wanted to help Sayf. But then she is also naive, because anyone doing any dispassionate research, as you have done by now if you followed my advice, would quickly concede and conclude, that the ICC is not at all about administering justice, and that Libya is now one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Of course, whites, could be lured into thinking that all is OK: it's only Black skinned people who are facing the treatment that was meted out to Blacks in the USA, and Australia, even attempts at genocide.

Sudan's Bashir, mentioned earlier, was received recently in Tripoli with full honours: nominal or formal head of an Islamist regime, serving the purpose assigned it by the Muslim Brotherhood, age old ally of British Imperialism and the Crown. Allegedly one of the top most wanted people by the ICC. At the same time the ICC was asking for Sayf, Bashir was feted openly in front of the world, in Tripoli.

If Bashir, so wanted by the ICC, was hosted in Tripoli by the NTC unlawful and illegal regime currently attempting to rule Libya, then how can the ICC hope to claim Sayf. Why would Melinda fly into that mess. Is she extremely naive (stupid), or she has been a life-long fan of the Qaddafi family. I doubt the former, and I don't hold the latter possible, otherwise I'd have hear from her before, and you would have noticed much green, or at least a photograph of the Brother Leader around the house.

Why not to trust the Australian government? Because that government at the end of the day, is made up of ministers and persons such as Carr, who have a clear history of illegitimacy, and of serving the interests of the same elite which the ICC serves, and its same agenda. Because, that regime in Canberra, unlawful as it is, and only Australian lawyers cannot see that it is unlawful, has helped and is helping its NTC puppets.

The game is: make it impossible for Sayf to reach safety, and open his big mouth. Trust me, he has a big mouth. That was another reason he faced criticism during the war last year. But that big mouth is an honest one. He knows how to tell the truth, and he is brave and confident. Please try to find just one member of the Qaddafi family who today is free and can speak. There are so many of them alive and well.

They are in Algeria, Niger, all around neighbouring countries, but is even one of them free to move around, talk to the media or talk to independent lawyers? All of them, including Libya's real Head of State, Dr Baghdadi, political prisoner in Tunisia, wherever they have lawyers, those have been assigned against their wishes by western intelligence. Aisha even assigned an Israeli lawyer.

Sayf, has no lawyer. The ICC has no jurisdiction. Libya has no justice system. There is no case against Sayf. He was simply placed on a list for political reasons. There never was any intention he should reach the Hague. It is not in the ICC interests that he should do so, nor the masters of the Canberra regime, that so-called "International Community" of the usual band of white crooks.

Nor is it in the NTC regime's interest. Those holding Sayf, apparently have some honour, that much is clear from some of the videos of his detention, even though he has also been mistreated, perhaps they tired of listening to his lectures, perhaps they wanted to show who was boss, take out some anger, but his position is certainly not going to be better facing "justice" in Tripoli, nor a public trial in The Hague.

We'd all love for Sayf to have that public trial, assuming he'd be naive -- or desperate enough -- to seek to legitimise the illegitimate ICC. But it is only in our interests for him to open his mouth in public and in freedom, but even that heralds dangers as there are those in Libya who also do not want him to become the "new leader", given his past errors, and the compromises that may be reached with western powers again.

However, it is only in a future free Jamahiriya that he, or anyone else can find justice.

So, by now perhaps you're bored and wondering what to do about Melinda, after all, that is what this article is about right? Well, I can't pretend to have the answers to that, nor the sufficient motivation to help her, when we have enough other people that are in worse positions needing our help. But, I can help you to open your eyes to the reality of her position, and then you do the rest of the work and make your decisions.

Mr Carr, wants desperately to find something that works: of course Melinda will not be killed, she will leave Libya safely, unless that is she really has information and is really a true lawyer seeking justice, and if she really became a lawyer in order to do good and not just to make big bucks. In that case, she has problems. But surely she'd not be working for the ICC if it were the case that she was really seeking universal justice.

So what will happen is this: Mr Carr will persuade his Libyan thugs to let her go, perhaps even get the ICC to submit to the Libyans with an "apology" in order to ensure that the ICC loses any ability whatsoever to "try", let alone have any jurisdiction over Sayf and his fate. The TNC can show who is boss (for now), as it is facing mounting lack of authority among its Islamists, who don't like playing fiddle to white powers.

Let the white man come to Tripoli, and exact an apology from the ICC, and then back to hell with the ICC, this is the thinking of the NTC. Then they can let Melinda go home, make up for her error, greed or stupidity, go into the loving arms of her husband, and take care of their Baby. Or hire a poor nanny for the job and go back to making more money, in which case, we'll also be asking her to taken on some pro bono.

Sayf and everyone else, can then continue to be silenced, and we can continue the battle until victory and the liberation of all the political prisoners, establishment of the people's power and not that of rulers, lawyers and presstitutes, and the bringing to justice of the real criminals, including the ICC itself.

And the other 3 persons from the ICC who are being held? Hopefully all of them are lilly white too.
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