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The Zionist Infestation Of Africa Revisited: The More Details, The More Devils - Part 5

Posted: 2012-06-28
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There is simply no end to the rape, plunder and pillage that Africa has endured at the hands of international Zionism. (Graphic by Skulz Fontaine)

Mask of Zion - Part 5

If Anwar el-Sadat was the Arab World’s greatest and most perfidious traitor, the “kings” of Morocco, and “King” Hassan II in particular, undoubtedly register as his closest front runners or even, his heirs. Forged by “King” Muhammad V in the early 1950s and furthered after his death in 1961 by his son, “King” Hassan II, the devilish relationship between Mossad and the Moroccan security-intelligence complex is one of the utmost closeness and treachery. It began in 1954 when Mossad founder Isser Harel set up a clandestine base in Morocco for the purpose of forcing Moroccan Jews to occupied Palestine. Mossad agent Shlomo Havillo was initially made station chief, but he was later replaced by a more devoted Jewish supremacist named Alex Gatmon, who was also given dominion over the Misgeret, Mossad’s secret militia in Casablanca. Harel and Gatmon launched two major operations, “Mural” and “Yakhin”, in which they smuggled hundreds of thousands of Mizrahi Jews out of Morocco with the full complicity of the “King” and his security services (74). This was just a front for something far more diabolical however.

The main reason that the Moroccan monarchy and usurping Jewish entity formed an alliance was to overthrow Gamal Abdul Nasser. Meir Amit, lifelong servant of Zionism and Isser Harel’s “replacement” as director of Mossad, trained the security services of “King” Hassan II in counterintelligence, interrogation and torture, all for the purpose of taking down Nasser and replacing his regime with one more compliant to the regional objectives of “Israel” and the monarchy (75). This new alliance would prove destructive to Nasser and his anti-Zionist ambitions, as the turncoat Moroccan intelligence apparatus supplied the Jewish “state” with critical access to high-level meetings between Arab military  commanders just prior to al-Naksa, thus giving “Israel” the upper hand it needed to launch its preemptive war (76). 

The tyrannical Moroccan
monarchy and the usurping
Zionist entity are intimately
intertwined through their
intelligence services.
It was this putrid cooperation that also led to the kidnaping, barbaric torture and murder of great Moroccan revolutionary Mehdi Ben Barka, first discussed in Mask of Zion’s first report on Africa. Mossad was the guiding hand behind Ben Barka’s tragic and bloody fate. The international Jewish murder machine had tracked the “Moroccan Che Guevara’s” entire career, penetrated his inner circle and set him up on a fake meeting with a “sympathetic French millionaire” who wanted to help him topple the “King” and liberate Morocco from tyranny. It was at this meeting that Moroccan Interior Minister (and Mossad asset) Muhammad Oufkir and his allies in an “Israel”-allied SDECE faction would kidnap Ben Barka and later execute him. The man behind the fiction that led to the cold-blooded murder of Mehdi Ben Barka was none other than David Kimche (77), the ancient Mossadnik behind the Rwandan Genocide. Beyond the cooperation between his security services and Mossad, “King” Hassan II held numerous secret meetings with “Israeli” war criminals over the years, from prime ministers to generals, Knesset members to intelligence heads, doing everything that he could to harm and undermine the Palestinian people (78).

Mossad also trained the bodyguards of the Moroccan despot. To show just how deep the friendship between Tel Aviv and Rabat actually went, when longtime Mossad contact Muhammad Oufkir plotted to overthrow “King” Hassan II, the Zionist entity’s global terror squad stopped it from occurring. As a means of gratitude, the “King” increased his ties to Zionism; more weapons, more intelligence, more cultural and economic cooperation, more trade, which amounts to at least $100 million per year, and more “Israeli” involvement in helping Morocco emerge triumphant in its brutal, expansionist war against the indigenous Sahrawi people of the Western Sahara (74), who were and are being (righteously) supported by the Zionist entity’s hated enemy, Algeria. Zionism’s wholly vile and incestuous friendliness with the Moroccan tyrant is especially vital to its infestation of Africa, on all fronts. Morocco is essentially a launching pad for Jewish criminal activity on the continent. The Moroccan people themselves, known for their visceral despisal of the usurping Zionist dragon and who literally chased an “Israeli” diplomat out of their country in March (79), must take down the “King” and restore dignity to Morocco.

Al-Shabab, the righteous
Islamic Resistance of
Somalia, is under intense
fire from the marionettes
of International Jewry.
While Mask of Zion prominently featured the plight of occupied Somalia in its first report, new revelations have since emerged that add more layers of devilishness to what has befallen the Horn of Africa nation. Additionally, International Jewry’s proxies in Europe and America have stepped up the aggression against the Somali people.

On May 15th, 2012, EU naval forces and helicopters ruthlessly shelled the village of Handulle, ridiculously dubbing it a “pirate haven” and vowing to continue facsimile attacks in the future (80). No evidence was (or has been) presented to confirm the “pirate” allegations and no casualty count was issued either although it wouldn’t be farfetched by any means to assume many civilians were murdered by this cruel, criminal and colonial attack. It is imperative to note that the Somali pirates are by no means “robbers” or, as Zionist ideologues tend to describe them, “terrorists,” they are defenders of their homeland, putting their lives on the line to stop Western (read: Jewish) imperial encroachment and corporations from dumping toxic waste in Somali waters (81).

It is now known that the Zionist-occupied United States government has been using F-15s to bomb Somalia, as well as its naval destroyers (82). The US has also pieced together a mercenary army from forces of the Zionist entity’s proxies in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya, aggressively pushing them in conjunction with Predator and Reaper drone strikes against Al-Shabab, the Somali Islamic Resistance (83). “Israeli” intelligence has of course played a vital role in supporting these proxy efforts to crush Al-Shabab (84), and the Zionist entity, through its shipping mega-firm ZIM, has even clashed with Somali pirates before, shooting them for attempting to stop a Jewish occupation ship from contaminating their waters with harsh chemicals (85). On April 27th, 2012, a US terror drone hammered Somalia’s southwestern region of Gedo, leaving at least 22 people murdered and dozens of others injured (86). Just two weeks later on May 11th, America’s remote-controlled death machines hit Somalia again, this time murdering more than 38 people in the southwestern district of Badade (87). It is utterly miraculous that Bab-el-Mandeb, the strategic waterway between Somalia and Yemen, hasn’t changed colors from blue to red from all of the innocent Somali blood spilled.

Abraham Karem:
the Jewish-Zionist
maniac who invented
the Predator Drone, the
machine of death currently
tormenting Somalia.
Never should it be forgotten that the perverted mind that gave the world the Predator drone was a Jewish one. Abraham Karem, who served in the Air Force of the “Israeli” occupation army for 9 years, is considered to be the man, or rather, the Zionist parasite, who “changed the way the United States wages war.” Karem gave birth to the Predator drone in 1980 in his home in Hacienda Heights, California, after emigrating from Jewish-occupied Palestine (88). The warmongering Zionist Jew wreaked havoc on the Palestinian people as an occupation soldier and now continues that legacy vicariously through his twisted and murderous mechanical creation, which wreaks havoc on innocents all over the world,  including Somalia. Moreover, even before Karem fathered the Predator (aptly named considering the predatory natures of Jewry and Zionism), going back to at least 1970, “Israel” was manufacturing drone technology. In fact, the Jewish “state” can be considered the “drone godfather” and first deployed drones in Lebanon in 1982. The Zionist entity accounts for 41% of all drones exported worldwide, its drones are used by at least 24 countries and it maintains a network of front companies to “judaize” security establishments the world over (89), just like it is “judaizing” occupied al-Quds. Therefore, it can be said, unequivocally, that Somalia’s drone torment is Jewish at the root.

Jewish-Zionist fanatic
Michael Chertoff: author
of the Patriot Act, 9/11
conspirator and godfather
of Somalia's plight.
While Somalia has been occupied by AU-UN forces since 2006, its humanitarian crisis was manufactured several years before that; 5 years before that exactly, just weeks after the September 11th massacre in New York City. Drought and famine are maliciously widespread, with women and children being the main victims of this weaponization of human catastrophe, public health care has all but collapsed, food aid has been suspended and millions of Somalis have been displaced inside and outside of their homeland. And it is all because of the Patriot Act, as well as all of the other “counter-terrorism laws” just like it that followed, which have enforced sanctions against “terrorist entities” (read: Resistance groups) like Al-Shabab and crippled humanitarian organizations (90). The Patriot Act is the work of Jewish-Zionist war criminal Michael Chertoff, “son of Mossad”, who wrote it many years before the “Israeli” false flag attack on September 11th, which he was a primary organizer of, and who had it edited just before it passed in Congress to ensure all Zionist-linked firms that participated in the 9/11 event were protected from prosecution (91). Somalia’s humanitarian woes are also Jewish at the root, making Al-Shabab’s Resistance (and eventual victory over) these Zionist-backed invaders all the more important.

-- Continued (see related links below)


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