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Tunisia politicians seek to bring down their government for abuse of Libya`s Head of State

Posted: 2012-06-27
From: Mathaba
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In the wake of the brazen violation of all norms of decent behaviour in which Tunisia`s reactionaries removed Libya's Head of State, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, General Secretary of the People's Congress of the Libyan Jamahiriya, transferring him into the hands of the worst violators of human rights on the face of this planet, the "rat TNC" regime of Al-Qaida in Tripoli, a crisis is hitting the Tunisian regime.

Tunisian parliamentarians are pushing for a no-confidence vote in the reactionary-led government, whose divisive decision to extradite Libya's lawful Head of State, after holding him a political prisoner and incommunicado without any legal basis for 307 days, has caused the country's deepest political crisis since last year's undemocratic "elections".

Tunisia forcefully extradited Doctor Baghdadi Mahmoudi to Libya on Sunday, breaking a long-held tradition never to extradite a former Head of State, let alone a current one as is the case with Dr Baghdadi, and making a mockery of Tunisia's pretence to be concerned about human rights and democracy. Tunisia's judiciary are all government appointed, as are judges, which also makes a mockery of any pretence at Tunisia regarding justice. The situation in Libya is now even worse.

Within hours of his forced transfer to Libya, Dr Baghdadi had been beaten by his captors, and hospitalised. Some reports coming in suggest he may have died from his injuries.

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, touted by western media as "a veteran human rights activist", complained that the extradition had taken place without his permission, which he had withheld for months over concerns that Mahmoudi would not receive a fair trial in Libya. However, the controlled western media make no mention of the fact that this "veteran human rights activist" has made a mockery of human rights by detaining Dr Baghdadi as a political prisoner held by his government, in the first place.

The reactionary Ennahda party won 42 percent of seats in the first western style limited-participation elections of the so-called Arab Spring in October and formed a government in coalition with two secular reactionary parties, including Marzouki's "Conference for a Republic". Marzouki may do well to note that the Era of the Republics, started by the French revolution, ended with the Era of the Masses which started on March 2nd, 1977, with the birth of the world's first Jamahiriya (self-governing masses soceity) in Libya.

Of course, he would not have been sponsored by George Soros millions of dollars to install a gloablist imperialist regime in Tunisia, if he had not been ignorant of political history.

The dispute over Libya's lawful Head of State, Doctor Mahmoudi has sparked a heated debate in Tunisia over what the opposition describes as the ruling reactionary coalition party Ennahda's unilateral behavior and failure to consult the constituent assembly.

The president and the government disagree over whether presidential approval is needed for an extradition to go ahead, ignoring the fact of the legalities of holding Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi in the first place.

The dispute has turned into the deepest crisis the Tunis regime has faced since its formation in December and follows months of pressure on "islamist" Ennahda from other secular opponents who accuse it of failing to create jobs and rein in radical Islamists.

Seventy-five parliamentarians have signed the motion for a no-confidence vote, clinching the one-third necessary for a vote in the 217-seat constituent assembly.

"Following our stand against the government's violations in extraditing Al Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi... and our rejection of the marginalization of the constituent assembly's role... we present a motion to withdraw confidence from the government," the parliamentarians said in a statement.

The motion has yet to be presented but, should a vote be held, 51 percent of members must vote against the government to force it to resign. There is a serious possibility that the rebels could muster enough support to make that happen.

Though Ennahda and its two coalition partners hold more than 51 percent of assembly seats, divisions within the Conference for a Republic and Ettakatol have led to a wave of resignations in recent months, reducing their combined strength.

Signatories to the motion include several politicians who have recently quit Ennahda's coalition partners.

Tunisia, the first Arab country to oust its leader and hold free elections as foreign-sponsored "uprisings" spread around the region last year in order to bring to power favoured pro-western regimes, has so far been touted by controlled western media as "a relatively smooth transition to democracy", but a successful no-confidence vote would further disrupt that illusion.

Divisions could complicate discussions on a new government line-up, hampering efforts to revive the economy and draft a new constitution ahead of elections for a full four-year parliament planned for next year.

"This government has made many mistakes that damage Tunisia's interests, including Mahmoudi's extradition, and now we are seeing the first results of this," said opposition assembly member Samir Beltayyeb.

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