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Doctor Baghdadi Mahmoudi Remains Libya`s Head of State

Posted: 2012-06-28
From: Mathaba
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Some basic facts that are ignored by all the world media and many less informed supporters of Libyan freedom and a call to action

Green March Editorial

Let us first get some facts straight.

His name is Dr Baghdadi Ali Mahmoudi, and there are different ways to spell this in non-Arabic languages. In Arabic, his name is: البغدادي علي المحمودي

His current position is still the legal and lawful Head of State of Libya, as General Secretary of the General People's Committee of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The General People's Congress is where all the national decisions of the Basic People's Conferences across Libya are collected and thus forms the supreme legislative wing of direct participatory democracy in Libya.

The GPC also oversees the General People's Committee, which comprises the various People's Committees, which are the executive wing of People's Authority and thus the executive in jamahiri direct democracy.

As the General Secretary of the GPC, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi is thus the Head of State in the Jamahiriya system of self-governing masses' society, the direct participatory democratic system known as Jamahiriya.

All the world media, and the various wiki's, blogs and websites call him "former" when he is current, and "prime minister" when that post never existed, and try to force the Jamahiriya into western terminology.

The reasons they do so is not mere laziness, nor the total fabrications and lack of research into when he actually entered Tunisia, when he was held prisoner, when he went on hunger strike, it is disinformation.

The world establishments do not wish people to know that there is an alternative democracy to the limited fallacious parliamentary and party democracies ruling the world today as formal power on behalf of elites.

They also wish to force into acceptance a situation and thus attempt to make a reality that the occupation of Libya and placing into power groups of lawless thugs and mercenaries, constitutes a new "government".

This is simply not the fact, for 99% of all Libyans are excluded from this set up, and will remain excluded even if farcical "elections" to a fake "National General Congress" go ahead.

The true democracy of the Libyan Jamahiriya, even if it has not been allowed to continue since over one year now, due to the fact of occupation and lack of peace and security for people to convene, still remains.

In western and eastern so-called democracies, elections take place every few years in order to place "representatives" into power, who represent not those who elected them, but the elites who selected them.

The attempt to put this same system into place in Libya will not work, due to the fact that sufficient numbers of people in Libya are well educated as to the fallacy of such as system to call itself democratic.

Instead, the existing Jamahiriya, with its current General Secretary, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, remains a reality, even if it takes several more years before new conferences can meet and elect executive delegates.

Therefore there can be no more talk of vile prostitute media of a "former prime minister of Libya" or of "Gaddafi's former prime minister", fact is fact and all the racism of western media will not wash it away.

Muammar Gaddafi was and is the founder and leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement, and thus the "Leader of the Revolution". Revolutionary Committees are not part of the power structure.

Revolutionary Committees are harbingers of the Era of the Masses, they are those who have discovered the nature of the false ideologies and embrace the Third Universal Theory set forth in The Green Book.

Their role is to inform the masses and incite them toward correct revolutionary action, however, it is the masses who rule, along with the reactionaries among them, the majority rules in the Jamahiriya system.

Thus it is that Muammar Qaddafi constantly incites and exposes, and that the Libyan People, whose decisions take their final shape in the General People's Congress, at times agree with him, at others not.

Muammar Qaddafi resigned his position as General Secretary of the General People's Congress in 1978, one year after the birth of Jamahiriya on 2nd March 1977, and since then is no longer Head of State.

Irrespective of the wishes of the controlled western media and ill-informed socialist media, Muammar Qaddafi, loved as he is as Leader of the Revolution, is not the Head of State, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi is.

No matter that his role is not a charismatic one, nor a rhetorical or revolutionary one, his role is to oversee the proper functioning of the people's Jamahiri democracy in Libya, and he has never abandoned his post.

He was forcefully abducted and held prisoner in neighbouring Tunisia two days after arriving there on 19th August, at the same time as the invasion of Tripoli by land, air and sea on August 21st.

This unlawful capture of him was initially under an absurd charge of having entered Tunisia illegally, even though the stamp in his passport is ample proof otherwise: the Court in Tunisia thus threw out the case.

At that point he should have been set free, but remained held as a political prisoner by Tunisia, with only muted muttering by so-called international human rights organizations, and the silent complicity of media.

He remained held as political prisoner, by inferior boys in Tunisia, all of whom will one day be brought to account for their actions, for a total of 307 days, even going on hunger strike to protest his situation.

At no point during the entire 307 days held incommunicado in Tunisia, did he ever relinquish the Jamahiriya bank account details to the slaves of money ruling Tunisia, who constantly tried to obtain this information.

At no point during the entire 307 days held incommunicado in Tunisia, did he cry like a baby or seek mercy or compromise with his captors, he steadfastly refused to relinquish his position and his responsibility.

As General Secretary of the GPC and thus Head of State of the Libyan Jamahirya, he holds responsibility to the Libyan people, not to betray and not to declare an end to the Jamahiriya, under any circumstances.

As he is also the responsible for the liaison office of the revolutionary committees, and due to his knowledge of the Third Universal Theory and Islam, he cannot declare and end to the Jamahiriya.

The only way the Jamahiriya can lawfully end in reality is if the more than 6,000 Basic (Local) People's Conferences in Libya were to convene, and millions of Libyans declare they give up the right to power.

Even though he has now been forcibly moved to Libya and his Tunisian captors handed him over to captors in Libya, where they intend to silence him on fake charges and in a fake trial, he has not given in.

And yet, in spite of all these facts, and in spite of the fact that all of them would not remain strong and instead seek their own self-preservation if in his shoes, they circulate rumours that he betrayed Libya.

These faceless cowards circulate constantly their story that he fled to Tunisia on 19th August as part of a betrayal to allow NATO into Libya. If that is the case, why would he refuse to give them what they want?

It is all too obvious for the rest of us, including this writer who knows the cowardice and weakness of lesser mortals all too well, that Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi is a rare man of courage and principle.

I doubt that even one or two of the readers of this article would stand firm and silent for over 300 days, and right up until death, merely to ensure that a legitimate system does not ever come to an end.

For all those of you who have even one percent of the courage, mettle, principle, strength, honesty, commitment, loyalty, patience and perseverance of Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, here is what you need to do.

Those who are inside Libya already know what to do. If you are outside Libya:

1. Make a donation whether you like it or not, there are numerous expenses and funds required. We do real work while those who complain about our appeals, do nothing constructive to help. Ensure we can keep the message out there, Mathaba is our voice.

2. To those traitors who are merely misguided and have been led astray, get back in line and offer your services, make up for wasting our time and causing us problems. You know who you are. If in doubt, ask.

3. Ensure that Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi has the strong backing and coverage, he is the Hon. Secretary-General of an International Organization, join that Organization, make it strong, volunteer to serve.

4. Ensure that the Revolutionary Committees Movement continues world wide, join and support the International Green Charter Movement of Revolutionary Committees, study and circulate all you see.

5. Do not doubt for a moment that the Revolutionary Leadership is not watching and seeing all that is going on. Do not expect us to break silence. We need solid and more support before we can do so. Get active.

6. We live in an age of extreme apathy, cowardice, and betrayal. Money is God to most people. If you do not believe this, and if you claim that money is not God to YOU then burn some of it for Dr Baghdadi NOW.

7. Stop using the enemies communication channels. Although traitors have prevented us from advancing it, social.mathaba.net when used correctly is a better tool than Facebook. Talk less, do more.

If you have not taken either step 1 or step 6, then you are far behind, and the time has come to declare that we abandon you. You are not helping if you cannot do at least one of those two options. When sufficient numbers of people have bothered to either donate or burn local money and send in the video for uploading, only then will we tell you what the next step is. We need to know the worldwide "army" is strong. Until then, do not expect us to break silence or lead openly, when there are none worthy of leadership.

The new structure for the Leadership of the Universal Jamahiriya may then be announced.
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