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Idiocy is no excuse: Tunisia authorities in deep trouble over captivity of Dr Baghdadi

Posted: 2012-06-30
From: Mathaba
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People may wonder what a Prime Idiot looks like. Here is an example: Hamadi Jabali.

Seriously, do a Google image search and try to find a photo of this idiot in which he either does not LOOK like an idiot or even a devil. It is as impossible as finding a good picture of Richard Perle, Nicolas Sarkozi, Hilary Clinton, Madeleine Albright or the inbred Julia Gillard.

Editorial Comment

Tunisian authorities and government figures chase tails in circles, as the realisation sets in that Tunisia and its lack of independent judiciary and a government of fools, does not excuse it from liability of human rights which know no national boundaries, nor international conventions, and that there is ample precedent.

Yet the confidence with which the Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali can spout rubbish which could only be rivalled by a few western leaders who are now facing prosecutions for Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes Against Peace, and Torture, in his failure to understand that Tunisia is a tiny almost insignificant speck on the world map, is astounding as well as his lack of knowledge. Arrogance and Ignorance have always been a most dangerous combination, and the time will come when he will rue his words.

More on the brain-dead islamist Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali's absurd speech follows at the end of this article, as well as links to other related articles.

President Monfec Marzouki was scheduled to give a live televised address from the presidential palace yesterday concerning Libyan Head of State, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi’s extradition. However, the televised address was unexpectedly cancelled. Marzouki has sought to distance himself from the affair, being more aware of how the Tunisian current government came to power and what can happen in the future.

He is keenly aware of the facts that the Prime Minister is seemingly oblivious to: that all of them will face future trials and possible prosecutions. Marzouki is already in deep trouble for having agreed to hold Dr Baghdadi a political prisoner in all but name, for 307 days in Tunisia, and his claims that he was opposed to his "extradition" to Libya are being flatly denied by his Prime Minister and others.

His senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Communications, Ayoub Massoudi, also announced his resignation, not via any media but simply on a blog. Politicians have this amazing arrogance in which they think the world reads their unknown blogs of follows their Twitter feeds, without a responsibility to inform the public via appropriate media channels. He says "I Am Finally Free".

Massoudi explained that his decision to resign, was made on his own and was fuelled by frustration at his inability to perform his duties adequately. In doing so, international human rights lawyers will not find this a strong defence regarding any future investigation concerning the holding of Dr Baghdadi captive, nor his handing over to new Libyan captors, even if it is clear by the timing that it is related to this affair.

“It is freely, and without coercion or pressure, that I announce this resignation – motivated by the immense respect that I hold to the Tunisian revolution, the martyrs, the state, Tunisians, and to all taxpayers who paid my salary for a job that I have not been able to execute. God knows I’ve tried,” declared Massoudi.

“The time will come when I will explain all of the reasons behind this resignation in the interest of the nation. I cannot [reveal anything] in the current political and social situation because I am bound by my duty to preserve the confidentiality [of my former position], out of patriotism and respect for our institutions,” stated Massoudi.

That patriotism and "respect" for "institutions" rather than for basic human rights, universal principles, justice and truth are his reasons for remaining silent about his resignation may fly well within his own brain and that of his limited circle, but will be of little interest to an international jury or tribunal.

Hamadi Jebali - Further Proof of the Era of Idiots

For some, foremost among which is the victim at the center of the human rights abuses by Tunisia, who held him political prisoner for 307 days before handing him to new and even more dangerous captors in Tunisia 6 days ago, Dr Baghadi, Hon. Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization (IPCO), it is a very well known fact that we are entering the Era of the Masses.

Others such as Hamadi Jebali, Prime Sinister (or is it Crime Minister) of Tunisia, are on the very opposite end of the scale, and ample proof that we are currently going through an Era of the Idiots during which western capitalism is failing as is any pretence of human rights, democracy and freedom.

For those who believe in Allah, they know that idiots reaching the heights of power in various states such as Tunisia, is a sign that Allah gives more rope, so that these can hang themselves. This is exactly what Prime Idiot Jebali has done, and that the Tunisian government will collapse giving more victory to the readl People's Revolution which started in Tunisia on June 12th.

Tunisian Prime Idiot Hamadi Jebali delivered a speech yesterday at Tunisia's "National Constituent Assembly" addressing the controversial handing over of political prisoner, Libyan Head of State, and IPCO Hon. Secretary General Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, to Libyan captors allied with Al-Qaida and other extremists and human rights abusers. 

Jebali declared that the previous government arranged the extradition of Mahmoudi, and that the decision was made after ensuring that conditions for a fair trial and humane treatment in Libya would be guaranteed, notwithstanding the fact lost on him that Libya for the past year has the world's WORST human rights record, with tens of thousands in unlawful detention being tortured, thousands to death. Jebali thus declared on national Television and in front of the entire world, that he has complete trust in the assessment of Libya’s judicial and security institutions, and that he deems the timing of Mahmoudi’s extradition to be appropriate.

“To those who accuse us of not respecting human rights…Mustafa Abdul Jalil, head of the Libyan National Transitional Council, and Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib have assured to us that he [Mahmoudi] will receive a fair trial,” said Jebali.

Jebali, I can also assure you that purple cows are living on the moon, and that you are the most intelligent person on earth.

Jebali further declared that Mahmoudi’s presence on Tunisian soil constituted a threat to Tunisia’s national security, as well as an affront to Libya’s pursuit of transitional justice.

“From an ethical standpoint we cannot protect a person that has committed so many crimes against our Libyan brothers […] this man has many serious charges against him. It is out of respect to the sacrifices of the great Libyan people [that he has been extradited],” Jebali added. (!)

This echoes the current trend in the Era of Idiots, for Prime Idiots such as the Australian Prime Idiot uttered this same nonsense about Julian Assange, i.e. that a mere allegation made by those who are serial-liars and hell-bent on keeping power becomes a fact, an actual crime! How much more idiotic can you get than that? The al-Qaida ruling Libya currently have made serious charges against Baghdadi, thus he has "committed so many crimes against our Libyan brothers".

Fortunately, readers of Mathaba have more than half a brain, unlike this nut case, who will find himself one of the prime accused facing a future World People's Congress on Crimes Against Humanity, an international tribunal, and that his "Libyan brothers" will be backed by millions demanding his prosecution based on a wealth of evidence, not least his own words. The Rope of Allah is long.

While the Office of the Presidency and a number of opposition parties have contended that conducting an extradition requires the consent of the president, Jebali stated that according to Tunisia’s provisional constitution, the signing of an extradition order is the prerogative of the prime minister, i.e. himself.

“Out of respect for the president and the head of the National Constituent Assembly [of Tunisia], we notified them of this order, even though legally we are not required to do so” said Jebali.

Jebali denied that President Marzouki did not know about the order, and declared that the two officials had agreed on it.

“Even if we were to consider this as a foreign affairs matter, which requires the notification of the president, we still respected procedures,” Jebali contested.

The prime minister (prime idiot) described Mahmoudi’s extradition to Libya as a “grand test” of the strength of Tunisia’s nascent democracy. “We are learning and are actually taking a test in democracy,” declared Jebali.

The prime idiot clearly has not read The Green Book, something which Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi has not only read, but participated in as General Secretary of the General People's Congress of the Libyan Jamahiriya, a position he still holds and thus remains as serving Head of State of Libya.

He also denied rumors that the handing over of political prisoner Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi to a new political prison in Libya was tied to an oil transaction with Libya. However, Jebali added that the government will not let Baghdadi’s extradition impede future agreements or transactions with Libyan authorities that are in Tunisia’s best interests.

He thus made it also clear with the long rope which will ultimately hang him, that perceived interests come in front of human rights, and would not prevent an "extradition", on the contrary: if those interests are threatened (e.g. money/oil from Libya) then the calls from Libyan human rights abusers for the "extradition" of Baghdadi would be heeded.

You may be wondering if the Prime Idiot of Tunisia has done enough to ensure his future hanging. Nope. He continues:

Jebali concluded by saying that quote:

Since Baghdadi does not have political refugee status, the Geneva Convention does not apply to him as a war criminal – making his extradition in accordance with international law.

Ahhh, dear Prime Idiot, here you have ensured there is no way out and "ignorance" or even "idiocy" cannot be mitigating circumstances in your case:

One, Tunisia was bound to provide refugee status to Dr Baghdadi on August 21, but instead arrested him on bogus charges of "illegal entry" which were thrown out even in Tunisia's terrible judicial set up. You cannot claim ignorance of this fact, held for 307 days incommunicado, instead of being accorded all the rights and privileges of a political refugee. Instead, you condoned the holding of him as de facto political prisoner, even failing to release him after being found not guilty of the charge.

Two, you thus prevented the Geneva Convention from being applied, and that fact that you prevented it being applied, as did the Bush regime attempt to circumvent it by outsourcing torture to other states at secret locations (which are now not so secret any more), and prisons outside U.S. on military territory (i.e. occupied Cuba, Guantanamo base), far from exempts you from its applicability: on the contrary, you need to study the results of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal just this year.

Three, you have again declared Baghdadi Mahmoudi to be a war criminal, and thus set yourself us a judge, jury, and executioner, and certainly not at the Prime Minister of Tunisia, as Prime Idiot, yes. Declaring him to be a war criminal without any evidence whatsoever, on the contrary, and thus claiming the Geneva Convention does not apply, is something that also lands lawyers in prison and with firm convictions, for giving such wrong advice (again study the Bush case and his lawyers).

Four, the "extradition" was not at all in accordance with international law. I am sorry to have had to spend time responding to a Prime Idiot, but I do so as a journalist, for the record. The public and the world at large have a right to know what you have said, and also to inform you of inevitable future prosecution.

Indeed, not all legislators in Tunisia are total idiots. In Tuesday’s plenary session at the Constituent Assembly, approximately 100 out of the 217 parliamentarians present exited the session to draft a petition, calling for a vote of no confidence to be raised against Jebali.

Yesterday, Mohamed Hamdi, head of the Democratic Caucus in the National Constituent Assembly, told TAP (Tunisia's News Agency) that the opposition within has received the necessary 73 signatures to raise a motion to vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the government, and that it would be presented to the Assembly either yesterday or today.

See related items below for more background on the situation around Libya's Head of State, and political prisoner, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi:
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