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Tunisia: Green Party Denounces Treatment of Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, Head of Libyan Jamahiriya

Posted: 2012-07-06
From: Mathaba
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Party activists of the Tunisian Greens for Progress (here in Sousse, June 28, 2012)

Congratulations to the Tunisian environmentalists on demonstrating the harmony between their beliefs and their actions.

There are consequences for the environment without parallel and the need for struggle against the source of these global problems, namely imperialism [1], and we salute the truly revolutionary Tunisian ecologists. Because they are at the crossroads of destiny of humanity, the co-opted Green Parties in the world generally set an example not to follow: that of organizations like Green Peace that errant oppressed populations of the world play the role of transmission belts and system brainwashing [2].

The Green Party for Progress was present at the demonstration on Thursday, 28 June 2012 on the Corniche in Sousse to protest against the delivery by the Tunisian State, of the Honourable Secretary General of the International People's Conference Organization and the General Secretary of the Libyan people's Jamahiriya, Dr. Al-Al-Baghdady Mahmoudy to the CNT / NATO [3].

Its members were very active again to reaffirm that "an environmental movement can not be other than anti-colonialist and therefore anti-Zionist" [1].

In the press release and letters on the their banners, the green peace activists highly acclaimed, it was reported that the Summer School of the Green Party for Progress believes that the operation of delivering political prisoner Dr. Al-Baghdady to Libya violates international laws and is a disgrace to the Tunisian revolution.

The official statement adds that Tunisia, throughout its history, had hitherto never interfered in the affairs of a third country and has always respected international treaties.

The Tunisian Green Party believes that this "extradition" will have very serious consequences for the country already suffering from serious social instability. A terrible blow, he said, was brought to the credibility of Tunisia in the international arena.


[1] For an anti-imperialist ecology. By Ginette Hess Skandrani, July 8, 2009. Published June 24, 2012


Anthology: "When we created the movement for political ecology, in the years 1978/1980, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from all other political parties who were all hexagonal and advocated productivist welfare through economic growth and industrial production without considering the environmental destruction, pollution generated, population diversity of the planet, to stop the looting of resources, the destruction of the lives of other living species or the legacy we leave future generations."

"[...] Whether environmentalists are placed left, right or center is not the real problem, because ecology is a universal movement, and does not need boxes or shelves. But the fact that they place themselves in the market economy, therefore that of capitalist productivism and are advocating economic growth and financial responsibility for the destruction of the environment, climate change and poverty in the South ... is very serious and violates all the principles for which many environmentalists fought, first among which was Rene Dumont."

"[...] At a time of global warming, destruction of our environment and biodiversity, pollution of air, water and land, the end of certain energies, it should call into question our lifestyle, our race for growth instead of lying to the voters into believing that the planet may still long endure all these disturbances and continue to provide welfare to some while leaving others to die."

[2] Game over for Greens? 22 June 2012


[3] The flag of the imperialist entity trampled on the Corniche in Sousse (Tunisia). The Pacifists of Tunis, July 2, 2012

http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630723 (with photos) 
http://lavoixdelalibye.com/?p=5173 (green, no photos)

About The Pacifists of Tunis

We are a group of citizens (mostly women) who have decided to react to imperialist war and hyper-totalitarian against Great Libyan Jamahiriya, conducted with the complicity of the media and Tunisian political parties in their vast majority ... For nearly a century, opposition to imperialism means to defend without hesitation all countries around the world (of Zimbabwe in Cuba and Syria in Nicaragua) who would be attacked by one or more power (s) neo ( s). So we stand unambiguously on the side of Syria in his current trial. We also defend Iran and Lebanon despite the serious ethical mistakes and suicide ("crying with wolves" against the Libyan) of their political leaders. We will never forget the millions of deaths caused by incessant wars of imperialism against the peoples of Asia (particularly the 200 000 victims, of which 100,000 prompt deaths, bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war against Vietnam , Afghanistan, Pakistan); the peoples of Latin America, Middle East, Africa. We endorse the guidelines humanist Che Guevara and Muammar al-Gaddafi: "Above all, always be able to feel deep within yourself any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world. This is the quality the more so, a revolutionary. " The Pacifists of Tunis
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