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Jazeera Claims End of Jamahiriya, Dr Mahmoudi Tortured in Tunisia, Denied Rights in Libya

Posted: 2012-07-07
From: Mathaba
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Jazeera is the only media to claim that Dr Baghdadi says Libyan Jamahiriya is finished

Jazeera, the Zionist media operation financed by the Qatari dictatorship, has claimed Dr Baghdadi has said on questioning whether he had a message for "the Gaddafi supporters" that he replied: "I insist that we forget the past. The old regime is finished.

"It's finished. There is no Gaddafi's regime any more. The whole of Libya has spoken. Libyans have no choice now but to be united."

No other media have reported this, even though one would expect them to given that they wish to show an end to the Libyan Jamahiriya which remains the lawful government of the people, by the people and for the people of Libya.

"Even if Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi would say such a thing, it would not be valid given that he has been held political prisoner, and tortured, for the most part of a year, in Tunisia, and his state of mind cannot be sound with the ongoing effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder", the interim Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization (IPCO), replied when questioned about the alleged statement.

The IPCO is considered an authority on jamahiri democracy, the direct participatory democracy advocated by The Green Book and has been campaigning for the release of Libya's Head of State, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, who is also the Hon. Secretary-General of the Organization.

Political Prisoner, Abused in Tunisia

Al Baghdadi is being held in a prison cell at a military complex in Tripoli after he was extradited from Tunisia on June 24th where he had also been held for almost a year as political prisoner and says he was abused there during his unlawful detention, during which he also went on hunger strike, almost costing him his life.

The Libyan authorities have yet to bring Dr Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi before a judge or inform him of the charges against him though he was extradited from Tunisia on June 24, 2012, Human Rights Watch said yesterday after visiting al-Mahmoudi in his prison cell in Tripoli. Al-Mahmoudi said that he had not suffered any abuse during his detention in Libya, but that he had been physically abused in detention in Tunisia.

He was both "defiant and defensive", according to Jazeera, at the press conference insisting he was just a law-abiding citizen during his tenure as prime minister from 2006 until 2011, not a military man.

When asked about the raping and killing that took place during the Libyan invasion, and about hiring mercenaries to quash the revolt, Al Baghdadi said: "I'm not a military man, I had no militia to do those things you describe.

"I was a civilian, doing my civilian duties under the laws at that time. That's what I will show to the court.

"At the moment, there is prejudice but these allegations are far removed from the truth. History will prove to the Libyan people how this kind of thing happened, if it happened."

'Foreign intervention'

Al Baghdadi said the bloodshed during the revolution was not all due to Gaddafi, but due also to "foreign intervention" in Libyan affairs.

He claimed that some of the things he has been blamed for have just been invented to make him look bad.

"I have been accused of things that are not true, and have been invented to make me look bad to the Libyan people, and I hope to God that all the investigations are completed so the Libyan people can know the truth."

According to al-Jazeera, Al Baghdadi said he trusted the fairness of the Libyan judicial system and that he will detail his defence in due course, once he has properly consulted a lawyer.

Jazeera says that asked what the suitable punishment should be if he was convicted of the crimes he is charged with, Al Baghdadi said in English: "I am not guilty. I am not guilty. I am not guilty."


Jazeera claims Al Baghdadi was arrested in Tunisia in September for illegally crossing the border as he tried to flee to Algeria, where members of Gaddafi's family had sought refuge, however others say that it is clear Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi entered Tunisia legally, 2 days before the invasion of Tripoli, evidenced by the visa stamp in his passport, and was seized on the day of the invasion of Tripoli, August 21st, 2011.

In January, Tunisian and international human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, signed a statement opposing Al Mahmoudi's extradition, saying he risked death or torture if he was returned to Libya.

Rumours swept social media sites over the weekend saying that Al Baghdadi had died in custody.

But Al Baghdadi, dressed in his trademark robe and carrying a walking cane, said he had been treated "very well" since his arrival in Tripoli, adding that the conditions under which he was being held were better than in Tunisia.


Al Baghdadi's appearance before the press comes just four days ahead of farcical elections being imposed on the country, which exclude anyone who believes in democracy.

Libya has seen a sharp increase in violent incidents in the run-up to the July 7 polling day, with Libyans who are not used to merely casting a piece of paper into a ballot box in the same was as rubbish is cast into a trash can, but instead are accustomed to actually participating in all decision-making and running their affairs directly via People's Conferences and People's Committees.


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