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Libya: First `Dimacratic` Elections in 42 Years

Posted: 2012-07-08
From: Mathaba
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`Dima` is `blood` in Arabic, and the Libyans have thus taken to calling the new system `dimacratic`. Since 1977 Libya enjoyed a more democratic system than most other countries in the world, carefully concealed from the outside world by western media anxious to keep people away from taking a further look at jamahiri democracy

(Translated article)

“Qadhafi has made us dream of a world without rulers and the ruled” (Edmond Jouve, Professor Emeritus of the Paris-Descartes University, France)

In recent weeks, the media systems are again mobilized to spread the mantra in praise of the "first democratic elections in Libya in 42 years" (sic). What exactly?

42 years is indeed the age of the Libyan Revolution, a government legally recognized and implemented following a peaceful revolution in 1969 that ended a corrupt monarchy and sovereignty sullied by the existence foreign military bases. Its guide, Muammar Al-Gaddafi, promptly laid down the foundations for socialism suited to the African continent and the Arab world. The concrete results of this project highly human civilization was immediate. Examples include: economically, the rapid transformation of living standards and an ecological perspective, the Great Manmade River, considered the 8th wonder of the world [1].

After NATO, following the coup of spring 2011, bombed this small African country non-stop for 7 months to support armed gangs and turn it into the largest police state in the totalitarian world (speaking in the Libyan public or flying a green flag is a crime for the new "rulers" when it is not punished immediately by a burst of machine gun fire preceded or followed by a shout of "Allahu Akbar"), it was now necessary, as in the case of the embargo followed by the invasion of Iraq, to conduct a laundering operation on the seven months of bombing, 100 000 deaths and more than a million refugees, half of which are located in Tunisia.

Moncef El Marzouki,president of Tunisia and puppet of Soros

The government of Tunisia also participated in the clandestine supply of arms to officers of NATO (via the port of Zarzis) and exercised the necessary media censorship during the 7 months of bombing [2]. What happened to the 25 billion Euros promised in May by Sarkozy at the "G8" summit to Tunisian President Caid Sebsi? Was this sum not intended to keep the Tunisian people in total ignorance of what was really happening in the country and avoid expressing the rejection of war on her neighbour, Libya, as in the 2003 case of Iraq where many countries were bribed [1]?

More recently, the rogue government in power in Tunisia is illustrated by the delivery of the Secretary-General of the Libyan people held illegally on its soil for over 300 days [3] [4] [5] [6]. A campaign reminiscent of the tragic gesture of Mohamed Bouazizi was launched by Tunisian patriots.

The Invention of a Prime Minister

The same media who speak of the "first democratic elections in 42 years" are also the same ones who deliberately lie about the nature of the Libyan government. They call Dr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi the former "prime minister" while there has never been any such office in Libya nor even "ministers" (see the Declaration on the rise of people's power) [7]. This simple example already shows the degree of military propaganda or, in the best case, the ignorance of journalists who talk about things they have not understood, as the institutions of direct democracy in force in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, General Secretary of the Libyan People's Congress, the legitimate Head of State of the Libyan Jamahiriya

The official title and duties of Dr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi are exactly, "General Secretary of the General People's Congress of the Libyan Jamahiriya," overseeing the General People's Committee. Saying that this is "equal" to the position of a prime minister is the same desire to deceive. The Libyan Jamahiriya is in fact a democracy and not a parliamentary dictatorship [8]. As Dr. Al-Baghdadi has not been deposed by the people to this day (since the People's Congresses have not yet been able to meet because of shelling for 7 months and the occupation of Libya by Al Qaeda), so he is still the General Secretary of the Libyan people [9].

For a year and a half, the Tunisian media ad nauseam sanctify their ''revolution" (a word heard a hundred times at least daily during the same period) and "democracy," including NATO, ultimately, as the guarantor of its "truth" [10]. Now it is Michel Rocard himself, a prime minister under President François Mitterrand in France (1981) who earlier reminded of the bourgeois character of the "Tunisian revolution" [11].

An Explosion of TV Channels of NATO/CNT

How to explain the existence of twenty channels of satellite TV (especially NileSat) implemented by the agents of CNT / NATO in Libya while the Libyans do not have some of their own? Aside from the fact that this "diversity" (another word-trap) also reflects the infighting between armed militias on the ground, it is especially trying to "unlearn" the Libyan people's experience of direct democracy. Such a conception of the modern organization of society could arise only in the desert and in the spirit of an exceptional man, Muammar al-Gaddafi [12 and 13].

The historical necessity of direct democracy and its fundamental principles are presented concisely and clearly in The Green Book [14]. For reasons unexplained, this book was banned under the chairmanship of Tunisia's Ben Ali and it is significant that it is always been censored in "revolutionary" Tunisia... Indeed, it is a subversive book as was remarked subsequently by anarchists in Europe [15]. It is also interesting to note that one of the targets of NATO in Libya was a center of academic information, documentation and scientific studies conducted by researchers around the world: the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on the The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory.

The exceptional organization of direct democracy in the Libyan Jamahiriya. Popular Committees at all levels in the society transform horizontal and vertical power into that controlled by the people, allowing them to govern themselves by themselves without intermediaries nor parasites.

The vast majority of the consumers of "international media" still believe that the Libyan government was headed by a "dictator", such as Ben Ali at the head of a large monolithic party in Tunisia, or Mubarak in Egypt. If you have participated in popular conferences and committees in Libya you will know what direct democracy means [13, 16, 17 and 18]. Housewives and doctors, students and artists freely discuss any and all proposals, vote on every issue by a show of hands, always transmitted live on TV and in ad hoc decision-making in a back and forth coherent manner. Most of the time, all problems are solved and such decentralization (to use the term 'management' in modern Europe) is facilitated by the budgets (municipalities, etc.).


1. We will always remember how once, a citizen complained, freehand, because he was working away (over 20 miles) from home. The case is mounted at the top level and it is Gaddafi himself who said, as a private citizen (proof of the actual quality of the Leader of the Revolution and not "President") [7], as part of a popular committee, it would be good if this situation does not exist in the Jamahiriya.

2. When, again, the guide suggested that need to redistribute all oil income directly to the citizens and suggested this to the relevant committee, the committee opposed the idea and the project was not accepted immediately. It took several years for the measure to pass, after further genuinely popular and democractic discussions and meetings.

3. Long before the initial false protests in Benghazi false (pretext for military aggression by 42 predator states), Goga (another member of the CNT of NATO who aided the conspiracy in Benghazi) had even insulted Gaddafi in a popular committee. The surprise was that he was not even penalized.

Thus in Libya and for decades, there has been discussion, not on whether to further punish the unemployed, retired or women who wear the veil as is discussed in Tunisia and Egrypt but, more important things such as the guarantee for each of the application of the fundamental human rights of any democratic society worthy of the name: including rights at home and at work [18].

What Libyans say when away from the censorship of the corporate media: the democracy of NATO is "dimacracy".

The People Power channel based in Damascus, Syria, (Arrai channel metamorphosis, having heroically covered the aggression against Libya)

While viewers around the world these days are entitled to propaganda "reports" "live", "field" to "new life" of the "man in the street", to "freely" "choose" "democratically" his "representatives", a new program of television ELSHAAB ("The People"), based in Damascus and after a metamorphosis of Arrai (known for its outstanding coverage the war against Libya), takes the opposite side to that "'reality."

The new channel now spends each day, nearly an hour and a half (between 16: 00 and 16: 30 / Tunis time) or more (also with a circulation around 20:00) of a program called Bisat Ahmady in which the host receives live phone calls from inside Libya or from exiled Libyans [19 and 20].

In all the cities of Libyan (now mostly occupied), Libyans can therefore, for the first time in several months, speak freely on a television channel. The spontaneous narratives systematically describe scenes of torture, rape, the existence of secret prisons, torture scenes, dig-ups, robbery, looting, etc. With explosions and gunfire in the background a permanent image of Libya as "secure" shows, once again, the hypocrisy and criminal complicity of the vast majority of media and political parties of the world, the "left "especially [19].

Many calls come from the battered city of Sirte. For example, some residents have confirmed the presence of French soldiers in the distillation plant. Others described soldiers of the U.S. and Qatar

On July 3, Mohamed, calling from the latter city, not only described as a farce ("mahzala") the "elections" recalling that he and his compatriots had always voted voluntarily as part of the People's Committees at all levels of jamahiri society [13].

The dimacracy in occupied Libya, is the power of those who have shed blood in the name of NATO. "Dima" in Arabic signifies blood.

At the same time, it was also a pun oh so tragic, calling their "democracy," airborne "dimacracy" which translates from Arabic as a power based on the blood shed by those who claim to govern (dima = blood in Arabic). It should be noted that the term "mahzala" was the same used by Gaddafi in person to designate the electoral circus [18]. Indeed, as the anarchists say to the world (who would do well to learn from the Libyan experience -- better late than never -- for credibility) [18]:

"If  [bourgeois parliamentary] elections could change anything, they would long ago have been banned." So the parliamentary circus goes on. But, apart from the loss of time and energy, there is a final aspect, very practical and not least:

The electoral "democratic" circus costs the European citizen 2,215 Euros per minute

Such a circus (for the various types of "elections": presidential, parliamentary, municipal, etc.), cost astronomical sums of money to the citizens of many countries worldwide. For example, for Italy, John Paul POUGALA cites Rita Bernadini, a member of the Radical party "who made ​​the macabre calculation of the cost of the Italian Parliament: 2215 Euros per minute to the taxpayer "[21].

The details are not uninteresting: "Net Salary: Euro 19,150 per month. Base Salary: 9,980 euro per month. Assistant: euro 4,030 / month (usually parents and pets). Reimbursement of accommodation: 2,900 euro per month. Honorary work: from Euro 335 to Euro 6,455 (net). The Italian "representatives", in an economic crisis in 2011, unanimously voted in the deep night (to avoid censure) a law to increase their salaries and they invented a false report to conceal from reporters the very purpose of voting."[21]

The same things are done across the western "democratic" world, including Australia, where politicians deflect and vote in pay increases at times and by methods to avoid being censured.


What allows the cycle of this macabre circus to reproduce inexorably and against the will of the people? Its energy comes simply from the daily media propaganda system whose main function is to convince the ordinary citizen that there is no alternative, out of barbarism, to parliamentary democracy. The ultimate expression of the latter is then the alternation in power of "bipartisan" or "large blocks" that form and break as the set for a play...

Support therefore independent free media so that people will know about these issues, after all, that will save your future, your money, and even lives. Therefore donate generously and subscribe to Mathaba News.


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 1. "The Libyan rebellion that overthrew Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, was not a popular uprising but an act of men of power determined to hunt it", said today Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi: "This was not a popular uprising because Gaddafi was loved by his people as I found out when I went to Libya."

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2. Extracts from The Green Book:

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3. "Libya, has been described as a military dictatorship of Gaddafi but is actually the most democratic state in the world. In 1977 the most high form of democracy was proclaimed where traditional institutions of government were abolished, and where power belongs to the people directly through people's congresses and committees. The State is divided into many communities that are "autonomous mini-states" in a state having control over their districts, including the allocation of budgetary funds." (Vladimir Chamov, former Russian ambassador in Libya).

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