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World Silent on Abduction of Political Prisoner, Gross Human Rights Violations

Posted: 2012-07-08
From: Mathaba
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The world has moved from the Era of the Masses to the Era of the Idiots, says Green March commentary

The Green March

99.9% of the people in the world suffer daily deprivation, even the obese suffer deprivation of health, those who are neither malnourished nor misnourished suffer deprivation of knowledge, people the world over are deprived, of happiness, justice, a safe and healthy environment, of peace.

Yet who can we blame for this state of affairs? The 0.001% that use the 0.1% to deprive the 99.9%? Or do we blame the single mothers who bring children into this world and deprive them due to their own lack of education, and the multiple fathers who bring children into this world without struggling for freedom.

As a revolutionary struggler and militant combatant, at the other side of the 0.1% that stand up for freedom, and have done good works with the Leader, setting up mathaba, the international green charter movement, and neglecting the comforts of life that the weak enjoy at our expense, do I have a right to speak too?

Where were you when President Noriega of Panama was abducted by the U.S., and Mathaba was a lone voice along with Muammar Qaddafi and one militant combatant Colonel in Portugal, calling out the world on your silence at this dangerous precedent?

This led the racist imperialist zionist reactionary fascists to go ahead and kill several more Heads of State, undisturbed by the masses, glued to MTV, having sex to produce yet more dumb children, or even for mere entertainment, while consuming the toxins produced by the capitalists until even the Jewish media barons have started to consume their own poison.

Your silence led thus to tens of thousands of other citizens being abducted after the 9/11 fake terror operations using the Crusader muscle of the USA, the Zionist brains with their command and control centre in the Pentagon, and the Islamist cannon-fodders in order to achieve their aim to do what they like where and when they like worldwide.

A Libyan in the USA, who had grown up in exile and discovered the Leader's words and visions via Mathaba in 2000, was also among those abducted and disappeared, and we were kept busy and unable to investigate, to the point that now it is too late. You the complainers, kept us busy with your games and harsh words while we defended ourselves in court and in conversation with you.

You the empty minded who follow ideas for mere entertainment and read The Green Book as those who would use their brains on cross-word puzzles, you who became sucked into the honey pots of the enemy, willingly, loving your Facebook and addiction to the means of control exerted by the 0.1%.

You who refuse to burn even one dollar in support of the campaign to free the Head of the Jamahiriya, to bring him fame in the absence of media coverage, because you are addicted to money, addicted to entertainment, addicted to foods, addicted to the news and media platforms which keep you enslaved.

While we, alone, surrounded by betrayal, weakness, those who seek fame, money, recognition, provide you with the tools to free your mind from the false news media, offer open source alternative social media platforms where you own your data, and constantly plead with you to get active and join the revolution.

You who dare to talk down to us, from your comfortable homes, misusing your expensive computers, earning money while cheating the revolution, sapping our energy, drinking our sweat and our blood, bringing pain to our sensitive hearts, you the arrogant enemies of the revolution who say you are there to help us but throw every possible impediment in our way.

You who speak multiple languages but do not translate so that the language barriers can continue to be used to prevent the unity of the 0.001%, the true revolutionaries, militants, combatants, strugglers so that our number can grow rapidly to 0.01%, 0.1% and even finally 1% enough to seize the final victory.

You who have technical skills but do not devote them to the freedom struggle, but rather to what is fun and games, you who have money to spare but prefer to spend it on coffee, you who make promises you do not keep, you who ensure that the few remaining jamahiri activists must suffer unbearable strain.

It is thus that Mathaba is yet again a lone voice in the news networks concerning the situation of the General Secretary of the Libyan Jamahiriya, as any search of Google News will show you. Even the extreme "anti-imperialist, socialists" such as DPRK are busy worshipping a dead Kim Jong Il who used to enjoy holidays in Switzerland, while those of us you wish dead are still alive.

Thanks to the rest of you, we have been able to travel thousands of miles overland, without adequate food and water, in order to meet with those who represent various governments, in order to question them about their inaction and to inform them of the situation. Thanks to you who enabled us to appear in front of them, we now know more of the problem.

We are told by our brothers within friendly democratic regimes (those who are under constant attack by the same historic quarters which you others placate with your apathy, inaction, cowardice) that they wish to continue to recognize the Libyan Jamahiriya, that they stand with us, but that they lack information and communication.

They confide that they knew nothing about the situation, believing too the media reports that the Libyan Jamahiriya equals Qadhafi and the reports that Qadhafi is dead and thus the Jamahiriya is dead. They did not know about the People's Conferences, People's Committees, for the Libyan Jamahiriya neglected to inform them ahead of the problems, thanks to the new stray dogs.

Latin American regimes are willing to help and offer a Jamahiriya in exile, bases from which to operate, real solidarity. African diplomats are on side, even while their governments are bought and sold, and are in waiting for a sign. Yet, this requires those few Libyans who are still living with brains in their heads and bodies outside Libya, to receive the necessary advice and act on it.

It is the same advice given a year ago, and for which preparation was urged to ensure the continuation of Jamahiriya under all circumstances, and which did not materialize because of those mentioned above. Now one year later, on consultation with various governments, we find that all they need is the very same things suggested a year ago.

It is time for an international conference, a new strategy, a renewed leadership not by those who have now the right to stand aside and watch, but by those who have yet to settle their debt to those to whom they can thank their current existence.

If we who are held prisoner by those who claim to be our friends, are set free by those friends who should have the courage to call us their enemies, so that we need not be naive, and are joined in solidarity by those who have done nothing but spend of their wealth, skills, prayers, then the battle will be won.

For those with knowledge, it is then that the Mahdi can lead, and the awaited Messiah return. May Allah forgive those of us who struggle but do so at the cost of those who have a right to us, who thus sacrificed normal happy lives in order that we stay alive.

May the world turn back from the Era of the Idiots and return to the Era of the Masses which can be achieved by putting into practice the practical philosophy of The Green Book, the Third Universal Theory, so that Truth may set us free and the righteous shall live free upon the earth and under the sun.
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