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Libya Elections: World Capitalist Media Hail Dead Democracy

Posted: 2012-07-08
From: Mathaba
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The world media, as usual controlled from one international pool of western capitalist agencies, are having orgasms over the death of democracy in Libya and hail the forcing upon Libya of the failed demoncrazy which is rejected by western voters in their own countries

Al Akhdar

The direct participatory democracy in Libya which included more than 6,000 people's congresses has now been banned from functioning with the seizure of power by force of a small elite backed by 7 months of western bombing, one fifth of the population forced into exile as refugees in neighbouring countries, notably Tunisia, and tens of thousands imprisoned.

In place of the more than 6,000 congresses which were the decision-making vehicle for the Libyan masses, who took direct part in the exercise of power rather than via representatives, and the tens of thousands of people's committees, there is now to be a mere two hundred "representatives" to rule over the Libyan people, and this fact is celebrated by world media as a victory for democracy.

At the very same time, the world media presstitutes failed to cover the fact of the illegal detention of the General Secretary of the General People's Congress of Libya, so that this farce could go ahead without people asking questions about what really happened to democracy in Libya, while the lies are repeated that multi-party democracy rather than the no-party democracy is the wish of the people.

The masses in the western world are tired of casting ballots into trash cans every few years. They know only too well that the parties bring no change, and that decisions are made by unelected bankers and other elites, while the masses are forced to sit aside and watch.

They wish to turn the Libyan masses into sheeple

Were western style elections to really bring about change, they would have been banned long ago. Yet, these serve to fool some of the people into thinking that they live in a free society, unlike in the Libyan Jamahiriya where direct democracy was exercised twice every year in thousands of conferences, and not by the casting of a single vote every few years as in the sham western democracies.

The masses in eastern Libya, where the support for the direct democracy system of the Jamahiriya is claimed by western media to be the lowest, was where the most resistance to the farcical "elections" took place this weekend, with many polling stations coming under attack and western media reported deaths while at the same time hailing a victory for democracy.

"We don't have a law to control political parties, we don't have a constitution yet. How can they consider this a legitimate congress?" said 25-year-old student Abdelwahab Al-Ghazali in Benghazi, explaining why he boycotted the poll.

Only the lazy opportunist minority, who did not like to attend the People's Congresses because it involved thinking, speaking, and decision-making, hailed the elections in Libya as a "new era", the Era of Idiots to replace the Era of the Masses, where this minority of exploiters can be elected and the minority of those who love to be exploited, could reduce their responsibility to simply placing an X on a piece of paper once ever few years.

This is the best photo that the jewish progressive Haaretz newspaper could come up with, a handful of inbred degenerates in Tripoli's central Green Square which they now call Martyr's Square. Do they look like normal Libyans to you? Click to enlarge and look at the eyes of this nonce, and the faces of his few colleagues. A donkey or even a cow has more intelligence shining forth from its eyes.

After the elections, either one of the minority islamist parties will be the winner or the minority secular party, and the sectarian strife and division will continue, because western style democracy forces people to choose between parties, rather than to discuss each and every issue and arrive at the majority consensus, as was the case in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

In the Libyan Jamahiriya the issue of secularism versus theocracy did not arise, since it was the people themselves, who participated rather then sectarian parties which aim to come to power via the divisions of people into camps for and against.

On the eve of the vote, which had been put off several times due to the opposition to the denial of democracy, a helicopter carrying polling materials near the eastern city of Benghazi was shot down by anti-aircraft guns, forcing it to crash land, killing at least one 22 year old election worker, said Saleh Darhoub, a spokesman for the ruling National Terrorist Council, CNT.

Flush with money from George Soros et al, the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party has led one of the best organized and most visible election campaigns and are hoping to become a political force in Libya like the Islamists of Egypt and Tunisia which serve the Jewish money-men.

Participation in the elections was not verified by any independent sources, with the ruling TNC making absurd claims that over a million Libyans participated, or 60% of the electorate, when in fact over a million Libyans have been forced into exile, tens of thousands remain languishing in torture centres, and the country now has the worst human rights record on the planet.

Three other parties are participating in the elections which have banned the majority of Libyans from participation: Mahmoud Jibril's secular Alliance of National Forces, former jihadist and Al-Qaida allied rebel commander Ahmed Belhaj's Al-Watan and the National Front party, one of Libya's oldest political groups, which is credited with organizing several failed assassination attempts against Gadhafi but has only a few thousands followers.

old cow
This is the best image that the U.S. news agency U.P.I. could come up with, an old woman who still remembers the era of the puppet King Idris, and may have been among the 1% who suffered loss of their privileges under socialism. The ink on her finger, is to prevent her from placing two crosses, or even three multiple votes, for only one is allowed. The usual expression of the unintelligent are a dead giveaway, and the size of the cow alongside indicates it was fed on ham burgers at MacDonalds and thus only recently arrived in Libya from either Britain or the USA.

The new parliamentary dictatorship initially had two missions: to elect a new transitional government to replace the one appointed by the National Transitional Council in order to give a veneer of legitimacy to the occupation regime, and to put together a 60-member panel to write a constitution. Each of Libya's three regions was to have 20 seats on the panel.

You read that correctly. The constitution of Libya, the Holy Qur'an, which was adopted by the millions of Libyan people in 1977 in their People's Conferences as their Constitution, is to be replaced by islamists who wish to draft a replacement constitution to the Holy Qur'an which they claim to follow. Such is the reality of heretic islamists who serve their zionist masters.

Due to this obvious contradiction which not one of the media networks in the world mentions, in a last-minute move, the occupation TNC/CNT regime decreed that the constitutional panel instead will be elected by direct vote, leaving the parliament only with the task of forming a government, angering many candidates who campaigned largely on the basis of their role in overseeing the drafting of the constitution.

It still does not fix the fact that the constitution will thus replace the Qur'an to a more narrow one that they can control, rather than the masses of Libyans who are Muslim and not in favour of narrow opportunistic islamist heresy, hypocrisy and ignorant fanaticism.


A protester destroys computer parts set on fire with voting materials outside the office of the national election commission in Benghazi (Photo: Reuters). Yes, I know, don't ask the obvious, why set fire to computer parts, but as it's a western news agency and they never ask the obvious, Reuters did not ask, and think we are not supposed to either. What matter is that voting ballots were set on fire, not that the rat is using them to destroy computer parts in the same process.

Anti-election protesters stormed a dozen polling stations in Benghazi on Saturday, with several thousand ballot papers being publicly burnt in a town square in a sign of discontent at not having the people's congresses convene, but instead being forced to merely vote. The actions took place right after the polling stations opened for voting.

The previous Sunday, gunmen ransacked the office of the electoral commission in Benghazi.

"Benghazi has always the leading city in political activism," said engineer Khaled Jeroushi. "Even in Tripoli people say that if Benghazi fails then elections will fail everywhere in Libya." Benghazi is the town where Muammar Qaddafi made his first radio broadcast at the dawn of the Al-Fateh 1st September 1969 revolution.

Of course, world zionist-controlled media will continue to hail the sham as a victory for democracy and "free and fair elections", they'll do anything to white-wash the blood of the kleptomaniac western predators' invasion of Libya and occupation of its oil and water resources.


Another dead-eyed soul-less money-rat: Mahmoud Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril's secular Alliance of National Forces, is tipped to win in order to give a democratic face to his ruling occupation TNC/CNT regime, is composed of more than 40 small parties, and will soon fight among each other and against the militias of Ahmed Belhaj who are already fighting among themselves, observers say.

However, it will likely declare a close result with the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party, and offer the latter the ministries as per the instructions received from the Jewish paymasters of the CNT/TNC, which organized the take-over of Libya in order to create an environment conducive to a Greater Israel between the Euphrates and the Nile, with Libya being the first major water war in order to additionally control the massive thousand year reserves of pure mineral water of the Great Man Made River.

At least on death was reported in Ajdabiya when gunmen opened fire near a polling station.

Many polling stations refused to accept the ballot boxes and materials for the farcical vote, including most in Sirte and Kufra, and hundreds could not open due to sabotage.

National elections spokesman of the occupation regime, Nuri Abbar told a news conference in Tripoli Saturday night it was estimated 1.2 million people had voted during the day, the Tripoli Post said.

And yet, world zionist media and the zionist occupation TNC/CNT puppets were saying that 1.6 million Libyans took part in the farce, is a number lower than the 1.7 million who took to the streets with green flags on July 1st last year, in support of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Qadhafi and demanding NATO cease bombing and give up their attempts to occupy Libya.

The number "one point six million" probably emanates from the zionist psyche which claimed, echoing Goebbels (Hitler's propaganda minister) that is a lie is to be believed, let is be a big one, thus resulting in the "six million Jews gassed" holocaust myth, which even zionists have now been forced to lower to one hundred and fifty thousand.

Even the rats (mercenary rebels) are against the voting

Following report is verbatim from the Global Post, a western zionist press that is pro-elections:

Across town in the area of Hadaidek, would-be voters met a hostile greeting as federalist supporters blocked two polling stations, burning ballot forms and voting boxes.

“Federalism is the logical choice for Libya,” said militia commander Erheem Khamis as his fellow protesters chanted waving guns and fists at the line of traffic attempting to pass by. “Many model democratic countries like the USA have successful federal systems, but the National Transitional Council dictators are making this decision without asking the people. This is dirty politics so we will not support this election. We are not asking for segregation from the West. We are just asking for what is logical.”

In an interview prior to the election, Abdul al-Bast, head of Benghazi’s security Intelligence and a supporter of a federal system in Libya explained the complaints of many Benghazians who were calling for extra seats in the National Congress.

Al-Bast said traditionally Libya is split into three parts: Fezzan in the south, the greater Tripoli region and the eastern region of Barqa (Cyrenaica) of which the capital is Benghazi. He argued each region should have an equal number of seats regardless of population.

“All people would accept any election decision made in this way at this time,” he said. “But the NTC they did things differently. They took 100 from Tripoli, 60 from Barqa and 48 from the South. It is not fair, but they say it is fair because in Tripoli region there are too many people and in the other regions less. But Barqa is a large territory and the others are small and at the same time all the oil is here.”

Al-Bast voiced grave concerns that disagreements over election policy would lead to bloodshed but said his security forces were working around the clock guarding polling stations day and night to prevent it.

In Hadaidek, the federalists celebrated their minor victory over election supporters. Periodically, cars carrying new ballot boxes seized from other areas would arrive to joyful cheers. The crowd would frantically rip up the contents, spreading the paper through the streets like confetti or burning the pieces on a small bonfire in the middle of the square. Ballot boxes were ripped apart in a frenzy before being adding to the flames, but the violence remained relatively contained with some minor clashes occurring between pro election drivers and angry members of the mob.

“The country has been sold to Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Nassar Kafir, a militia commander standing guard at the closed school grounds that were to be a polling station. “We do not believe in these elections. If we are standing on the side of justice, even if we lose we can still be proud of taking a stand for our beliefs and our rights.”

Kafir said although his militia group has many heavy weapons at their disposal it was not their intention to resort to violence.

Not all shared the same resolve.

“We will not stop until our demands are met. We have forces standing by,” said protester Faithi Badri. Protesters claimed Gaddafi had built up Tripoli, neglecting Benghazi and the East. The federal system for which they ask would give Benghazi semi autonomy over a region stretching from the oil rich area of Sirte back to the Egyptian border. 80% of the countries known oil reserves are contained in this region.

By the end of voting at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Benghazi had seen three deaths in relation to the elections.

People`s Authority
People's Conferences and People's Committees, made Libya the most democratic country on earth, prior to the U.S.-European-backed NATO occupation war on Libya

There were 1,554 polling stations according to the ruling TNC/CNT rat council, for their people to cast their votes, compared to the 6,500 people's conferences that existed in Libya prior to the western-backed invasion and occupation by armed militias, where all Libyans could participate in the actual formation of policy rather than mere elections.

That the TNC/CNT could not even put up 6,500 polling stations manned by a few people each, compared to the People's Conferences which had hundreds of members each, is a clear mathematical and indisputable fact proving that democracy has been stultified in Libya, the interim Secetary-General of the International People's Conference Organization told Mathaba News.

Of the 1,554 intended polling stations, hundreds could not open due to protests and resistance of the Libyan people. Even British media reported 101 failing to open, while the real number prevented from opening was in the hundreds according to other reports.

On Thursday, ex-militiamen shut down three eastern oil refineries - in Ras Lanouf, Brega and Sidr - to press the transitional occupation regime to cancel the vote.

Militiamen also have cut the country's main coastal highway linking east to west.

Libyan authorities closed the Wazen-Dhehiba border crossing with Tunisia late on Friday due to security concerns in light of the ongoing congress elections, Tunisian media reported on Saturday.

The border crossing will only be open for Tunisians and Libyans returning to their home countries, the official TAP press agency reported on Saturday.

Some 600,000 out of the one million Libyans who had to flee Libya due to the imposed dictatorship last year, out of a population of six and a half million, are in Tunisia and are opposed to the election farce.

In any case the election is a waste of time for the occupation regime, since no party will win an outright victory and they will be forced to form alliances that will not stand the test of unity, since the only unifying force in Libya was the entire population which had the only no-party and truly democratic system in the world.

Libya thus went from being the most stable and secure country out of 53 African states, and having a standard of living higher than Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, to being one of the most insecure countries in the world, and the worst human rights situation on the planet, with over one hundred thousand killed, and tens of thousands remaining in prison, the majority tortured.

polling station
Polling stations across Libya are only for pro-occupation votes, even the booths sport the monarchist pre-revolution black flag, while the green flag of the Libyan masses is banned and anyone wearing green or showing support for the Jamahiriya is imprisoned, tortured, killed, or all three.

Clinton Praises Violent Libyan Election 

This headline was in a Zionist news publication, "Israel National News". It reported that U.S. Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) Hillary Clinton is praising "Libya's first national election since the ouster and murder of dictator Muammar Qaddafi."

It reported the NTC/CNT as saying on Thursday that Islamic Shari'a law should be the “main” source of legislation and that this should not be subject to a referendum.

"During the voting that took place on Saturday, armed gangs stormed polling stations in Benghazi, Guba and Suluq", the Israel National News reported.

"In one instance, ballots were torched; in several others, people were shot. At other voting stations, terrorists blocked ballots from being delivered altogether", it said, adding:

"The last election in Libya took place in 1964, under then-King Idris al-Senussi. He was deposed at gunpoint in a 1969 bloodless coup by Col. Muammar Qaddafi", 42 years ago.

The results of the election are not expected to be declared for several days with official results to be announced by the occupation regime on July 11th.

According to the United Nations, the elections are going very well and they are using the word “impressive”.

Human Rights Watch Lies

Human Rights Watch "researcher" Hanan Saleh, topped the ignorance table by saying that the elections in Libya gave people a chance to "take part in the decision-making process", and that Libyans had never had a chance to take part in decision-making before! We have yet to find any other fool in the world who thinks that they have had a chance to take part in decision-making by merely voting for a political party who will decide all on their behalf.

What part of People's Conferences did Hanan Saleh not understand? For her, the 6,500 congresses across Libya just did not exist. Yet, she conceded that there are tens of thousands of political prisoners. We truly are living in the Era of Idiots, when a U.S. "human rights researcher" cannot even know or honestly state the situation concerning "decision-making" in her own country, let alone Libya.

Sorry to bring you such an ugly photo but there is no better one of British Prime Idiot Hague, who called the elections in Libya a "landmark moment" and repeated the mantra that "for the first time in 42 years..." These fools, and look at the man's eyes again, another one without soul, all keep repeating "42 years" because that is when Libya was lost to Britain, thanks to the heroic actions of Muammar Qadhafi and other MEN that the wimp Hague could never hope to be. Small boys need their hands on nuclear buttons in order to feel powerful. But even in the past 1000 years, Libya never had any western style elections, let alone 42.

Now learn about real democracy at www.GreenCharter.com
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