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Libyan Elections, Demographics & `News Media` Coverage

Posted: 2012-07-10
From: Mathaba
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The Libyan elections: what did you see on TV, happy smiling faces, unbelievable statements about `strange feelings`, even `freedom`, and other words no westerner would utter where elections are seen as a waste of time, a boring task, even a futile one?

Adam King

It has come to my attention, as I don't have a TV nor watch Tell-lie-Vision, that there is a great deal of concern about the recent "elections" in Libya.

This also springs from a lack of knowledge of the recent history of Libya, of the circumstances there, and of the blatant false media coverage by world news media.

In order to understand the entire farce of the Libyan elections, as well as the demographics, you will have to do a little reading, but for those of you who wish to understand it, I'll point you to the study material.

However, I'm also going to appeal to unbiased and independent researchers, to spend the time doing research in those areas that I don't have any exact figures or information, again I'll show what is required.

News Media

First, for those of you who are not aware of the realities of news media, and how they generate constant fake news, here are three random sources that you should take a quick look at:

One: note the photograph at the top of this page. What do you see? A man running for his life, from a man who is chasing him with a knife. We can make the assumption that the man with the knife is bad, and the man running is good. Of course this may not be the case, but for sure, one is threatening the life of the other.

However, what modern media can do so easily, especially where a photograph tells a thousand words and a video tells a thousand photographs and thus a million words, so to speak, is totally manipulate and reverse the truth. Look at the photo above, and see how the tell-lie-vision can make the very opposite reality.

Two: Know what the established news media really are, and how they work. There are very long explanations of the ownership of media, with proofs of the owners and their interests in the New World Order, but please see this short entry with words from the horses mouths: http://wiki.mathaba.net/Media

Three: Know that it is a media manipulation man, tool of the New World Order, who has with the help of his sponsors, set up these elections in an attempt to white-wash the illegal regime currently occupying Libya. His name is Mahmoud Jibril, he has the usual dead eyes of the zombie banker who has sold his soul, and he has a history you are not supposed to know about, some of which you can read about here.

The above three points should lay to rest any doubts you have about news media. If you had any until now, then you would do well to pursue the research further, for world "news" media has long been anything but.

Election Laws

Even those most fanatic supporters of the New World Order and its fallacious forms of democracy, were alarmed at the Libyan electoral laws that were brought out in an attempt to ensure that these elections result in the desired results.

They were worried lest any genuine supporters of democracy, and any journalists less worried about their next pay check and more concerned at doing some research may happen upon these laws, which make any dictatorship look reasonable.

There is a write up in the article "Libya: Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom", which takes a look at those laws.

Judge, Jury, Executioner

In the current set up in Libya, the ruling thugs are judge, jury and executioner. There is no independent verification of their claimed figures for registrations to vote, nor of participation in the elections. On the contrary, facts on the ground and testimony of residents in Libya, is that an obvious majority of people totally boycotted the elections which they see as a sham.

So, who actually voted, and why? For this, we need to take a look at the current demographics of Libya.


Here I will mention a few things, that affect the current Libyan demographics drastically within the past year, and which should be taken into account in understanding the situation there. Remembering that the only media pictures you will see are those framed as in the above photographic example, in Tripoli and Benghazi for the most part.

Yet in Tripoli most boycotted the elections as they considered them a farce, while most in Benghazi boycotted the elections not only because they are a farce but because their entire support for the new regime, to whatever level it was, as having been sparked by events in Benghazi, was based on the premise that the oil is largely from the east and they want more of it than the west.

They therefore were unhappy with the limited number of "representatives" the eastern region would have in the new "government", and saw the entire one year of war and bloodshed as a loss to achieve nothing more than replace a better democracy with one which they are now only beginning to understand. The pictures of Jazeera TV are starting to look hollow.

Libya has a population of six million. Of this six or six and a half million, two million were guest workers, especially from Tunisia and Egypt but also further afield such as Algeria and Morocco. Libya prior to the invasion in 2011, was the most wealthy state in Africa. The aforementioned countries have millions of unemployed and they flocked to Libya to gain employment and an income.

It is now not known how many of those foreigners, sometimes not easy to distinguish from Libyans by there mere features, have remained in Libya. I request that research be done, though I fear it will likely be futile as with one year of war it is unlikely there is any authority keeping or even able to obtain accurate figures. It makes sense to assume however that the majority returned.

Those left behind, even if it is some hundreds of thousands, will be those who have assisted with or adapted to the new regime. No person would otherwise stay in what amounts to a war zone, with far less security now than in their home countries. However, they have been joined by large numbers of mercenaries and islamists from Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, as well as the Gulf States.

Again, it is doubtful that accurate figures can be obtained, but jihadists from across the Arab world have certainly flocked to Libya, while those who completed the job in Libya last year have now flocked to Syria to continue the job there. We can thus assume a large number of such wannabe-jihadists are now in Libya, as evidenced by testimony from Libyans across the country.

Ex-Libyan Libyans, New Libyans, Old Libyans

Even more important than the above factors of demographics, is the fact that one million Libyans, out of a previous population of some four million (the six million figure appears to always include those other Arabs who are in the country and treated as brothers or guests), meaning that a quarter of the entire population has had to flee, mostly to Tunisia, but also to Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Niger Malta and further afield.

The reasons these Libyans had to flee, is not because of the bombing. That stopped some 10 months ago now. The reason is quite simply because the Libyan government, the "Jamahiriya", includes millions of citizens. The Jamahiriya consisted of 6,500 People's Congresses, each with hundreds of members, and tens of thousands of People's Committees.

I will leave aside the obvious conclusion that a reader will have on discovering that: what type of dictatorship is it, ruled by one man, Muammar Qaddafi, that would, if it were so, allow the majority of the population to actually participate directly in power, by Congresses that convened twice in every year, and elect Committees for administration?

All these people, and from which 1.7 million came out in the streets one year ago on July 1st, 2011, in one of just many similar demonstrations against the NATO bombing and the mercenaries, had to flee for their lives last year. They still cannot return, and almost all of them are banned from participating in the elections as you can see having read the earlier report on the election laws.

They have partially been replaced by "new old Libyans", these are the Libyans who during the Al-Fateh Revolution after 1969 and right up until the 90's, left Libya for the west. They were stripped of their citizenship by the Jamahiriya, and many of them were declared "Stray Dogs" and the revolutionary committees were encouraged to hunt them down and eliminate them anywhere.

This community of exiled Libyans primarily in Britain, Canada and USA but also across many other western countries, grew up with a deep hatred of the Libyan Revolutionary Leader, of the Jamahiriya with its horizontal democracy which rendered them as simply equal to any other Libyan, and the socialism which stripped them of their rights to capitalist exploitation-oriented business.

The Deal With the Devil

It was as part of the deal brokered with those western countries which had a constant threat hanging over Libya along with sanctions imposed via the U.N. Security Council for a decade, in order to lift that pressure and become "friends", that Sayf-al-Islam, Musa Kusa, and others sat down with western intelligence agencies and agreed to allow these "ex"-Libyans back into the country.

These capitalists, worship western democracy as it allows them to do as they please with money obtained by any means, and who have no interest in actual study, hard work, policy formation, debate and active equal participation that is the hallmark of participatory democracy, as opposed to merely casting a piece of paper into a box every few years.

The deal thus had to go further as it was obvious that simply allowing them to regain passports and Libyan citizenship and allow them back into the country would be a recipe for disaster. The deal thus involved a commitment that they renounce violence and opposition to the Jamahiriya system, and that they instead be given key positions in the People's Committees, to co-opt them.

This however is what many of us familiar with the Jamahiriya warned against and opposed. We were proven right. It lead to rampant corruption, not to say there was none before, but it went through the roof and out of control. This lead to great dissatisfaction among Libyans who had grown accustomed to the many social benefits of the Jamahiriya.

It also led the Leader of the Revolution, to speak out more and more against this corruption, and it also contradicted The Green Book teachings on democracy, since these people had been given positions over the heads of the people, and not directly elected by them, and young Libyans lost interest in even participating in the people's conferences as they were being ignored.

It is thus that we can safely say from a practical and academic position that the Jamahiriya ceased to exist, in the years before the invasion, at least in its pure form: it thus became a mixture of capitalism and socialism, and the democracy had been compromised.

These "new Libyans" which now include huge numbers of young Libyans who had grown up in the west, and heard of the stories and dreams of their parents and grandparents, and hated Gaddafi as the most evil man on earth, once Libya had been occupied and "safe" for them to return, know nothing about what was before. They are arrogant, and treat the original Libyans as second class.

These "original" Libyans by which I mean those who remained in Libya, and include a minority that were also unhappy with the situation but deride those who "ran away" and "lived a comfortable life in the west", are, as you will have noted from the above, now in a larger minority than before with the quarter of the population having fled for their lives.

We can thus conclude as an approximation, that the demographics of Libya have now changed significantly, however still not enough for there to be no problems and no wide spread boycott of the elections and of attacks on the polling stations, as we covered before.

Unlawful Situation

The situation in Libya remains unlawful by any standard. The Jamahiriya is still the legal and lawful administrative system of government, since it was never closed by the Libyan people who have not been allowed to convene in their 6,500 people's congresses across the country, and with their General Secretary being held as a political prisoner on trumped up charges by the regime.

The elections are merely an attempt to satisfy the compliant news media so that they can perform their job, with the tacit assistance of western "human rights" organizations, to white wash the bloody image of Libya where still tens of thousands of people remain imprisoned since last year, all those from the People's Committees who were unable to escape.

The white-washing of the reality which is evident to anyone doing any research into the human rights situation which has resulted in Libya being one of the most unsafe and certainly the worst place on earth for human rights and freedoms. This white-washing includes mud-slinging or black-painting to ensure people do not become aware of the advanced human rights that existed before.

It includes making sure that videos like this or protests like this do not go viral and organization like this do not receive attention.

-- If you have valued this contribution, please note that it came about thanks to the sponsorship of our independent news network by readers who made donations, and also asked questions. Please join them in this action so that we can do more.
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