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Malaysia: Shooting Near PM Office Has Potential to Shake Power in Malaysia

Posted: 2012-07-12
From: Mathaba
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Many Malaysians and Mongolians are hailing the current events in Malaysia as the `revenge of Altantuya` a Mongolian woman who was gruesomely murdered and had connections to the current Prime Minister of Malaysia and other senior political and intelligence figures.

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There are said to be three main arms in a functioning democracy: political power, the judiciary, and the media.

For the first, there is legislature which should be in the hands of the people, and there is the executive that should be accountable to it.

For the second, there is a requirement of impartiality from any influence or control by the first.

For the third, the eyes and ears of the people, it is supposed to keep the other two in check, by shining light in dark corners, asking questions, and reporting the truth.

CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
CCTV video images
Video evidence of the event is available but has not been made public
The recent incident resulting in the shooting of a sword-weilding man and woman adjacent to the Prime Minister's Office outside his Economic Planning Unity, has the full ingredients to shake up all three.

In the first three days, it has already become crystal clear that Malaysian media is not doing its purported job. We have gathered so much evidence of this, that it would warrant a full public inquiry into how the established media are functioning, and how independent and qualified they are in their methods.

This is long over due, as media responsibility in a democracy is immense. There is no way to categorise the handling of this incident by Malaysian mainstream media as anything but an abysmal failure. The reasons for the failure however need to be brought to light.

The local judiciary however has to live up to this test, both over the Atlantuya affair which is apparently not a closed and shut case, and could re-open, and with regards to the current events. There are certainly legal actions that could be taken by the family and friends of the shot victim, for defamation.

The police, as responsible to the judiciary and also to the political power, government, have duties toward the people to protect life, and to be accountable. Without jumping to any conclusions, there are many questions that require answering fast, and video evidence which exists (see still shots) should be released.

As to the political pillar of democracy, the right of the people to participate in forming policy and then holding accountable those who are tasked with implementing it, this has already been long under contention in Malaysia, as in many other countries. With elections coming up, it is a sensitive time.

This is not helped by the release of a video, the source yet to be traced, which appeared to indicate at least to the blogger who uncovered it and commented on it, a political conspiracy or involvement, perhaps setting up, encouraging, or assisting the victim but with another purpose of intent.

This would not be new in the realm of politics and is something that has long been mastered by Zionists and others as a means of manipulation in order to achieve a desired outcome. The entire Arab Spring, was launched on the incident of a vegetable salesman who set fire to himself in Tunis.

It swept away all governments but one that were not in line with the wishes of the pay masters, and this has been covered widely in research articles on this news network and elsewhere. It is not inconceivable that the same thing can happen in Malaysia in order to ensure even more control by the globalist elite.

Video which has opened up yet more questions. The police are in panic and without even a loudspeaker. An uncontrolled situation?

Malaysian authorities, if they are to keep a lid on the situation, will have to encourage rapid transparency, accountability and an open and public swift inquiry, to at least answer questions concerning the conduct of police, irrespective if it results in charges of manslaughter or neglect and subsequent prosecution. Bloggers are already asking pertinent questions.

They should not take chances, and not attempt to crack down on bloggers, assassinate perceived opponents (whether their bodies or their characters), cover-up for police and administrative incompetence or neglect, nor make comfortable use of a compliant media or be misled by their Facebook fan pages.

To do so would carry all the ingredients of what happened in Libya in 2011. No one in Libya could imagine for one second, that the world's most stable and one of its most affluent countries could be turned into a nightmare, mayhem and war zone all in the space of a year, due to systemic failures and foreign conspiracies.

The Malaysian government was one of the first governments in the world to recognize the Al-Qaida allied terrorists, corrupt former officials, and western-installed puppets or the illegal occupation regime installed in Libya and thus to snub six million Libyan people, without even coming to their political aid or raising human rights concerns. Instead it did the very opposite, conferring legitimacy upon foreign occupation and rule by proxy.

As it now stands in Malaysia, foreigners visiting the country have to give bio-metric data, however, Al-Qaida terrorists are exempt: any diplomatic passport holder can enter Malaysia untroubled, and Al-Qaida aligned operatives now hold diplomatic passport of Libya. Are the Malaysian public made aware of this situation? No. The current military ruler of Tripoli, Belhaj, was held in Thailand and tortured at a U.S. facility.

He was returned by the CIA to Libya where he was imprisoned. He was later released in a deal with the CIA and now took over Tripoli by force of arms, with military assistance of NATO, the U.S.-European military alliance. He and all his friends now hold diplomatic passports and can enter Malaysia without even submitting any biometric data, and can orchestrate and even that would certainly be much larger in scope than Khalil Afandi Hamid's brandishing of swords.

Malaysians have a right to be protected form such events, and this can only come about via a major overhaul of the current three institutions, which are thus far failing the main tests of a democracy: transparency and accountability.

For detailed background coverage and analysis on the event thus far, please see the linked articles below the advertisement:
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