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The Era of the Idiot

Posted: 2012-07-30
From: Mathaba
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Commentary by a member of the International Green Charter Movement of (R)Evolutionary Committees

We worked hard with the Brother Leader for decades to bring truth and hope to the world, in the face of constant betrayal. We were all surrounded by those who pretended to be with us, but were against us.

Still, we soldiered on, paying no attention to the needs of our families, loved ones, nor money. Ignoring health, self, benefit, we simply felt that it is our duty to convey this message to the world, and to work for the realisation of the rights and freedoms that result from its practical implementation.

The white and jewish left-fascists who were student activists for communism or socialism, often felt betrayed by the masses who would not accept their leadership, wisdom, arrogance or dictat. Many of these went on to either found or join fake green parties or to serve the political and military power for the elite.

Examples of these are too many, and range from the British Home Secretary (interior minister) John Reid, to the many Trotskyite hard-line Marxists who turned into hard-line Zionist neo-cons such as Richard Perle, architect of the Iraq War and the plot to overthrow all Arab regimes for Israel via the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), who also decides the policy of the Pentagon via its Defense Policy Board and includes current Australian "Prime Minister" Julia Gillard.

It seems to be an easy switch for the political fanatics, spurned by the masses they sought to lead, to exact their revenge by joining the elite as loyal servants, to get their fingers on nuclear missile buttons, and thus show the "stupid masses" that they missed their chance to agree to their style of communism and instead can now accept total state control via their internal overthrow of western "democracy".

These same types are those who infiltrate the most effective propaganda tools to make the masses even dumber, whether Hollywood, the music industry, or the western media. And those of us who still wish for people to be happy and free, must suffer from the exponential rise in ignorance that results from the tell-lie-vision and hedonistic carefree "life style" of the cowardly masses, betrayals and conspiracies.

It is thus absolutely no exaggeration to say that the Era of the Masses that started on 2nd March 1977, has yet to shine, because even when the Jamahiriya was all but destroyed last year, the masses who discovered what we've been trying to tell them for the past 35 years, are mostly content to try to fit us into Facebook and their non-active impotence, rather than rally around and take action or even spread the message.

As a Malaysian Muslima reader of Mathaba pointed out: "Attachment to Thought + RESISTANCE = Stress and Suffering."

On the other hand, the idiot, has it easy. The idiot, is glorified. The idiot has prime time on TV. The idiot, can take endless photographs of him or herself with other idiots and share them ad infinitum via their mobile phones on Facebook. Idiots can call "talk radio" and say whatever they like. The idiot can create children, enjoy him or herself, and their families, for the short time they are on earth.

Idiots can look at themselves in their mobile mirrors all day long, fooling themselves as to how beautiful they are, with their plastic, weak, cloned looks, ignoring the fact they'll all be dead by age 30 when suddenly all the shit they eat and put on their skin, as well as the drugs and jabs prescribed by "doctors" will kick in, and the head-start ability to live 1,000 years given at birth, is all consumed.

Idiots can live for free on housing estates and projects set up by the "socialist" neo-cons, which want to ensure the survival of the idiot for a short life span of intense consumption of the elites goods and services, designed purely for the idiots, and which few of the elite consume. Toxic foods, 24/7 "life style", burning the candle at both ends via entertainment, while we burn the candle both ends with altruistic sacrifice.

The idiots are protected by the police, the law courts, the law, the system, they can abuse their neighbours, run around naked and ugly in your face, call people fascists, nazis, racists, so long as they remain politically correct. They can consume all manner of legal drugs, so long as it is not illegal cannabis. The entire "welfare state" of western capitalism, ensures they survive, where in the past, they'd die.

In Africa even today, and in most parts of Asia, it was as it used to be in Europe and Ameristralia: you had to be strong to survive. You either need your wits about you, or to be highly intelligent, or physically strong, you have to have something to contribute to society or otherwise at the very least be a sharp survivor, making your living one way or another without any state support whatsoever. If not, you get sick, and die.

In the Era of the Idiots however, provided you live in one of those western "social welfare states" which give true socialism a bad name, you are given access to drugs to keep you going, you are able to abuse all those around you with your idiocy, you are protected and glorified in the media. Long live the Idiot. This is why now those few who are not idiots, are outcast, not only the "outsider" but made to suffer.

The intelligent, the strong, will not be able to use their brains. If they do, they will be punished. The idiots rule the roost, and talking truth to an idiot is a sure-fire way for you to end up either going insane, or if not, to be certified insane by a psychiatrist, who is also an idiot. If you care about the idiots and wish them to be educated, or if you care at least about their babies, growing up in prams pushed about by fat cigarette-smoking foul-mouthed bitches, and hope those babies may live past the age of 18, then you're out of luck.

The only way anything is going to change, is when it gets so hard for people and the environment becomes to damaged in-your-face, that you realize there are no fish left in the sea healthy to eat, and you can only consume GM foods, drugged by design-drugs legalized by the neo-con Government of Idiocy, and engaged in consuming their products and working as slaves to ensure their ongoing presidency.

However, how will that finally benefit the elite? They still need the non-idiots, e.g. nurses and carers from the Philippines, to serve the dying in Australia, who were responsible for failing to oppose the rise of idiocy. But what happens when the carers too are sick, and perhaps by another ten years, have also turned into idiots? Already they abandon their children in order to go and serve the whites, what will those children become, deprived of motherly love?

The end result of this has to be a DEAD end, also for the elites themselves. The only way out would have been, and still remains, the Third Universal Theory. But since we who embrace it do not dictate it, our only avenue for success in saving the world and making it a better place, is education. Yet, education, reading, is out of fashion in the Era of the Idiot. It would seemingly take the return of the Messiah to change this situation. Until then, we must either find a way for all the non-idiots to come together and be united on this educational mission and set a good example, or we should retire. The decision time is soon.

Support independent media, help us keep the voice of dissenters such as the above heard above the noise.
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