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  Libya Comment

Libya: the beginning of the end of humanity

Posted: 2012-07-30
From: Mathaba
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Comment from a Libyan reporting on the invasion of his country last year and the ongoing situation with tens of thousands jailed and under torture, killings continued with over 100,000 dead, and one million had to flee Libya for refuge after its take over by British and American mercenary ex-Libyans who have been granted Libyan nationality by the occupational regime.

To all respective groups, human rights groups and organizations, both the local Libyan and the international ones, I convey to you a scene that I have never seen in all my years of living. Humans are being slaughtered in horrific ways that are usually the suffering of animals, not humans.

Such slaughters are just one of a million things that take place on a daily basis while you sit back and watch these things happen to our people and thus enable a higher level of killing, in a land that was safe for our people for the last one hundred years. Now look at the end result of your mass destruction weapons.

Mr. Gadaffi never practised such killing against his people and never allowed any one to kill another. This killing is what the West wished for and that is what they got and they are watching with a big smile because their dream had come through finally.

But like I mentioned at the beginning such crimes against our people and humanity as a whole would lead to one thing and it would not be in any one's interest, because I see one thing and that is a vision of the fourth world war that is about to break out from within Libya and then spread out everywhere and by then you will be sorry that you did not interfere at the appropriate time.

What is happening in Libya is not a revolution but a bloodshed. Innocent people are taken during the day and at night and thrown into jail for no reason. This is not a revolution but is a crime against humanity to destroy our country, there is no such thing called the 17 of February revolution in Libya, it is only killing people according to Al-Qaida methods.

We have direct eyewitnesses to prove to anyone that one person was cooked in a pan until he passed out in hot water but this is just a tiny fraction of the daily torture and the killing and the kidnapping of people for no reason.

American soldiers are still in Libya today training the thugs on how to torture and kill people in jails, and under direct orders from cretin countries such as the state of Qatar and the NATO states.

We urge and demand from all international groups and organizations of the human rights to interfere in time to save our people and to stop the killing by the thousands for no reason and to put themselves in our shoes and see how does it feel when your son or father is dead and we demand an immediate intervention.

We invite all of you out there to join us on September 1st of 2012 to aid us in stopping the killing machines in Libya and to stop bloodshed. Enough is enough.


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