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Blast hits Libyan military intel office in Benghazi

Posted: 2012-08-02
From: Mathaba
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Libyan people continue resistance in spite of country being over-run by Al-Qaida forces from across Arab world as well as western mercenaries, with over ten thousand Libyans being tortured in jails without charge nor trial, and one million refugees forced to flee Libya during the attacks last year that cost over 100,000 lives

A strong explosion rocked the Libyan military intelligence offices in the eastern city of Benghazi on Wednesday but caused no casualties, the latest of several violent incidents to shock the birthplace of last year's conspiracy against the Libyan people's power "Jamahiriya".

The blast occurred early on Wednesday when Libyan popular forces threw an explosive device at the building from a passing car, occupation regime sources in Benghazi said. The explosion was so strong that it also shattered windows in nearby buildings on Dubai boulevard.

That the popular Jamahiriya resistance forces can throw hand-held devices that cause such massive explosions, should set alarm bells ringing on the occupation forces.

Adil Othmane, an occupation army spokesman in Tripoli, confirmed the incident and said it was under investigation. He attributed the attack to the absence of security guards. He did not explain how "security guards" can defend themselves, or any property, against such powerful explosive devices.

It was at least the third time the building had been attacked this year. For the residents of Benghazi, where the Libyan revolution of 1st September 1969 led by Muammar Gaddafi began, the building symbolizes the oppression they have endured at the hands of the occupation government over the past year.

Wednesday's blast was one of a number of attacks in Benghazi, where local groups have also staged protests demanding more powers for eastern Libya and objecting to what they say is the central occupation authorities' neglect of the region. Even those who participated in supporting the conspiracy last year, now regret having done so and are taking up arms against the occupation regime they helped into power.

The blast follows the killing on Sunday of Suleiman Bouzrida, a former military intelligence colonel who was shot in the head twice while walking to a mosque for early morning prayers, a regime source said.

Bouzrida is perceived as a traitor by the Libyan people because he joined the "rat rebels" in the early stages of the conspiracy last year and helped them gain control of the city.

Seven Iranian relief workers, official guests of the Libyan Red Crescent Association, were abducted on Tuesday in the heart of the city by an unknown armed group.

Last week, a hand grenade was thrown at the city's law courts, which also gave green light to the conspiracy against the Libyan people after being taken over by traitors.

Police are unable to identify suspects after the many attacks by popular forces, and after having hounded out of the country over one million citizens, killing at least 60,000 (not including another estimated 80,000 killed by NATO bombings) and incarcerating an estimated 15,000 without charge and subjecting them to routine torture, while human rights organizations and media largely remain silent.

"This is a message to tell the world that Benghazi is not safe so that nobody comes here with projects ... or to sign contracts in Benghazi," said Emad Al-Khofaify, a jobless 30-year old. "People want the traitors to pay the price for starting the "revolution" against Gaddafi."

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